PvP Policy

Our PvP Policy

PvP = Player vs Player, conflict between player characters (PCs), often referencing to violence between PCs, but equally including social conflict.

PvE = Player vs Environment, where the primary conflict is between PCs and Non-Player Characters (NPCs).

Death Unto Darkness is primarily a PvE game. It is not a system mainly grounded on intra-player conflict. Therefore, characters are generally expected to be spending the majority of an event working together on achieving a common overall objective, and combating the enemies of the Imperium. Competing factional objectives and goals will sometimes be assigned, however, and cause social conflict which has the potential for escalation to violence.

Political and social conflict is a major part of the 40k setting, and plays a part in roleplaying characters within the Imperium – differences in theology, philosophy, morality and methodology can run hot at times. And there are, of course, situations where conversation and diplomacy between PC factions may fail, and violent conflict will erupt.

It would be ideal (and useful) to have a ref present even during non-lethal PVP (such as violence occuring while a PC is trying to subdue another for capture), but we understand that in some circumstances this will be particularly impromptu and hard to predict, and therefore, we do not enforce the mandatory need for a ref. Similarly, acts of manslaughter (like allowing another PC to bleed to death in a NPC vs PC fight, or be overwhelmed by enemies) are not situations in which we believe there need to be refs mandatorily summoned.

Similarly there are circumstances where ‘reactive violence’ (were the consequence of social conflict legitimately requires a sudden violent action) may occur, and players should note that some social PvP actions have potentially lethal consequences, e.g. finding out or indicating one will reveal someone else’s dark secrets, or making a lethal threat. In these circumstances, while getting a ref to be present is ideal, the situation may not allow for it to be so, and you will not be penalised for failing to do so, but we encourage you to summon a ref as soon as possible to handle any issues in the aftermath.

In circumstances where you are going to engage in premeditated murder (even if your character believes it to be lawful) of a player character, we ask you to please notify refs to ensure they are present, in order to ensure that there is no ambiguity or OC accusations around the handling of the conflict (as we would expect a ref to be present for PvE violence this is no different from how we handle all fights in DuD).

In addition, Madness and Corruption cards (as well as Mind Control and Mental Roleplaying effects) can lead to situations where spontaneous violence can erupt between PCs, as characters turn on their friends as the result of their deteriorating sanity, the seductive control of the Dark Gods or, indeed, Daemonic possession – and, in these circumstances, we do not expect or require refs to be summoned. Indeed, if the situation is reversed, players reacting to the threat of a player who has turned murderous, fallen to the Dark Gods, or become possessed by a Daemon, they are not expected to go a find a ref before responding violently.

To this extent, we cannot promise any player who attends a Death Unto Darkness event that they will be entirely safe from any and all PvP violence. If you are uncomfortable with this notion, then we acknowledge and accept that this may not be the LRP for you.