New Site

DuD now has a new website!

This new website features an integrated Wiki, Forums and Event management system along with a few other features. Parts of the site are still under development, but for the most part, the site is now live and ready to go.

Some information and details were lost in the transfer from the old site, such as information about the various planets in the Prosperitas Sector and such. We’d like to invite players to help us out by adding in details about the various planets, moons and other habited places in the sector, to allow the system to grow, built upon the players efforts.

We’ll be adding in other details and updates based around the developing story for Agents of the Imperium.


Many features of the new site require an account to be registered. In an effort to prevent SpamBots from getting in, we’ve disabled the normal User Registration system.  To register an account, please e-mail 

You will need to include your Name, Username and e-mail address (if different to the one being used to send the e-mail) that the account will be linked to. Once the account has been set up, you will receive an e-mail with your login details and password (which can be changed once you have logged in)


If you come across any bugs, mistakes or anything else with the new site, please e-mail the DuD Admin at the above e-mail address (or via a PM if you’re logged in).


There will be other messages and details released as time goes on, to let people know how to fully utilise the new site.


Other than that, welcome to the new site!