Sanctioned Events

If you are running a Death Unto Darkness Player event there are a number of specific things that you need to keep in mind that are a priority for us considering your event sanctionable.

  • You must comply to all Death Unto Darkness OOC Policies – failure to adhere to this and protect DuD players attending your game may result in Game Team action. An event not wishing to adhere to our OOC policies will not be sanctioned, and will not be granted permission to use our ruleset. We care very much about the community we have created and we expect all members of it to adhere to our OOC philosophies.
  • You may amend the DuD ruleset where it helps the flow of your game, for example if you are running a one-day event if you want to increase the time taken for hp/dodges to recover, or the frequency of scene changes then as long as you check with us first we will normally be happy.
    If you do choose to use amended rules you must make players aware before the game.
  • Individuals excluded by the Dark Millennium Team should not be welcome at Sanctioned Events – please check with our team first before you accept anyone onto your event just in case there are outstanding objections to their presence.
  • You MUST provide an overview of plot and rules changes for your event to the Game Team at at least two weeks before the game in order for it to be sanctioned.
  • Both Players and Event teams should report to the Game Team after the event the results or any changes that have occurred to characters as a result of the event otherwise these will be considered non-canon.

Support from Dark Millennium

  • We can provide only limited support.
  • We cannot provide refs and plot for your event.

The Dark Millennium team welcomes and supports its community by encouraging the creation and running of games within Death unto Darkness campaign settings our focus will always be upon the mainline events of our games, and for our events to succeed we cannot spread our focus too widely.

Members of the Dark Millennium team are free to attend your event and act as a Storyteller if they wish to do so and can perform all their functions as per usual, but this is strictly voluntary and only if the Event team requires them in this role.

To prevent us favouring players able to attend a Sanctioned Event – we will not provide any Sanctioned Event with plot created by us, this will be resolved only via Downtime and at Mainline events.


Props and Logistics

We cannot promise the provision of normal event logistics such as dreams and Madness/Corruption cards for players who are not pre-existing, please consider this when inviting new players to attend your player event and planning the use of these effects be aware that you should not use standard Madness/Corruption cards at your game.

The Dark Millennium team are happy to loan out items from our Crew Kit store, however you are responsible for the transport of these items and the replacement of them if they are damaged while they are in your care.

Due to the limitations placed on our banking account and paypal we are unable to process payments and funding for your event, you will need to be responsible for this – we do not sanction the running of DuD Sanctioned Events for profit for legal reasons surrounding the IP we use. It is the recommendation that any spare budget is donated to charity, or donated to DuD for investment in improving the available kit for mainline and sanctioned events.



Although we largely encourage players to explore the Death Unto Darkness and 40k setting we have some explicit limitations that we would expect you to adhere to:

  • The best Sanctioned Events will have appropriate -scope- the threats they present should be limited to that event. As tempting as it to create a new world-ending threat, we are unlikely to sanction such plots – generally the scope should be limited at the greatest to the planetary level, and the best plots to a more localised area. A Hrud infestation is great, but a new Archenemy fleet appearing out of nowhere is not.
  • If you are creating major NPCs please be sure to get permission from the Game Team first, especially if they are of significant enough rank that if they are killed at your event it would be noticeable around the Sector.
  • The best actions are those with consequences, please keep the game team abreast of these because we will inflict ongoing consequences where appropriate.
  • Core Madness/Corruption Tracks should not be used at player events. If you want madness/corruption effects you should create your own (we have adobe publisher files).
  • We will not sanction any plot that utilises elements expressly forbidden by our OOC policies.


  • The presence of any Xenos creatures or technology at a Sanctioned Event is expressly by Game Team permission only – there are various factors for this including ensuring that briefing of various Xenos races adhere to canon.
  • Any plots involving Tyranids (but not Genestealers or Genestealer Cults) will be rejected, the Tyranid menace has yet to arrive within the timeframe that DuD is set.
  • Any plot involving Tau (but not Kroot) will be rejected, the Tau Empire has not contacted the Imperium of Man and is far removed from the Prosperitas Sector.
  • Any plot involving Necrons will be rejected as this threat is still slumbering and is unknown to the Imperium.
  • Costume and Physreps for any alien technology or creatures is subject to ref team review we have a high-quality requirement for any physreps and costumes for alien races.
  • We discourage heavy reliance on major Xenos races from canon in plots, we would rather minor Xenos races from DuD or 40k canon or entirely new races were used then any one of the more famous ones.

The Warp

  • Freeform rituals should not happen unless a Game Team ref is present and the Event team wishes for them to be allowed – there are too many metaplot considerations that should be taken into account when these happen. However, you may include pre-written Sorcerous rituals into your game just be sure to pass them by the Game Team first
  • Be aware that there are many specific requirements for the creation of any Daemon, which will be provided upon request to create one. These tend to be rare and highly lethal when encountered, we encourage you to focus on what we dub ‘minor daemons’ (creatures too weak to have a ‘standard’ form) and ‘ghosts’ (echoes of human souls) if you want to have warp presences at your game.
  • The Major Peril card from the Psychic Deck should be removed at a Sanctioned Event.

The Archenemy

  • Be aware that we will not sanction any event which uses Traitor Astartes – we may approve plot relating to these beings, but not without considerable scruitiny

The Imperium

  • Be aware that we will no sanction any event which uses; Adeptus Astartes, Adeptus Custodes, Sisters of Silence or Officio Assassinorium – we may approve plot relating to these powers, but not without considerable scrutiny.
  • Please do not create new Inquisitors for your plot, an Interrogator with ties to one of our pre-existing Inquisition NPCs would be more than appropriate.
  • When creating new Noble Houses for your plot please consult with the game team if you plan for them to have wider scope beyond the immediate territory your event is set in.
  • Please do not write an event expecting a major NPC from DuD background to feature.