Player Lottery for E3 Now Available

Loyal Servants of the Imperium,

The Dark Millennium Team are happy to announce that the 3rd of the new Death Unto Darkness games is available for general entries into its player lottery, we’ve gone through a process of assigning crew priority places already and have a total of 15 spaces remaining for this game. As before we will be doing this via lottery, you may enter as a single player or as a group of a maximum of six characters (in which case can I PLEASE request only ONE of your group enters).

The game will be at Featherstone Castle on the 1st to 3rd of December and will cost £100 for an uncatered player ticket, catering will be available via Mhorish Goodfood for an additional surcharge of £20, we recognise this will be expensive for some players, and we are happy to arrange individual payment plans to accommodate this.

To enter the player lottery please fill in the form available here:

Event page can be found here:

The Dark Millennium Team (Ben, Claudia, Troy, Chris and Sam)

=][= Ave Imperator =\/= Ave Omnissiah =][=

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