How to find a Ref in Play

One of the lessons we learnt from E1 was that it can quickly get VERY confusing for players if Refs are in character roles while reffing as to whether the NPC is present or not.

Because we loath having to resort to the use of hi-vis jackets which interrupt the beautiful visuals that our players give us, from E2 and onward the Ref Team will be identified as ‘present and available to ref’ by wearing Grey robes with the icon of the Adeptus Administratum upon them.

Should you see a ref wearing a costume that is NOT of the Adeptus Administratum, then you should assume that they are present as the NPC they are currently playing and not available as a ref, and therefor capable of witnessing any actions that you are taking.

This particular sect of Administratum Scribes ARE present in character as well, however all characters are aware that they have the highest clearance levels and are sworn to absolute secrecy, everything they witness is archived at the highest level and inaccessible by anyone who could impact on the lives of Player Characters.

This clearance is extended to DuD-Gameteam approved Photographers who are present IC, they are covered under the auspices of this sect, and to impede them (IC) from their duties of recording events would be treason. Of course player OOC requests not to be photographed (as is checked before every game) will be respected.

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