Sector Report V

+From the Ministerius Indicium of the Adeptus Administratum+

+ Thought for the Day +

«An empty mind is preferable to an idle one; work hard for the Emperor’s industry.»

++ Begin Data Inload

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++The current date is 4-399-593.M41++

++ Report Begins ++

++ Major Events ++


4-091-593.M41 – Fleet Arm Geryon near-annihilated during a Counter Attack on Polarnus Station [New Data not included in prior reports]

Declassified reports show that High Command committed Fleet Army Geryon to an ill-planned counter assault on the Polarnus Nebula, against the advice of its commanding officers. Not only had the Archenemy anticipated the attack, but it had successfully redeployed and reactivated the minefields disabled during its initial assault on the inbound jump point. The result was a total slaughter; well over thirty vessels were lost in the initial translation from the Warp, and Group-Captain Beaumont’s Flagship was nearly crippled by enemy fire. The remains of the fleet that survived will not be combat capable for at least twelve months – perhaps more. Rebuilding said forces will take years, not to mention that the number of venerated vessels lost is a major blow to Battlefleet Prosperitas.

In the aftermath, Warmaster Durovera II personally dressed down the elements of Crusade High Command who pushed for the assault; with a number of them reported to the Commissariat for Judgement. The Warmaster has officially tasked Admiral Sarina Khan with retaking the Nebula from the Archenemy.


4-229-593.M41 – House Vilas-Lobo allies with the Cult of Naximus Prime

After long months of negotiation on Korimesta, the Magi of Naximus Prime agree on an alliance with the Nobles of House Vilas-Lobo. The exact terms of the deal are unclear, but it appears that the notoriously reclusive forge is seeking to expand its influence, and begin trading with the outside Imperium on a wider basis, thus, it has contracted House Vilas-Lobo as its official intermediaries to the Imperium. Many speculate that this points to some kind of internal crisis within the Forge and its satellite territories – but this remains unconfirmed at the time of writing.

Although not known for their shipping prowess, House Vilas-Lobo reveals a considerable number of hitherto unseen craft to be used in this shipping operation. It is believed that several of these ships have been purchased from out-sector sources, but a number of them bear the makers marks of Naximus Prime. The other Forges of the Prosperitas Sector warily eye this new development.


4-264-593.M41 – Survivors of the Explorator Fleets return from Finisterra

The remnants of the Explorator Fleets of Naximus Prime and Ferraeus limp into the Prosperitas Sector, having sustained immense casualties in an attempt to claim the planet of Finisterra, where the Imperial Expeditionary Force failed in 592.M41. It appears that a considerable amount of damage may have been caused by animosity between the two fleets – however, a considerable number of reports from the few non-automated survivors of the Fleets indicate that they exited the Warp into the middle of a well-established minefield – not previously reported by Imperial Forces withdrawing from the system. This happened right before ‘black vessels’ descended upon them, forcing them out of the system. Notable from the damage done to the vessels is the precision and care taken by attackers – damaging combat capability, rather than deliberately destroy ships.

By the agreement of the Explorators and the Officio Stellaris, Finisterra is designated Vetitum Plagiarius for the time being, and any attempts to approach the planet by Rogue Traders are officially forbidden by the Administratum. It is noted by several members of the Explorator crews, as well as Imperial Navy picket vessels, that a number of scout vessels from Castellum that had trailed the fleets of the larger forges return undamaged and unharmed, immediately entering Warp towards their Forge.


4-282-593.M41- The Order of His Sanguine Tears withdraws from Nivalis

After months of besiegement on Nivalis, the Archenemy mounts a major offensive against the Cathedral City on Nivalis. In this attack, the Great Cathedral of the God-Emperor is ruined. With the Fortress-Convent destroyed, and supplies running low, Canoness Dinah issues a general retreat to her Order: in the aftermath of their casualties taken in the defence of the Cathedral, the remaining Sorors lead a spearhead through the enemy lines and capture a landing field, from which they and the refugees under their protection are able to escape. Simultaneously, most Archenemy forces withdraw to their vessels in orbit, and retreat from the planet.

Anarchy erupts on the surface of Nivalis in the aftermath of the battle, as another crisis of order erupts. The Fidelis Militia forces on the surface resort to heavy-handed suppression tactics against the local population to quell rioting, and crush disorder on the planet. A single giant space hulk remains in orbit of the world, from which Archenemy raiders continue to strike at the surface.


4-286-593.M41 – Kirkcud III Pacification Complete?

Kirkcud III has seen an unprecedented settling of civil unrest, putting paid to rumours that the Imperial Governor, Aoife mac Sachairi, was losing her grip of the security situation on-world. Rising Flame operatives have been rounded up, and their monstrous operation to sell loyal citizens to pirates and xenos has been exposed, to general outcry. A Naval patrol present at the Kirkcud  IX resupply station has stepped in to ensure any further piratical activity is brought to a halt.

It is an open secret in Inquisition circles that this was a resoundingly successful Conclave operation – marred only by the escape of a handful of  Rising Flame collaborators. In the wake of the unexpected surge of patriotism, Kirkcud has volunteered to raise an additional regiment for the Imperial Guard over and above its obligation – and offered the former General of its PDF, Count Bhaltair Stirling, to lead them.


4-300-593.M41– Archconfessor Pietr Thrane Assassinated

During a service at the Cathedral of St. Malcador, attended by Warmaster Durovera II, a sniper attempted to take the life of the Archconfessor of Duroverum, Pietr Thrane. In the chaos that ensues, as the Warmaster’s bodyguards assume he is the actual target, and respond accordingly, a second Assassin gets close to the Archconfessor, and fatally wounds him. Reports also suggest that the Warmaster was the first to reach the Archconfessor, who dies in his arms. Neither assassin is apprehended, all signs point to the assassination being plotted by seditionist recidivist groups.

In the aftermath, the Adeptus Arbites begin mass arrests of known members of the Annwfyn and Ruwwad ethnic groups, in their efforts to find a culprit. An unknown number are killed or imprisoned in this Crime Blitz. In the aftermath of the assassination, it emerges that the Archconfessor may have been killed by extremist elements of separatist groups – as he was involved in secret and unsanctioned conciliation efforts with those same groups. By the time these emerge, the Warmaster quickly takes ownership of the crime of negotiation, and defends himself to the assembled nobles of the Prosperitas Assembly. After that, no further action is taken, but it seems to have eroded trust in his rule amongst the Nobility. However, amongst the general populace, especially the Annwfyn and Ruwwad, Thrane and Durovera II, he remains highly popular.


4-319-593.M41 to [Ongoing] – House Majid and House Di Firro enter Open Conflict

After years of seemingly good relations between the Rogue Trader Houses of Di Firro and Majid, the relations between the two groups rapidly escalate into open conflict – with several Di Firro trade routes attacked by vessels openly flying Majid Colours.

In retribution, Lady-Captain Di Firro leads the combined might of her fleet against House Majid’s orbital stations over Monacus, wrecking them, and having her vessels drag the hulks and surviving crews into a trajectory that leaves them hurtling into Monacus’ star. Without Imperial Navy assets available to restrain the two Rogue Trader houses, the fighting in the area lasts several weeks after the arrival of the Pride of the Crescent – an Odysseus-class Galleass of War and the Flagship of House Majid. Eventually, the Di Firro ships withdraw, but not without leaving a few scars on the flagship.

Warmaster Durovera II appeals to both houses to cease their conflict, but they show no signs of abating – something has sparked a vendetta of House Majid against House Di Firro, and it will not be satisfied until the blood of one of the families has been spilt rather than that of proxy mercenaries.


4-330-593.M41 – Naximus Walks

Increasing their engagement with affairs within the Prosperitas Sector, the Taghmata Omnissiah Naximus is deployed. Cohort Se-Panj-Noh comprised of Skitariius and the Knights of House Quereshi makes it way coreward towards Battlegroup Hesperidus, in an unexpected pincer strategy that grinds down the already retreating forces of the Creeping Death. Although  the arrival of the unexpected and culturally alien Naximans and Anaximans does cause a number of terse moments between Imperials and their Mechanicus allies, the Cohort is recognised as an important element in ensuring the success of the Imperium in that region.

Separately, the Demi-Legio Custodi Incudem of the Collegia Titanica mounts a massive rimward offensive towards the Titan graveyard of Henlock, as the Battlegroup Diomedes advance continues to stall. Previously held down by Archenemy Superheavy forces, this advance suddenly relieves pressure from Lord-General Militant Janus, as the Archenemy begins a mass redeployment of its Superheavy and Titan-class vehicles to counter the sudden assault by the Naximan Demi-Legion.


4-363-593.M41 – Schisms Erupt in the Ecclesiarchy

With rumours swirling around the nature of the Pietr Thrane’s assassination, many the moderate members of the Priesthood openly accuse Cardinal-Emissarius Grulge of planning and enabling the Archconfessor’s murder. They point to assumed failings by Fidelis Militia forces to defend the Cathedral, as well as their failure to capture any tangible culprits, as confirmation for such belief. The response from the Cardinal is ruthless, with hundreds of Priests accused of heresy, sedition or whatever appropriate crimes he can successfully accuse them of. Witch Hunters and Fidelis Militia forces,  having been ostensibly deployed to protect the sacred places of the Prosperitas Sector, are suddenly transformed into enforcers of the Cardinal’s will.

The ruthlessness of the Cardinal’s response alienates him from several allies, including the newly-returned Canoness Asenath Dinah of the Order of His Sanguine Tears. Applying the protocols established by Sebastian Thor, the Canoness interposes her Sorors between the Cardinal’s opponents and the Fidelis Militia. There are rumours, in some cases, that this ends with violent confrontation between Sorors and the Faith Militant. Having lost one of his most powerful allies, the Cardinal retreats towards Nivalis, and is rumoured to have taken the bulk of the Fidelis Militia there to purge the planet and re-secure his place of power against the looming threat of the Space Hulk still in orbit.

Simultaneously, on St. Sebastian’s Redoubt, Archdeacon Esme Rauchstadt leads something of a cultural revolution amongst the students and faculty of the Ecclesiarchy’s place of learning. The current Abbot is displaced, and the Archdeacon, considered by many a close ally of the Cardinal, is installed as the ‘acting’ head of the faculty there. The garrisoning of several elements of the Fidelis Militia on the facility seems to confirm that the Cardinal has, indeed, seized control of it from his enemies.


4-377-593.M41 – Butonia’s New Leader

After years of civil strife, the conflict on Butonia appears to finally be dying down. The Lord-Militant, Zacharias All-Souls-Cry-Out-For-Salvation Cadence, as head of the Popular People’s Militia of Butonia, lead a world initially condemned as lost to anarchy to peace and stability. Since then, he has been chosen as a popular leader, but without Imperial assent. The Warmaster has not invoked any particular rights to condemn this wanton act of dangerous democracy. However, the Imperial authorities bristle at the actions of the Lord-Militant, and a reckoning is in the wind for Butonia.

The Lord-Militant has done his best to assure other parties that he has no intention to seek the title of Planetary Governor, nor is he in any place to do so, in contradiction of the wishes of the militia and the current ad-hoc Planetary Government. This has confused the situation, to say the least, and the majority of Imperial Officials are weighing their options, despite the anger of the local and zealous Arbites.


4-379-593.M41 – Orks Begin Major Offensive on Persephon IV

Demoralised, undersupplied and weakened, the Imperial battlefront in the trenches of Persephon IV comes under heavy assault, as the western mountain ranges of Persephon IV explode outwards, unleashing a gigantic tracked drilling machine. In its wake, several ‘Gargant’ Titan-scale War Machines emerge from the hole carved in the mountainside. Unprepared and lacking in Superheavy armoured units capable of countering the advance of these monsters, the Persephonian lines collapse into full retreat towards the planet’s surviving Hive.

The Ork advance is blunted by the sudden arrival of the surviving four Persephonian Regiments of the Imperial Guard, rerouted by allies of Major Giancarlo Firenze of the Imperial Guard, who had continued to fight the cause of the beleaguered Persphonians. The 23rd Persephonian Light, 41st Persephonian Armoured, 2nd Persephonian Mechanised and the Major’s former regiment, the 13th Persephonian Training Regiment, deploy from armoured troop landers against the Greenskin tide, breaking the seemingly unstoppable advance. The Major himself is reportedly not on the battlefront, believed to be amongst the personnel MIA or KIA on Polarnus Station.

The Persephonians hold the line, menaced by the threat of the Gargants, which continue to be a major threat to the stability of the battlefront, but, simultaneous to the arrival of Imperial troop carriers and landing craft, powerful atomic engines ignite in the Ork-held Persephonian Badlands, propelling a myriad fleet of Ork voidcraft into the orbit of the planet. Many of these move to engage the Imperial forces in orbit, but several accelerate out of the gravity well of the planet, before jumping to Warp.


4-399-593.M41 Admiral Sarina Khan promoted to  Grand Admiral by the Warmaster and invokes the Ordinatus Revocamen Classis.

A military triumph is enacted on Duroverum, honouring the deceased Pietr Thrane, but is also seen as stirring up moral for a major military offensive against the Polarnus Nebula. Invoking his right as Warmaster, Armelius Durovera conveys upon Admiral Sarina Khan the ancient Order of the Solar Aquila, and the position of Grand Admiral. In a swift move, he has appointed one of his greatest critics within Crusade High Command above her peers to make her the de-facto Commander in Chief of Battlefleet Prosperitas. This has immediate shockwaves, as Khan is considered to be a maverick and of the ‘new school’ of thought within the Imperial Navy. Not one to allow a surprise to catch her off guard (and perhaps informed beforehand), the newly appointed Grand Admiral uses her new rank to issue the Ordinatus Revocamen Classis.

This ancient general order of the Crusade is a leftover of the days of Warmaster Durovera I, and enables Battlefleet Prosperitas with the legal right to conscript all independent Captains with vessels of a certain volume – unless they can provide sufficient evidence of their value to the Imperium being so high that they cannot be redeployed. Astropathic choirs work around the clock to send out summons to scattered vessels demanding they attend a grand muster at Valum. The ongoing conflict between Di Firro and Majid prevents the two most powerful rogue traders from sending but a handful of ships, and the Grand Admiral is hard pressed to prevent their animosity from boiling over. Still, the number of vessels grows in anticipation of a major push towards Polarnus.

++ Current Affairs ++

++ Be aware that this information is provided only to your clearance level, and should not be discussed with Citizens. The penalty for perversion of ignorance is one hundred lashes at a public corporal square. Repeat infractions will result in execution ++


  • House Majid has seen a number of major trade deals with trading consortia in the Tertius and Secundus Subsectors unexpectedly fall through, with business snapped up by a newly emboldened House Vilas-Lobo. Conventional wisdom is that Vilas-Lobo has been tapping long-established financial contingency plans in response to political-economic upheaval in the Sector, but analysts note that many of the cancelled deals were with particularly pious businesses – it would appear that House Majid has, in some way, angered the Ecclesiarchy.
  • The star of Saint Nongentae is in the ascendant, as the Cults of Mars and Terra vie for the hearts and souls of the people of the Prosperitas sector. One problem – Nongentae’s remains are on Nivalis. Vast numbers of pilgrims have been piling up at staging posts on the warp routes leading up to the Shrine World, and it’s only a matter of time before violence starts breaking out over the correct interpretation of the controversial saint.
  • Arbites have reported the formation of multiple schismatic cults in the wake of the breakdown of Ecclesiarchy Authority. The Ordo Hereticus is deploying as best it can, to counter the potential of heresy. However, given a large number of its assets are tied with the Ecclesiarchy within the Prosperitas Sector, it is subject to the same fragmentation. The majority of these cults appear to be nihilistic ‘apocalypse’ cults, praying to the God-Emperor for salvation from an ‘end of days’. Common reports are of black/grey facepainting, and dark ragged garb wearing worshippers, often clashing with other schismatics, such as Redemptionists.
  • On a number of occasions, Rising Flame forces have actively been seen to aid Imperial Forces in areas where the Archenemy has advanced. While not coordinating with Imperial forces, they are still opening up paths that give clear tactical advantages to Crusade troops, in order to undermine Archenemy advances.
  • The Fabricator General of Ferraeus has not been seen in public for several months, sparking speculation that they may be finally at the end of their operating life. However, no obvious successor to the post is apparent, and the Fabricator General’s staff assure worshippers that they are simply busy with a major project of great importance to the Cult.


++ Be aware that the veracity of this information has not be ascertained ++


  • The Sign of the Serpent, a common piece of graffiti found during the early years of the Prosperitas Crusade, has become more prevalent again, causing increased speculation as to its meaning.
  • Daieni Morelli, Dean of the Humanities Faculty of the Monacus Institute for Advanced Studies, has been making a fuss after his annual keynote speech – ‘Horned Hunters and Dark Forests: Common Elements in Pre-Compliance Prosperitas Mythology and Early Solar Folklore’ – was interrupted by an Inquisitorial strike team. Morelli is sufficiently well-known that he can’t be easily disappeared, and no-one is quite sure why his talk was interrupted
  • Captain Ieryn Haicara – the head of a radical Thorian sectarian ring, and Chartist Captain – has been found guilty of heresy and sedition, after a long and drawn out trial, that dragged on because of Haicara’s ability to seemingly hire every lawyer and pardoner in Prosperitas. Her punishment is death, though – to great wails of despair throughout the sector Arbites. She has launched an appeal.


  • Rising Flame use of Shavastii has become even more common lately, with the latest report of their use being reported against the Astropathic choir on Kirkcud, in advance of a large-scale attack. Crusade officials remind Imperial servants that relying on the ‘wisdom’ of the psyker will only blind you to the truth of this galaxy.
  • Kalaus Henderikson, a notable Lieutenant of the Iron Gauntlet has reportedly offered two thousand credits to the person able to bring him the head of the individual who has been spreading a misspelling of his name around the sector, causing multiple criminals and other non-state actors to use it as a cognomen.
  • The psyker tithe of Prosperitas has fallen by 2.3% – not a lot, but still a statistically significant number across the sector. The Astra Telepathica is currently hunting for a group of suspected Chaos slavers, who are possibly kidnapping newly-emerged psykers, and smuggling them to the Eye.

++List of Wanted Individuals ++

Be Aware: Unlicensed pursuit of any of these individuals by someone not an Arbiter of the Lex Imperialis, or a deputised and sanctioned representative [Cit.Ref Enforcer or Bounty Hunter] is strictly prohibited. The Honourable Consortium of Bounty Hunter Guilds kindly reminds citizens that unlicenced bounty hunters are criminals, and subject to the harshest penalties by Guild Law.

The law is for sanctioned professionals. Taking the law into your own hands is against the law.


Charon Constantius Jensch  [Bounty facilitated the Honourable Consortium of Bounty Hunter Guilds]

An anonymous client has requested that Charon Constantius Jensch, believed executed by the Officio Praefectus at Caudica Secundus, be located by Hunters of notable talent and rendered to the Guild alive and in as immaculate as condition as possible. Charon Jensch is guilty of the crime of evading death at the hands of the Lawful Arbiters of Military Justice, along with the crimes that caused him to be sentenced. A former Captain of the Imperial Navy, Jensch is believed to be of a venerable age, and, therefore, unlikely to pose much of a  physical threat.


Cadmium Redd [Remains at Large]

For the crimes of unlawful assembly, the playing of seditionist ‘flip’ music and complicity of assault on Enforcer Officers, religious offence to the Cult Mechanicus, theft of Guild property and suspected collaboration with seditionist forces, the singer Cadmium Redd, of the ‘Redd Planet’ Flip Band, has been sentenced to be executed by sonic weaponry in absentia. In addition, the illegal release distribution of their new album ‘Personal Effects’ , has resulted in the creation of criminal ordinance banning its playing, and making it a criminal offence to listen to any of its tracks.


Yrtalien Princeps [Remains at Large]

For the crimes of bribery, criminal dissension, corrupting the government, corruption of  Ecclesiarchy agents, corruption of Inquisitorial agents, corruption of Arbites, corruption a member of the Militarum Tempestus, corruption of a member of the Officio Praefectus, corruption of a member of the Imperial Navy and general and withspread seduction of loyal citizens, this individual is wanted alive, for immediate and thorough interrogation by the Holy Ordos.


Administrator Second Class Jareth Quill & Adept Aemme Weaver [Remain at Large]

For the crimes of eloping with governmental property [cit.ref. Jareth Quill], compromising the genetic integrity of humanity, unlicensed partnering with a non-compatible partner [cit.ref Aemme Weaver] and collaboration to distribute illegally published seditions romance novels on administratum paper stock. This pair remain at large and have added to their rap sheet numerous minor infractions, as well as conspiracy to corrupt a Hive Governor, theft of a Voidcraft, and defrauding the Trade Consortium of Monacus. Therefore,their bounty has doubled for the pair alive to be handed in to the Astra Telepathica, as to be made examples of to citizens.


Sister Angelique, Formerly of the Order of the Holy Seal [Remains at Large]

For the crime of heresy, Sister Angelique is declared to be a Excommunicate Traitoris – to be executed on sight and for her body to be brought to the Holy Ordos for destruction. For the crimes of conspiracy and murder of Lucius Di Firro, Scion of House Di Firro and a noble of the Imperium, she is to be executed on sight and her body brought to the Holy Ordos for destruction.

++List of Public Executions and Arrests [Recordings Available for Moral Purposes]++

Dura Praxis – [Crimes: Premeditated criminal interference with sanctioned religious worship and criminal mischief during the Festival of Saint Khan-hattlik]

Killed by a shot to the head while resisting arrest by local Enforcers on Korimesta. Chase-cam footage from Enforcer servo-rig purchased by House Vilas-Lobo for vid-network replay.


Anthy Tidus, Alerund Stoneclaw & Patin Scavius [Crimes: Collaboration with Rising Flame, Distribution of Seditious Material, Murder of a Arbiter of the Imperial Law, Sheltering Recidivists, Failing to Report Criminal Communications]

The Kelper Three were apprehended by highly ranked bounty hunter, Shae Sebold, of the Guild of the Flensing Knives, and rendered alive to Imperial Authorities. After intensive interrogation, all three were sentenced to summary martial execution, and hung until dead before the Precinct-Fortress of Kelper Prime.


Caelemion Medecles [Crime: Criminal Anarchy, Endangering the Profits of the Water Guild of Amenophis IV]

Captured by Bounty Hunters, and presented to the Guild, Caelemion was publicly executed, by being drained of his bodily fluids, which were, then, processed and drunk by members of the Guild at a private celebration of the execution.