The DUD Admin team are working to help improve communication between the players and the admins. As part of this, we’d like to clarify about where you can find what information, and what is the best methods of contacting the Admin Team.

At the moment, the DUD Admin team consists of three members:

  • Troy Healy: Head Admin/Ref, Plot Co-Ordinator
  • Ben M: Rules Ref, Event Ref, Plot Co-Ordinator
  • Chris Smith: Web Admin, Event Admin, Communications Admin.


When it comes to communicating between players and the Admin, there are a few options:

  • The Death Unto Darkness Facebook Page, Website and e-mails will be used for Announcements.
  • The (Facebook) DUD Discussion Forum is for all open discussion of DUD.
  • Event pages are for discussion of event specific information. Anything else goes in the Discussion Forum.
  • E-mails can be sent to:
    • (for general info, events, bookings, etc)
    • (for all rules questions)
    • (for all plot, character, setting questions)

As you may have noticed, announcements now appear in three places. This has been set up to ensure consistency of our communications with players. When we make an announcement on the website, it is automatically published to the Facebook Page and via E-mail to all members of the website.


We have also recently improved access to the website to include loging in via Facebook and Google+. Please note that we will no longer be using the Forums on the DUD website, to reduce the number of places that have to be maintained by the Admin team. The primary discussion forum between players and the admins will be via the DUD Discussion Forum on Facebook. This might be a disadvantage to some players who do not have a Facebook account for whatever reasons, and to help with clear and consistent communication, we have taken the steps to ensure that the information we send out gets out to players through the best of several means.


The DUD Admin team are also open to suggestions for other methods of improving communication between the Admin Team and Players, and we invite players to contact us via the methods mentioned above.


Stay tuned for more announcements in the future!