Common Knowledge

Common Knowledge of the Prosperitas Sector     

OOC Abstract: The following section is designed to provide all Players rough sketch along with all the other documents available in the Codex Prosperitas, with both a rough idea of how much of the lore most characters are aware of, and with a simple digestible method of taking in the more important bits of lore about the Sector. If it isn’t in the stuff below, you probably don’t know it.

How much you believe of this is up to your character, but if it isn’t here, you probably don’t know about it, this is supplemented by the forbidden lore pages which cover knowledge you DO know.

Five Things You Should Not Know [OOC]

Listed below are the things that an average Agent does not know.

  1. Unless they are a Psyker, Inquisitorial Agent, or have encountered them in the past, most Agents will have no real belief that Daemons actually exist, to most Agents, Daemons are the things that are used to scare the Imperial faithful, and not a true threat. Without Malleus lore even those Agents who are AWARE Daemons exist have little to no understanding of them, so in general will not recognise the signs of the Chaos Gods, their names, or the various subtypes of Daemon, it’s perfectly all right to ‘react’ to the symbols of a Chaos God by being unsettled by them, feeling nauseous, and role-playing the effects of seeing something unnatural, but pinning down WHY it does that is reserved for those with the appropriate lore.
  2. In the Prosperitas Sector, most Agents will have little understanding of Xenos (aliens), beyond Imperial Propaganda, unless they’ve been to Persephon and seen the Orks there, most of the encounters with Xenos are limited to a few lone examples among Pirate crews or acting as mercenaries amongst the non-Imperial forces encountered on the Tenebris Front and in the Untamed Worlds. For instance a detailed understanding of things like there being different ‘types’ of Eldar is something reserved entirely for the Ordo Xenos, most Agents will simply believe Imperial stereotyping, Eldar are weak and fragile, Orks are stupid, and most aliens are backwards treacherous creatures that simply flee before Imperial forces.
  3. Most Agents (even some Inquisitorial Agents) have at least an understanding that the Inquisition exists, and that it has ultimate authority, but most will think of it is a single united body and a looming secret police, rather than having a real understanding of it’s function and duty. In the same vein, NO Agents have any idea that the Officio Assassinorium exists unless told otherwise, unlike the Inquisition, the Assassins are VERY good at hiding their presence.
  4. Of the mortal servants of the Dark Gods, most Agents will have little to no understanding, all Citizens are made aware of the danger of lurking traitors and heretics in their midst, but they don’t necessarily appreciate the threat these slaves to darkness present. More so than that, unless they have encountered them in battle, most Agents will have no appreciation that Traitor Astartes exist, or the terror of facing one down in combat, most citizens are told what the Archenemy has are ‘false mockeries’ of the Emperor’s Angels of Death.
  5. The History of the Imperium, especially the details of the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy, are obscured by years of censorship and propaganda reels, so much so that even to the most learned Agent the events of that period are almost mythological. Horus  is considered a mythological daemon and part of a group of 9 Daemons who opposed the Emperor. Any knowledge about their connection to the Emperor and the Astartes are, as far as most Agents are concerned, mythical stories of a forgotten age. Of the lore of the Prosperitas Sector, most Agents will not have access to anything regarding life in the sector before the arrival of the Prosperitas Crusade.



Blessed Are the Ignorant     

The following are excerpts from various advisory pamphlets and indoc-reels shown to many Citizens of the Prosperitas Sector during their educational cycles as well as interviews with Guard and Citizens [cit. ‘Citizens Beware!’ ‘The Noble History of the Prosperitas Crusade’ ‘The God Emperor protects those who remain Vigilant’ and others]


The Archenemy

      • Citizen, beware the Archenemy, the Pimordial Annihilator, Chaos, for it is the great foe of Mankind that the Emperor showed us his light so we might fight it – the Archenemy worship false gods and twisted religions, and their unholy temples and books must be destroyed.
      • “109th Persephonian had one of those ‘Wyrds’ attatched to them, said he could name all the Archenemies Dark Gods, Commissar shot him.’ – Trooper Sophia Taeghan, 101st Agrial Light.
      • Citizen, is your neighbour a traitor, a seditionist, or a heretic? The only true faith is the Imperial Faith, anything else is deviance and heresy. The Imperium is here to protect all of mankind in the God-Emperor’s name, talk against His Officials and Him is treachery. Remain vigilant, report any suspicions to your nearest Arbites Precinct.
      • “Yeah, Preacher spoke much about Daemons, tain’t nothin’ to it though them things folks call daemons are just xenos-breed mercenaries, all the daemons are locked up in the hells, ain’t that right?’ – Citizen Alderbert Grundy, Korimestra
      • “I heard the 22nd Caffrian encountered something in Grid 22 Alpha, some kind of Archenemy Xenos, drove them all mad Command said all had to be shot for their own sake.’ – Trooper Sophia Taegan, 101st Agrial Light
      • Mutation is a sickness, report all unnatural births and growths to your nearest Medicae official, so that the correct mercy can be given to those suffering from it.
      • “Glad to hear our brave soldiers are driving the heretic rabble back off t’ Emperors worlds, ain’t right that people should be sufferin’ without his light. I hear it won’t be long till the Crusade is done anyway, ain’t much them heretics have that can stand up to the Guard.” – Citizen Alderbert Grundy, Korimestra
      • “Yeah I heard what they say about the Archenemies forces on the ground, doesn’t really hold up on the field. Archenemy has guns and tanks just like us, might not have Guard dicipline, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t warriors.” – Trooper Sophia Taegan, 101st Agrial Light


The Xenos Filth

      • Citizens! The Ork is a savage species, a stupid species, no match for our brave and noble Imperial Guard, the Greenskins are paralysed in the Persephon system and within months they will be exterminated from the surface of Persephon IV. [This figure is constantly touted despite the eight years of Greenskin occupation]
      • “Never fought an Ork, but I know my Primer. Still don’t try to talk like you know your stuff to a Persephonian, they’ll tell you the Primer gets it wrong that Orks are damned scary to go up against, seen a Persphonian say that to a Cadet-Commissars face, took the lashes without apologising too.” – Trooper Sophia Taegan, 101st Agrial Light
      • “I saw the vid reels from Persphon, ‘undreds of those Orks all piled up in mounds, bet I could take one of those dumb things, heard they ain’t much smarter than a grox.” – Citizen Alderbert Grundy, Korimestra
      • “Besides, it aint them you have to worry about, it’s them Eldars, they sneak into homes and steal children from their beds, and they bring all sorts of bad luck on those who do bad. I heard that trouble in One Nine Eight Industrial was Eldar, my mate Eghan said he saw three of the little things, with their pointy ears and long noses. Eldar Gremlins they is.” – Citizen Alderbert Grundy, Korimestra.
      • “Never seen an Eldar, nor met someone who has, Commissar says they’re extinct and stuff, just mythological things now that superstitious civvies blame their mistakes on.”  – Trooper Sophia Taegan, 101st Agrial Light
      • “We engaged the Archenemy at Daevos Ridge, they had Xenos mercs with them, ugly things, all scales and claws, used some kind of breathing mask, like when we’re in hostile environments. They chewed through our lines, they had big ugly guns that blew chunks out of men, wasn’t a clean death if one of them got you. Can’t remember what the Commissar called them damned things”  – Trooper Sophia Taegan, 101st Agrial Light
      • “Heard we lost another pest control team in the north tunnels, found them all cut up, like if someone had taken one of those monoedged industrial blades to them, don’t like that sector, the locals are weird.” – Citizen Alderbert Grundy, Korimestra.



      • Before the Prosperitas Crusade began in M41, the Emperors light had not touched this sector. It was an anarchic place, ruled by cruel heretic tyrants, it was Durovera who brought civilization and unity to the Prosperitas Sector it is her Crusade, which continues on in her name years after her death, that returns hundreds of worlds yearly to the embrace of His light.
      • There has only ever been one true ruler of the Prosperitas Sector, the Emperor, we fight in his name, Commissar said that anything the locals on the rimward say about this Sector is nonsense, Warmaster Durovera brought compliance to this sector, and we’re gonna continue that. – Trooper Sophia Taegan, 101st Agrial Light
      • “We don’t talk about the dark times no more, Eddard did, an the Arbites came for him, ain’t no history before the Crusade is the way I’m thinking, don’t remember nothing of what my Granmam said to me of the beforetime or the Way or nothing.” – Citizen Alderbert Grundy, Korimestra.