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We’d like to comment in respond to some issues that arose during the bookings for Event 1, to be open and transparent about matters and to show how we are looking to improve in th future.

It came to our attention (after the event had filled up) that there were people who did not realaise that we had in fact opened up bookings for Event 1, and that there were some other players who didn’t know where to find the event booking form. Unfortunatley these people did miss out on being booked into Evevnt 1, but are at the top of the reserve list, and have been made aware of such.

When we announced Event 1, we did so without any prior announcements or advertising of the event. We realise now that we acted a little too hastily in doing so, which caused some people to miss out. In addition, we could have been clearer on what the full process was for booking onto the event, and other matters surrounding it (such as payment deadlines and so-forth).

None of us on the Admin team were expecting the event to book out in the time it did (to be honest, we were suprised that it booked out at all). But now we realise how popular DUD appears to be, we are going to make sure to take this into account in the future.


All future events will be advertised a full calander month in advanced of bookings opening. The event will be announced from the website (and thus via e-mail and Facebook at the same time). We would like to ask people to register for an account on the DUD website, to ensure that we have current and up to date details for the people interested in taking part.

Bookings in the future will continue to be done via the DUD website, using the system that we have used for E1. We willa lso ensure that it is easier for people to find the relevant page and form to fill out, as some people thoguht that the Character Submission form was also the Event Booking form.

At the moment, we are looking to have details and announcements out for events well in advanced to the actual event, to give people enough time to sign up and get things sorted. Whilst we understand that people might not always know what their situation will be by the event, we’d prefer to have people signed up and then have to drop out rather than miss out entirely.

People who Crew an event will be given first priority in booking for the next event, followed by people who were on the reserve list for the previous event., and then finally everyone else. This is to ensure that everyone gets the chance to take part in an Event where possible.


The Admin team is also open to further feedback that we might not have recieved so far, and we will ensure that people get the information they need earlier rather than later.

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