Payments for Event 2 Marches End

Greetings, Servants of the Emperor,

I am pleased to announce that we are now able to take payments again for Event 2: Marches End, the original booking and character submission deadline has been extended to 31/3/2017 and we now have the option for you to pay for events via bank transfer, thus avoiding the additional fees we need to charge in order to take payments via paypal, the price list for E2 is as follows:

Non-Catered: £70 via Bank Transfer or £73.50 via PayPal

Catered: £90 via Bank Transfer or £93.50 via PayPal

I am also happy to announce we will take payments over three months as follows, if you are unable to pay in this format, please contact us directly so we can work out an arrangement with you:

Non-Catered/ £70 – 1st £30 2nd £20 3rd £20

Catered/ £90 – 1st £30 2nd £30 3rd £30

(Fees of £3.50 apply on all pay-pal payments if paying by instalment)

Please note that we need either the first instalment or your full payment by 31/3/2017 otherwise your place will be immediately forfeit and rewarded to one of the people on our waiting list. Please note that if you have not yet submitted a character before 31/3/2017 your place will be forfeit and rewarded to one of the people on our waiting list. I appreciate this may seem harsh, but getting characters is essential for our plot writing, and for preparing madness and corruption cards.

As a final announcement, Mhorish Goodfood will be providing the catering for the next two games of Death Unto Darkness, so please remember if you are catering to update us with any allergies you may have.

PayPal payments may be made to:
Bank Details can be obtained by contacting me (Ben) via Facebook, or by sending an email to


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