Timeline of Historical Events

  1. Mid-M25 – Early Human Settlement of the Prosperitas Sector –
  2. M25-M29 – The Age of Strife –
  3. M30-M31 – The Great Crusade –
  4. M31 – The Horus Heresy –
  5. M31-013.M41 – The Regency –
  6. 09.M41 – The arrival of the Durovera Expedition –
  7. 013.M41 – The Prosperitas Crusade Begins –
  8. 56.M41 – Legio Ferraeus Arrives –
  9. 101.M41 – The vanishing of Warmaster Durovera –
  10. 119.M41 – The Crusade Stalls –
  11. 139.M41 – [Outside Sector] The Gothic War –
  12. 197-207.M41 – The Battle of Monforte’s Folly –
  13. 206-304.M41 – The Hundred Year Stalemate –
  14. 304-26.M41 – Ulian’s Charge –
  15. 328.M41 – The Lash of the Eye and the Death of Ulian –
  16. 331.M41 – Subsector Tenebris –
  17. 349.M41 – Warmaster Fassir –
  18. 392-399.M41 – [Outside Sector] The Macharian Crusade –
  19. 439.M41 – The Assassination of Warmaster Fassir –
  20. 444.M41 – [Outside-Sector] The Armageddon War –
  21. 446-476.M41 – The Inheritance War –
  22. 484.M41 – Crusade Censure –
  23. 553.M41 – Discovery of the Cadian corridor, the appointment of Warmaster Hroth –
  24. 563-566.M41 – Waagh! Gazbag –
  25. 566.M41 – A New Warmaster –
  26. 569.M41 – The Unwanted Governor –
  27. 577.M41 – The Death of Strayvia
  28. 580.M41 – Massacre of Blackstation 101 –
  29. 582.M41 – Terror on Korimesta –
  30. 582.M41 – The Death of Caudica –
  31. 583.M41 – Fall of Henlock –
  32. 583.M41 – Ambush at Henlock –
  33. 584.M41 – The Year of Strife –
  34. 585.M41 – The Salients Open –
  35. 586.M41 – Uprising on Everholt –
  36. 587.M41 – Censure of the Inquisition –
  37. 588.M41 – The Waagh! Re-Awakens –
  38. 589.M41 – House Durovera Triumphant, a new Warmaster –
  39. 590.M41 – The coming of the Weeping Eye and the Creeping Death –
  40. 592.M41 – The Year of Strife
  41. 593.M41 – The Year of Suffering
  42. 594.M41 – Current Date

Mid-M25 – Early Human Settlement of the Prosperitas Sector –

Archaeological and Archival evidence suggests that humanity first arrived in the sector in Mid-M25. It is presumed these craft were early warp vessels or perhaps sleeper vessels travelling on sublight drives – little is known about this early settlement. Scholars have long attempted to study the older native archives of the sector but many of these were destroyed during Archenemy occupation.

M25-M29 – The Age of Strife –

Warp Storms cause massive rifts in real and warp space making space travel nearly impossible and cutting off entire regions. On Terra, civilization regresses as techno-barbarian’s survive to fight for dominion of the wasteland that was once a green and wonderful Earth.

M30-M31 – The Great Crusade

The Emperor unites Holy Terra and sets out across the Galaxy, founding the Imperium in HIS name. At some stage during this period, fragmentary records point to the unification and official designation of the Prosperitas Sector as a sector of the newborn Imperium. The names and titles of those responsible for its foundation a unavailable due to corruption in Crusade-era data recorders.

M31 – The Horus Heresy –

The Emperor and his 9 Primarchs are opposed by the Arch Heretic, Horus, one of 9 Daemons in the service of the Archenemy, Chaos. In the resulting war Terra is besieged and through a combination of destroyed charts and shifting warp tides the Prosperitas Sector becomes one of the forgotten lost regions of the galaxy.

M31-013.M41 – The Regency –

The Imperium specifically destroyed the majority of archives detailing the history of the so-called ‘Regency’, the Archenemy occupying government that ruled the Sector in the absence of the Emperor’s Light. What is known is that it laboured in the foolish belief that Horus won the Battle of Terra.

For over ten millennia the Sector was ruled by a ‘Regent of the Emperor’, an archenemy tyrant there is significant evidence of native resistance which is why a considerable number of native populations have been spared immediate extermination in the years since reconquest of the Sector has begun.

09.M41 – The arrival of the Durovera Expedition –

A fleet of Imperial ships led by Rogue Trader Jascinta Durovera in search of a new passage to Cadia through the minor warp storms surrounding that sector, discovers a stable warp passage from segmentum solar into the sector. There she discovers a stable sector occupied by a people who believe she has come as an emissary of the Emperor on Terra

Affairs are cordial until Durovera’s reception on Legio Venia whereby the “Emperors Regent” rolls out banners displaying the Eye of Horus, deeply heretical to the Imperial delegation. Despite herself, Durovera masters her doubts and remains cordial, the unsuspecting Regent goes through formalities oblivious of how the sector has been misled.

Returning to her ships, Durovera takes advantage of the fact that she has the benefit of surprise and launches and immediate bombardment of the Regencies’ governmental buildings, before ordering the ground forces accompanying her fleet to launch an all-out attack on the sector capital. After a successful conquest of the capitol, the Rogue Trader hunkers down and sends astropathic messages to Terra requesting assistance and prepares to weather the coming counter-attack and siege by the Regency Fleet.

013.M41 – The Prosperitas Crusade Begins –

Four years after Jascinta Durovera conquered Legio Venia, Imperial Forces arrive to relieve the Rogue Trader at Legio Venia. They carry with them heralds of the High Lords of Terra who proclaim Durovera to be; Warmaster of the Prosperitas Crusade. Armed with astro-navigational knowledge she has plundered from regency data vaults beneath the surface of Legio Venia, Durovera launches a lightning campaign against several major staging worlds for Regency forces, crippling much of the Regency Fleet, and what little nominal leadership survived her attack on the capital.

56.M41 – Legio Ferraeus Arrives –

Using connections she has with the Adepts of Mars, Durovera tempts the Titans of the Legion-Errant, Legio Ferraeus, long without a homeworld after the Anaxian Purges, to come to the sector, with knowledge of lost Forges and the promise of a new home by right of conquest. The Legio, supported by Skitarii Auxillari launches its own spearhead from the front lines of the Crusade, reclaiming an ancient Forgeworld from enemy hands and declaring it their sovereign territory.

101.M41 – The vanishing of Warmaster Durovera

In her later years as Warmaster, Durovera becomes obsessed with hunting down the flagship of the regency fleet, the ancient Gloriana-class Battleship Manifest Destiny. From her flagship, the Nemesis-class Stormchaser, the Warmaster hunts the huge warship down over a series of engagements, damaging it heavily with waves of fighter craft.

Durovera is last seen translating to warp without her flagship’s escorts, no sign is ever seen of her again, however the Manifest Destiny is discovered several months later bearing heavy damage and will all onboard seemingly dead or evacuated. It is brought under tow back to Legio Venia and remains their undergoing re-sanctification. When Durovera is eventually declared MIA by Crusade High Command, the vessel is re-christened Iron Lady and Legio Venia is officially renamed as Duroverum, in honour of the fallen Warmaster. House Durovera are granted the seat of Sector Governor by right of blood, and one of the Warmaster’s cousins takes the throne.

119.M41 – The Crusade Stalls –

Without an obvious heir to the Warmaster, Crusade progress remains underwhelming, in over a hundred years since the start of the Crusade Imperial forces have barely secured Subsector Primus. Crusade High Command attributes this to the local populations fanatically dogmatic adherence to the heretical religion of the Archenemy making reeducation difficult. Witch-pyres burn hot with entire heretic populations put to the flame, while military leaders squabble amongst themselves, eventually Warmaster Monforte, an unobjectionable if unimpressive leader is selected from amongst the available candidates.

139.M41 – [Outside Sector] The Gothic War –

The Crusade deadlock is made worse by the invasion of the Gothic Sector by the most hated Despoiler, Warmaster of the Archenemy. Forces originally intended for the Prosperitas Sector are diverted eastward to the Gothic Sector instead, leading to massive supply shortages which will dog the Crusade long into the present era.

197-207.M41 – The Battle of Monforte’s Folly –

On the border of what will become Subsector Tertius, the remaining forces of the Regency proper gather to mount a major counter-attack against the Imperium. Made aware by spies, Warmaster Monforte throws everything he has against the gathered forces. Because of the difficulty navigating the asteroid field in the system, the fighting is long and harsh and what is supposed to be a surprise attack drags into a long-term attrition war in the field, with the Imperium eventually winning a pyrrhic victory after ten years of conflict and innumerate losses

206-304.M41 – The Hundred Year Stalemate –

Made worse by political friction between House Durovera as Sector Government, and Warmaster Monteforte – the Crusade forces fall into a lull nearly a hundred years long. While this allows for subsector Primus to be stabilized and fully tamed by the Imperium, the lack of progress frustrates House Durovera and many Imperial Commanders who believe the aging Monforte to be growing incompetent as his age advances, more so than many already did. Unlike his more ill-fated predecessor and those who will follow, the Warmaster dies of old age at the end of this century, without regret. On his deathbed he swears that he will never apologise for not overstretching his forces and consolidating the Imperium’s victories.

304-26.M41 – Ulian’s Charge –

Warmaster Ulian, the third individual to carry the title and the youngest yet, enjoys unparalleled success opening both the Secondus and Tertius Subsectors to Imperial expansion. With the Regency largely defeated, many of the worlds are home to non-Imperial, Archenemy and xeno-worshipping cultures. These enemies reel before his advance. Many of their forces are driven out of Imperial space and into the currently lawless Subsector Quartus, buoyed by success under Ulian’s leadership Imperial forces prepare a three-pronged assault on the Subsector.

328.M41 – The Lash of the Eye and the Death of Ulian –

Always in flux, the warp storm known as the Eye of Terror bursts its borders, splinters of the storm ripping apart realspace in their wake. One such tendril surges through Subsector Quartus, Imperial forces flee the storm while many of the Archenemy joyfully meet it, some even driving fleets into the maelstrom . The storm devastates the Crusade forces as it swallows the whole subsector, in the aftermath Warmaster Ulian is missing presumed dead, and the Crusade reels and stalls as it loses much of its fighting strength.

331.M41 – Subsector Tenebris –

Even as the Eye wanes, the storm consuming Subsector Quartus does not abate, creating an impassible region of space for Imperial forces, and a haven for the forces of the Archenemy. Quartus is renamed Tenebris after the official designation for the warp storm that consumes it. It is ruled impassable and many forces are dedicated to worlds like Strayvia on the borders to act as fortress-worlds to hold back any archenemy who might emerge from the storm.

349.M41 – Warmaster Fassir –

Nudara Fassir, a Terran-born General, is appointed by the High Lords of Terra to take over the Prosperitas Crusade, after they grow tired of the petty squabbling of the Crusade’s leaders and their inability to agree upon a leader. Fassir is a veteran of the Solar Regiments, and a talented warrior. She is a more conservative commander, but is also a veteran of Terran politics, and does well holding the Crusade together during the long years of doubt that will follow. Once again the Crusade’s progress slows, but she mitigates frustration amongst her commanders by assigning forces to expeditionary fleets, probing the more stable warp-routes in the Rimward Marches of subsector secondus, her reign as Warmaster lasts long into the later years of her life, but ends in tragedy and betrayal.

392-399.M41 – [Outside Sector] The Macharian Crusade

On Terra, a brilliant Imperial Commander, Macharius, is appointed Lord Solar, and launches a brilliant crusade into Segementum Pacificus. Many commanders of the Prosperitas Sector claim Warmaster Durovera inspired the Imperium to support commanders like Macharius, but the Crusade also hails the waning interests of the High Lords in the Galactic north and further crippling reductions in resources available to the Prosperitas Crusade.

439.M41 – The Assassination of Warmaster Fassir –

Warmaster Fassir is assassinated in her command quarters on Polarnus Station her wife, Majal, is the sole witness to the crime, and gives an account of a skin-changing woman who struck her wife down. Her testimony is ruled unreliable, as Crusade High Command refuses to accept such a thing could have spared her life too, Agents of the Inquisition take Majal away for interrogation, she is never seen again. Accusations of betrayal and treachery fly freely in the years that follow as squabbling over the position of Warmaster intensifies.

444.M41 – [Outside-Sector] The Armageddon War –

A major Archenemy force launches an assault on Armageddon, a major manufacturing world in Segementum Solar. While the actual account of the war is sealed by Inquisitorial record, the loss of a supply world has major consequences across the Imperium. It could not come at a worse time for the Prosperitas Sector where strained tensions already close to breaking point.

446-476.M41 – The Inheritance War –

The conflict for the position of Warmaster intensifies into open civil war between three Imperial commanders (whose names are later struck from record), Imperial forces clash with imperial forces over a period of twenty years. Most of this fighting occurs away from the eyes of others, and many of them are honour battles, but the infighting utterly paralyses the crusade once again and in some cases leads to opportunistic pirate raids and rebel uprisings on planets left poorly defended by the distracted Imperial forces.

484.M41 – Crusade Censure –

Belatedly the High Lords of Terra deliver a proclamation of censure, ordering the execution of those commanders involved in the Inheritance War, and suspending the Crusade indefinitely, and re-deploying the grand majority of non-native forces from the Crusade to other Sectors in need of reinforcement.

553.M41 – Discovery of the Cadian corridor, the appointment of Warmaster Hroth –

The High Lords repeal their censure after ships from House Majid’s fleet discover the Cadian corridor, a warp passage that effectively grants Imperial reinforcements for the Cadian gate a five-year shortcut on the journey to the Sector. This heightened strategic importance, in addition to the sector geosurveys’ discovery of rare resources in the Rimward Marches, leads to the High Lords appointing Janus Hroth as Warmaster. Hroth is a Munitorum Administrator with very little tactical aptitude which leads to several very near strategic disasters as he attempts to command Imperial forces like a civil servant.

563-566.M41 – Waagh! Gazbag –

Smashing out of wildspace between the Gothic Sector and the Prosperitas Sector, Waagh! Gazbag crashes into the exposed flank of the Imperium on the Galactic East. The Greenskins, not previously seen in sector, tear through several Imperial worlds in the space of a few years. The tide is turned when Arch-Militant Voss deploys a strategy of funneling the Orks towards Persephon IV where they are bogged down and a stalemate is reached. For his part Voss is inducted into the ranks of the Inquisition, becoming Inquisitor Voss, and granted considerable support from Crusade High Command.

566.M41 – A New Warmaster –

With Warmaster Hroth’s failings exposed he is forced to resign his post in shame, and Warmaster llenyós is appointed in his stead. He is exactly what the Crusade needs, being ready to knuckle down to work, and taking the lead on a number of major strategies to return the Crusade to action.

569.M41 – The Unwanted Governor –

Long ignored, and long treated as the lesser rewards of the House, the seat of Sector Governor is taken up by Armelius Durovera after his sister abdicates the position in order to take control of the families Warrant of Trade so she might lead the House fleet out into the Rimward Marches in search of treasures beyond Imperial battle-lines. Armelius is a vain man, not prepared for the position of Sector Governor and relies heavily upon his aids, he quickly develops a friction with Crusade High Command, and an outright political enemy in the Warmaster.

577.M41 – The Death of Strayvia

A formerly productive and reliable agri-world supplying crops to feed many Hive-Worlds across Subsector Primus, Strayvia suffers near-total economic collapse through the mid 570s as a great portion of its able-bodied youth are shipped off to newly-founded Guard regiments to defend the Tenebris Border. The resulting mutiny among the population springs into a fully-formed insurgency with reported Archenemy links, and the planet is virus-bombed in the 577.M41 Exterminatus by Inquisitorial decree. The remnants of the Strayvian regiments remain committed to Battlegroup Hesperidus, embittered and downtrodden after massive casualties at the front and the loss of their homeworld.

580.M41 – Massacre of Blackstation 101 –

A hidden Inquisitorial fortress is hit by an agent of the Archenemy while many of the sector’s Inquisitors are gathered in conclave, the resulting massacre leaves a handful of survivors of those who were there or lucky enough not to have been present. Without the numbers, the surviving Inquisitors are increasingly dependent on empowering their Agents to act for them, and calling upon the aid of other factions.

582.M41 – Terror on Korimesta –

The Hive World of Korimesta see’s several months of panic after the entirety of Hive Secondus is destroyed by an atomic device at the loss of billions of lives. When no further attacks are forthcoming things quieten down, but the planet remains on high alert, the figures behind the attack are never discovered.

582.M41 – The Death of Caudica –

A thriving cultural and economic centre, the Hive World of Caudica Secundus, sees a resurgence in fanatical religious activity among the miners of its southern continent. This quickly reveals itself to be a facade over an outright heretical uprising. After local authorities fail to contain the growing threat, the planet is interdicted and subjected to exterminatus by orbital bombardment. Caudican refugees spread across the mining colonies and vessels of the sector, carrying dread tales and fear with them.

583.M41 – Fall of Henlock

An Imperial Colony on the reaches of Subsector Tenebris, the planet Henlock comes under attack from Archenemy forces in the first such aggressive action for hundreds of years. Imperial forces are caught completely off guard, and to make matters worse, a Titan of the Demi-Legion Custodii Incudatem is captured by Archenemy forces. This marks the Imperium’s first encounter with the Chaos Warband known as the Talons of the Way and the emergence of the first such unified force for centuries.

583.M41 – Ambush at Henlock

Crusade High Command launches the disastrous ‘Operation Righteous Fury’ intent on blunting the Talons of the Way before they can capitalize on their success at Henlock. Crusade Forces easily overwhelm the Archenemies picket fleet but this turns out to be a trap as a massive fleet of Archenemy vessels drops out of warp several days later. Most of Crusade High Command, including the Warmaster, and much of the Crusade Fleet are destroyed in the subsequent chaos, with talk of Imperial vessels turning on each other in the midst of the battle.

584.M41 – The Year of Strife –

In the aftermath of the ambush by Archenemy forces at Henlock and the advance of the Talons of the Way along with several other Archenemy warbands into Imperial-held areas the disruption of sacred ceremonies on Nivalis sparks sector-wide unrest. Imperial forces scramble to stop the sector falling into total anarchy as they stave off assaults from rebels, heretics and xenos alike. The arrival of reinforcements from beyond the sector and the pacification of Nivalis by the Battle Sisters of the Order of His Sanguine Tears provides stability at the end of the year.

585.M41 – The Salients Open –

Following the strategic plan left by Warmaster llenyós, Imperial reinforcements surge towards the battlefronts of the Imperial Crusade, breaking through long-held lines and opening new salients into territory not previously held by the Imperium. The Nemean Gulf, the Rimward Marches, the Strayvian Gateway, and the Polarnus Nebula, are all opened up for the first time in many years, as the Crusade begins to advance once again.

586.M41 – Uprising on Everholt

An attempt is made on the Sector Governor’s life, and the planet of Everholt rises against the Imperium. While the small backwater is subjected to Imperial Censure, Armelius Durovera comes out of the experience a changed man, he throws aside the image of noble incompetence and claims to consider his role allot more seriously now. In earnest he begins to politic better than he has before, slowly clawing control of the Prosperitas Crusade back into the House Durovera.

587.M41 – Censure of the Inquisition –

A cascade of events beginning with investigations by the Order of his Sanguine Tears that show that the Inquisition’s handling of events agitated the situation, and culminating in the reports of the execution of loyal members of the Imperial Priesthood by agents of the Inquisition. Lead to a joint proclamation being delivered by Canoness Dinah and Cardinal-Emissarius Gruldge condemning the actions of the Inquisition, a rare open sign of defiance between one Imperial institution and the so-called all-powerful Inquisition. The Inquisition reaction is a predictable silence, though no retribution is attempted against either of the two signatories.

588.M41 – The Waagh! Re-Awakens –

After nearly thirty years of stalemate, a cunning Ork raid on Persephon collapses Imperial lines temporarily, before the Imperial Guard and their allies can react, the Orks have led a raid on an Adeptus Mechanicus refuelling station and captured a number of Tech-Adepts. The Mechanicus is furious, and the Imperium is increasingly concerned by signs of construction occurring within Ork-held Factories deep behind Greenskin lines.

589.M41 – House Durovera Triumphant, a new Warmaster –

After several years of political arguments and maneuvering, Sector Governor Armelius Durovera is granted, by decree of the High Lords of Terra, and right of Blood, the title of Warmaster. There are many within the Prosperitas Crusade who are dissatisfied with this appointment, but enough Imperial Commanders back him to ensure conflict goes no further than discontent grumblings amongst the commanders spurned by them

590.M41 – The coming of the Weeping Eye and the Creeping Death –

Emerging as a new threat, the Weeping Eye, and the Creeping Death are largely formed of mortal fodder whipped up from the twisted worlds within the boundaries of Warp Storm Tenebris. Although poorly equipped, these forces are the product of survival within the warp storm, and are not to be underestimate for their raw physical strength and innate skill. Led by sibling warleaders Herforingi Greppur Tain and Herforingi Arnkatla Tain these forces counter-attack the Imperium at the Strayvian Gateway and Polarnus Nebula salients.

592.M41 – The Year of Strife

Sector Report II

Sector Report II.5 – The Siege of Nivalis Begins

Sector Report II.5 – Weeping Eye seizes Polarnus Station

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593.M41 – The Year of Suffering

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594.M41 – Current Date

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