The Death Unto Darkness Game Team

This is the first of three announcements we’re going to be putting out tonight, first  things first: The Game Team, who we are, our role, and how we work;

Firstly, Death Unto Darkness is run by Dark Millennium Live Action Roleplay – we are a non-profit group, we do not run this game because we are professionals seeking to make a living but because we loved DuD in it’s original creation and we love the universe and mythos that it is based in. Everything we make on top of event budget is ploughed right back into the next game nobody walks away with money in their pockets at the end of the day. So first and foremost, please remember that the Game Team run this game out of pleasure, please treat all members of it with equal levels of respect and patience, without every member of this team we couldn’t run the game, so please understand that when you are interacting with us.

Luckily we’ve been gifted with a community of players who are patient and respectful, and we’ve had none of those issues but for everyone thinking of joining in future, or joining us at E2, I want to make it clear the community we’ve built up here, and why we don’t want it to change. There can be toxicity and conflict within the LARP community at times, and we appreciate that but we strive to make this game a welcoming environment to all our players, and that means putting an end to conflict before it starts within the boundaries of our community, and before it damages the comfortable atmosphere we have at games.

That said, the Game Team exists for two reasons:

First, we exist to ensure the smooth running of events, that is to say wrangling crew, props, rules and story in order that a LARP event happens, those of you who have been through the process might well be well-versed in the stress this causes us, we also do the downtime stuff of maintaining props and the active downtime system (phase 1 of which closed yesterday).

Second, we exist to safeguard the society of players, referees and crew who make our events happen in all their own ways, that means we are the people players can come to in person, or anonymously, with any issues they may have with other members, you do not need to bring a complaint to all of us at once, if there is a particular individual on the game team you feel particularly comfortable raising an issue with, please do not feel pressured into approaching the rest of us, that member will keep your name anonymous and bring your concerns to us on your behalf if that is your wish, we are a team because we trust each-other completely in this matter.

Additional to the subject of handling player-complaints, the Game Team operates an active black-list of individuals, it is our absolute priority to ensure the comfort and safety of our players and if you wish to submit a request for a name to be placed upon this list, please do approach us. Black-listing is done to protect players, we do not need to know reasons, if for whatever reason you need us to act, we will act, preemptively if needs be.

That aside, the Game Team consists of the following individuals, accept no imitations, anyone else is a false agent of the Archenemy, be aware that unless you have had an answer directly from the you have not had an OFFICIAL answer to a query, all queries must go through there so we can be made aware of them:

Troy Healy
Troy could be described best as a ‘producer’ he takes an active role in reffing at events, while providing a considerable amount of background support in the production stages of events, be it liaising with caterers and prop makers, or handling issues in the background. Troy is one of the three ‘primary’ referees at events.

Ben Macey
Ben is the primary lead writer of Death Unto Darkness, he is primarily responsible for the lore content on the site, managing the writing team for events, and directing and managing rules development with the aid of our volunteer proof-readers. Equally he is responsible for several areas of admin including finance management, and downtimes admin.  Ben is one of the three ‘primary’ referees at events.

Sam Winston
Sam is involved in several areas of the game team including a editorial role in the production of events, the majority of plot ideas, and rules ideas including cards are run through him first before they are passed to players in order to catch flaws. In addition to this role, he is one of the three ‘primary’ referees at events when it comes to on the ground rules calls.

Claudia Silva
Claudia acts as the second half of the story team with Ben, doing allot of the writing work with him as well as producing briefs, and arranging and organising crew amongst other duties, she would affectionately call herself ‘Igor’, but we are happy to add her onto the game team for E2 given she was essential to helping E1 happen. At games Claudia does not take a reffing role but focuses primarily on crew management and event running.

Chris Smith
Although Chris is often the ‘silent’ partner of the Game Team his work is some of the most essential, that we have a functioning website, bookings system and other elements of our game is thanks to his silent work, at games Chris’ primary role is in player and crew care as well as working with Claudia in crew management and event running.

Please treat all of us with the same respect because without any one member of this team there would be no Death Unto Darkness games.


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