Rules Downloads

Rules PDFs

The Core Rules cover the basic mechanics of playing Death Unto Darkness.

Core Rules v1.2.2 (Revised)Core Rules v1.2.2 (Revised).pdf

Appendix 1 – Character Creation covers how to create a character for Death Unto Darkness, traits, as well as downtimes rules.

Appendix 1 – Character Traits and Downtimes v1.2.3Appendix 1 - Character Traits and Downtimes v1.2.3.pdf

Appendix 2 – Psychic and Techno-Arcana Disciplines covers the rules for playing Psykers and Tech-Priests it also includes some additional info for Skitarii.

Appendix 2 – Psychic and Techno-Arcana Disciplines v1.2.2Appendix 2 - Psychic and Techno-Arcana Disciplines v1.2.1.pdf

Appendix 3 – Lore covers the rules for playing lore-focused characters, as well as the rules for interrogating captives for information, and the rules for Tech-focused Characters for solving the system puzzles used in some tech puzzles.

Appendix 3 – Lore v1.2.2Appendix 3 - Lore v1.2.2.pdf

Appendix 4 – Wargear covers all the available combat equipment in Death Unto Darkness, as well as various interesting relics to be found beyond the Imperium.

Appendix 4 – Wargear v1.2.2Appendix 4 - Wargear v1.2.2.pdf

The Character Creation Guide is useful for writing a character that fits into this Campaign.

Character Background GuideCharacter Background Guide.pdf

Medical and Powers Decks

All characters with the Medicae and Chirugeon traits need to print a Medical Complications Deck

Medicae Complications CardsMedicae Complications Cards v1.2.2.pdf

All characters with the Psyker Mutation trait need to print a Perils of the Warp Deck

Peril DeckPerils Deck v1.2.2.pdf

All characters with the Lay-Mechanicus trait need to print a Scrapcode Burnout Deck

Scrapcode DeckScrapcode Deck v1.2.2.pdf


Additional Resources

These are fun things we’ve built for various events, stored here for reference:

All Psykers with the Bound to the Adeptus Astra Telepathica trait possess a set of papers and a brand designating them as a ‘legal’ psyker, please find the generic document for these, beneath.

Sanctioning PaperworkSanctioning Paperwork.pdf

All characters with the Psyker Mutation trait possess the ability to send telepathic messages, these two provide print-off cards to cut out to send these on, these aren’t required just a resource:

Telepathic Message x9 to a PageTelepathic Message.pdf Telepathic Message x4 to a PageTelepathic Message.pdf

All characters with the Banishment and Exorcism Lore will need this deck to use their training:

Exorcism DeckExorcism Deck.pdf

The rules for Covert Operations from Event Six:

Covert OpsCovert Ops.pdf

An example of a Relic sheet using Sororitas Power Armour

Relic ExampleRelic Example.pdf