Sector Report VI

+From the Blind Scribes of the Prosperitas Conclave of the Holy Ordos+

+ Thought for the Day +

«Pride is the undoing of all things…»

++ Begin Data Inload

++ Pending…. ++

++The current date is 4-567-593.M41++

++ Report Begins ++


++ Major Events ++

4-498-593.M41 – Crusade High Command Wiped Out

At an assembly of the Military Advisers and Senior Officers of Crusade High Command aboard the Warmaster’s Flagship, The Word of Despite a warp manifestation results in the utter slaughter of all in attendance, initial reports suggest that the only survivor is Warmaster Armelius Durovera. Around the sector, Crusade Forces grind to a halt when the news reaches them as Salient Commanders regroup their forces and consider their next moves.

The Warmaster’s Office confirms his survival, but announces that he is still taken ill and remains secluded in the care of his personal physicians recovering from wounds sustained in the attack on High Command.  


  • Conclave Stance [cit. Inquisitor Corvinus]: Thanks to the ongoing work of various Inquisitorial and allied Agents creating monitoring teams on the Warmaster we know that the warp-born creature has suffered a significant blow to its foothold in reality. The timing correlates exactly with an event on Polarnus Station which uncorroborated reports suggest saw the Will of the God-Emperor made manifest to strike at the creature. Investigations are ongoing.

    This isn’t over yet, Warmasters do not fall overnight, even Neverborn wearing the skin of one, but Inquisitorial forces in the segmentum have answered our calls for aid.


4-503-593.M41 – Grand Admiral Sarina Khan confirms Victory in the Polarnus Nebula

Naval Operation TEMPEST EYE ends in the route of Weeping Eye forces within the Polarnus Nebula. The Imperial Navy asserts its superiority after Polarnus Stations defences are returned to the control of Imperial forces by an elite strike team that infiltrated the stations core.

Despite extreme losses of civilian vessels attempting to escape the Station the in crossfire, the Grand Admiral declares the counter-attack a complete success after Weeping Eye forces suffer crippling damage from the stations guns. Initial reports confirm that the Arnkatla Tain has survived the battle, and has retreated to her holdings within the Warp. The Station’s Machine Spirit is invigorated, and many report, somewhat aggressive in its defence of the station, Tech Priests arriving on the station report it being ‘difficult’ to tame, as it desires to be mobile.

Civilian morale is deeply wounded due to the losses taken within the final stages of the battle, with massive civilian losses reported over the course of the siege and the final moments of the battle. This is devastating for many survivors of Caudica Secundus who made their homes on the station as little of their community survives the siege and battle, the Caudican people are now near-extinct. Plague erupts on several civilian vessels as a result of a failure in the station’s vermin control systems during the final moments of the battle. Most are destroyed by Imperial forces attempting to maintain quarantine, but several escape to warp before they can be interdicted.

Vice-Admiral Chandier, who survived the siege and is credited with holding Imperial forces on the station together long enough for the successful alleviation of Imperial forces aboard the station, is promoted to Governor of the station with the disappearance of the remainder of the ruling triumvirate, and granted the rank of Admiral and responsibility for the defence of nearby systems to the Polarnus Nebula. With its civilian population greatly reduced, the station is rapidly militarised for whatever comes next as the Grand Admiral entrenches her command around the Station.


4-526-593.M41 – Inquisitor Voss Declared Renegade

The Polarnus Conclave votes unanimously to declare Inquisitor-Militant Voss Excommunicate Traitoris citing collusion with ruinous forces, treason and heresy. Simultaneously, Inquisitor-Militant Voss asserts that the Conclave has been subborned by the forces of the Archenemy and declares them to be Excommunicate Traitoris. A general amnesty has been extended to any former Agents of the Inquisitor-Militant willing to testify against him before the Conclave.

The Conclave appears to have the backing of the Segmentum Inquisitorial Fortress at Imperius, and the weight of evidence is against Inquisitor Voss thanks to the tireless work of agents of Inquisitor Duplesis. Despite this, Voss’ position as Inquisitor Militant is supported by his control of the Prosperitas Chamber Militant of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers; although some defections are reported, a large number of them reinforce his position and defend him from kill-teams dispatched by the Conclave.


  • Conclave Position [cit.ref. Inquisitor Corvinus] Voss is a traitor, we have no idea how long he has been working with the ruinous powers but it is likely he has been manipulated by the Archenemy since the beginning, whatever pact he made to save the Sector from Waaagh! Gazbag is clearly beginning to unravel with the renewed vigour of the Orks.We have issued new codes, ciphers, and security protocols in order to cut off Voss’ access to Inquisition communications and chain of command, but with many assets working in deep cover it’s been impossible to ensure that we make contact with them before Voss does. About a fifth of Inquisition forces within the sector have gone dark; how many of those have consciously sided with Voss, how many have been tricked into following his orders over the Conclave’s, and how many have been eliminated by enemy forces using intelligence accessible to Voss is impossible to say.

    What’s certain is that the longer he was allowed to remain Inquisitor-Militant, the greater the proportion of the Prosperitas Inquisition he’d have been able to subvert or neutralise when he made his move. We are all fortunate that our agents uncovered the crucial evidence when they did.


4-537-593.M41 – Kuatis System Rebellion Suppressed

Under the helm of Arbitrator Marshall Vox, the Kuatis Arbites act to remove Commodore-Governor Oceanus from her position of control over the Kuatis system, it is reported by Arbitrator-Marshall Vox that the Commodore-Governor is killed in the attempt to take custody of her. The Office of the Sector Governor declares that the Warmaster has instructed for Arbitrator Marshall Vox to be granted the honorary post of ‘Marshall-Protector’ for her actions. However, Provost Marshall Carrick has not been seen in months, and the appointment is seen as positioning Vox as a potential challenger to the position despite her relative youth, this fragments the sector Arbites. The Marshall-Protector’s Office is moved to Durovera, where it is reported she is undergoing extensive cybernetic surgery to repair damage to her body suffered during the suppression of Kuatis.


  • Conclave Position [cit.ref. Inquisitor Corvinus] This is to have been expected, with reports of the Marshall escaping Polarnus Station after betraying our forces there, it would only be expected that she would return to the side of her Patron. Whatever pacts she has made have damned her soul alongside the Neverborn. It remains to be seen what proportion of the sector Arbites choose to follow that path with her.


4-558-593.M41 – Prosperitas Sector Begins to Fracture

With increased rumours of the Warmaster’s sickness being long term, and the control of House Durovera slipping on the Sector, central control of the Sector begins to fray, although the Warmaster remains largely in control of Duroverum and the surrounding systems and commands the allegiance of Ferraeus and its Titan Legions. The position of individual Planetary Governors is commanded by personal politics, their allegiance to the various Noble Houses that make up the Polarnus Nobility and their closeness to the various Salient Commanders.


  • Conclave Stance [cit.ref. Inquisitor Corvinus] Without an obvious successor to the Warmaster, the powers of the Prosperitas Sector are pulling it apart and dividing the Sector into territories as they prepare to make their plays for control of the Sector Government and the throne of Jacinta Durovera.


++ Current Affairs ++

++ Be aware that this information is provided only to your clearance level, and should not be discussed with Citizens. The penalty for perversion of ignorance is one hundred lashes at a public corporal square. Repeat infractions will result in execution ++

  • It is being reported that simultaneously to the Weeping Eye retreating from the Polarnus Nebula, the Creeping Death appear to have retreated from the worlds around the Strayvian Gateway with Imperial and House Quereshi Forces both finding only Garrison-forces as they move through the region.

  • It appears that the ongoing conflict between House Majid and House Di Firro has ground to a stalemate with a few minor raids on either House’ assets in the past few months. There appear to have been some halting attempts at peace negotiations by House Majid, but the position of House Di Firro towards peace seems uncertain at this time.

  • A minor chartist House of little significance House Rauchstadt appears to have won the support of Cardinal Grulge to replace House Majid as the preferred contractor of Ecclesiarchy trade from Nivalis and the other shrine worlds that currently remain controlled by the Cardinal’s allies.

  • Tensions within the Ecclesiarchy remain fraught, but currently developments do not appear to be reaching the point where tensions have been alleviated or outwardly erupting into open conflict.

  • A series of raids have been made along the Anaximund/Naximus border by unknown forces. Reports from the satrap-worlds of Naximus Prime seem to indicate savage mechanical foes marching under the banner of a machine-serpent.



++ Be aware that the veracity of this information has not be ascertained ++

  • There are myriad rumours about a Living Saint manifesting upon Polarnus Station in the final moments of the battle, but no evidence has been presented as yet.
  • House Monforte have announced that they are preparing to re-launch their most famous Void Liner the HMVL St. Sanguinius with an exhibition showcasing the life of the Emperor’s Son and range of other events.
  • Strange transmissions have been heard from the Nemean Gulf along the border of the Imperial Control Zone, various young colony worlds have increased PDF recruitment out of fear of the unknown. Imperial Navy reports of several dark-hulled craft along the edge of Imperial space have been picked up but dismissed as rumour.
  • Forces approaching Henlock appear to have fallen silent in their astropathic communications at this current point in time, efforts are being made to understand the nature of the situation.
  • Planet Midsummer, one of the most recent Imperial colonies with only a few generations on it, continues to record multiple successful tithe-harvests from its agri-combines and continues to prove to be the most fruitful acquisition by Imperial forces thus far.
  • Imperial Forces on Polarnus Station have reported finding entire compartments of the station heaped with Weeping Eye dead. Others have reported sighted some kind of unknown terror they have named ‘The White Death’ that appears out of nowhere to destroy Archenemy forces.
  • There are rumours that Sharre Ajax, the influential Rising Flame commander, was released from his prison on Polarnus by Archenemy Forces.
  • The Polarnus Station public address system, having been repaired and repurified, has tended to play stirring Anaximund martial music whenever left otherwise idle. Mechanicus on-station state only that the machine spirit is operating “within expected and acceptable parameters.”


++List of Wanted Individuals [Pictures Available on Request cit.ref Bounty Hunters Guild]++

Be Aware: Unlicensed pursuit of any of these individuals by someone not an Arbiter of the Lex Imperialis, or a deputised and sanctioned representative [Cit.Ref Enforcer or Bounty Hunter] is strictly prohibited. The Honourable Consortium of Bounty Hunter Guilds kindly reminds citizens that unlicenced bounty hunters are criminals, and subject to the harshest penalties by Guild Law.

The law is for sanctioned professionals. Taking the law into your own hands is against the law.

Warning to all Bounty Hunters: The Honourable Consortium has categorically refused to accept the bulk order of bounties transmitted by former Inquisitor-Militant Voss against the Inquisitorial Conclave and a motley assortment of individuals, assumed to be a mixture of Conclave agents, enemies of the traitor Voss, and names added at random to confuse the situation. The Consortium deplores the decision of certain ill-regulated local Guilds to accept these bounties; their accreditation has been revoked with immediate effect. Needless to say, generous bounties will be paid for the delivery of board members of outlawed Guilds to any accredited Guildhouse, dead or alive…

There are no new bounties this cycle.