Paying for DuD Events

Greetings, Servants of the Emperor,

Earlier today we realized something was wrong and we were being hit with PayPal fees that were stripping our props money fast. This is because we got downgraded from a buisness account and so are now responsible for paying fees if people make payments processed as a buisness transaction.

As a result, going forewards we will be asking that if you make a payment via PayPal that you add an additional £3.50 to cover these fees. So:


Obviously this is not an ideal situation . As a result we are in the process of setting up a bank account under the ‘Dark Millenium Live Roleplay’ nonprofit club so we can process payments via the bank.

As a direct reflection of the time this may take we will extend the payment deadline to the end of March.

I am also happy to announce we will take payments in installments either as:

Non-Catered/ £70 – 1st £30 2nd £20 3rd £20

Catered/ £90 – 1st £30 2nd £30 3rd £30

(Fees apply on all paypal payments if paying by installment)

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