Sector Report IV

+From the Ministerius Indicium of the Adeptus Administratum+

+ Thought for the Day +

«The suspicious mind is greatest when it is without doubt.»


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++The current date is 4-183.593.M41 ++

++ Report Begins ++


++ Major Events ++


4-183.593.M41 – The Rising Flame destroy the Tower of the Orphans’ Wail

A cell of the Rising Flame successfully smuggled a unsanctioned psyker onto Gaudium though unknown means [cit.ref Ordo Xenos Suspicion: Shavasti]. It appears the psyker was in some way modified to act as a psychic ‘bomb’. The subsequent Warp event resulted in the total destruction of the Tower of the Orphans’ Wail (the main Adeptus Astra Telepathic holding facility in the Prosperitas Sector) and the death of over three hundred million citizens in the immediate blast radius of the isolated island.

The Ordo Malleus assumed executive control of planetary defences, and imposed martial law on the populace, quarantining the immediately affected area, and beginning heavy cross-examination of the failings in planetary and Adeptus Astra Telepathica security.


4-144.593.M41 – Master Octavius removed from control of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica enclave of the Prosperitas Sector

Jarric Octavius served as the administrative leadership of the Sectors Enclave of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica for over fifty years. In his time, the disaster of Carthusia happened and moderate thinking won out within the Adeptus – leading to the appointment of a psyker to liaise with the Crusade and govern the primary safe haven of Psykers within the Sector. Although quite moderate in his attitudes, some opponents had seen the idea of the lack of immediate oversight of his position by a non-Psyker as a dangerous risk.

The destruction of the Tower of the Orphans’ Wail is placed primarily upon his failures as Master of the Enclave to be more hardline upon his own people. With accusations flying, Octavius is caught off guard by the arrival of High Warden Jacinta Kreel of the Black Fleet of Prosperitas (the arm of the League of Black Ships that operates within the Prosperitas Sector).

The result is predictable, rank aids the psyker none, and Kreel as a High Warden possesses nominal power to depose him without question if they believe him to be compromise – without trial, Kreel subjects the Master Psyker to summary judgement and executes him from a distance before he is even aware of the threat. Backed by the minimal shreds of evidence required and the haziest links between the bombing of the Orphan’s Wail and the Master’s action. The Wardens of the Black Ships immediately seize control of the Prosperitas Enclave on Duroverum initiating a swift purge of ranking psykers deemed insufficient in their loyalties, and the High Warden assumes command of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica in the Prosperitas Sector, unchallenged.

There is no suggestion that Kreels actions are anything less that a political power grab – but there is little Imperial law to prevent the move, and both the Arbites, and Sector Government, refuse to interfere. To make matters more formal, it is Cardinal Grulge who acts first, blessing the High Wardens appointment and placing the weight of the Sector Ecclesiarchy behind the coup.

Jacinta Kreel is far removed from the tolerant moderate attitudes of Master Octavius, a hardliner and a veteran of Black Ship service, they have strong opinions on the proper strict (not cruel) treatment of Psykers and in seeking to establish their new Hardline stance in their position of command of the Enclave, order a sector-wide Audit.


4-152.593.M41 – The Adeptus Astra Telepathica Audit of the Prosperitas Sector begins

Few Psykers in the Prosperitas Sector are old enough to remember the last time the Prosperitas Sector was Audited by the Black Fleet – under their requirements as the enforcers of Imperial law, Arbites are increasing counter-psi sweeps of populated planets; checkpoints are established on numerous worlds with full psi-testing facilities provided by the Black Fleet.

Supporting the High Warden’s efforts, Cardinal Grulge has supplied several cadres of Ecclesiarchy Exorcists and Witch Finders to support the Audit, as it would be expected of the Ecclesiarchy at such a time. Specially modified Psykers, known as Psi-Hounds, are released from their cells by the Adeptus Astra Telepathica to act as hunting dogs for the Witchfinders and Arbites scouring the sector.

No definite date has been given for the end of the Audit. The High Warden declared that they will determine it done when it is done. The Warmaster remains silent on the matter, but is spoken to support any actions to ensure the safety the Sector, while he is focused on resolving the Archenemy attacks at Nivalis and Polarnus Station.


4-168.593.M41 – Cardinal Grulge makes an address calling upon Citizens to don the Armour of Contempt

In a speech laced with thinly veiled attacks upon the Warmaster’s leadership, the former High Warden, and the Inquisition, Cardinal Grulge declared that the citizens of the Prosperitas Sector have become too complacent, and that tragedies like the ongoing Rising Flame terrorist campaign, as well as the attack on Gaudium, are symbols of a failure of vigilance on the part of citizens and the divisions of the Imperium supposed to keep their eyes upon them.

He encourages citizens to take the initiative to defend their souls and those of their loved ones by reporting any potential or suspected acts of sedition, terrorism as well as denouncing unsanctioned psykers or any threats to the genetic integrity of the Imperium. After his speech, Arbites and Enforcer reporting stations were flooded with accusations.

A long-time hardliner in his attitudes, the Cardinals support of the High Warden along for calls for less tolerance to be displayed are seen by many radical elements of the church as a rallying cry, and simultaneous to the rise in concerned citizens, a number of fanatical fringe elements of the faith unofficially join the ‘war’ against seditionists, rebels and hidden psykers.


4-182.593.M41 – The Adeptus Arbites launch offensives against the Rising Flame

Arbites forces raid an asteroid facility believed to the source of the Rogue Psyker Bomb used on Gaudium, Arbites forces on the facility report zero contacts upon arrival, there is an sudden burst of comms activity one hour into the boarding. Immediately afterwards a second Psyker ‘bomb’ detonates aboard the station, killing all Arbites raid teams and destroying a Judicial Light Cruiser in the process.

Rising Flame propaganda released immediately afterwards demands the release of Sharre Ajax’s body as well as several other demands commonly asked for in such announcements. In response the Arbites and elements of the Ordo Hereticus meet to plan a more formal response against the Rising Flame in light of new challenges.


++List of Wanted Individuals [Pictures Available on Request cit.ref Bounty Hunters Guild]++

Reminder, this list is for pursuit by legally Sanctioned Bounty Hunters only – citizen, do not attempt to pursue these individuals they are highly dangerous, and present an active threat to your moral security. Report potential sightings to your nearest Arbiter, Enforcer or sanctioned Bounty Hunter. The penalties for interfering in the pursuit of a criminal are high.

The law is for sanctioned professionals to enforce, taking the law into your own hands is against the law.


Alerund Stoneclaw

For the crime of interfering with the execution of suspected Rising Flame sympathizer Anthy Tidus on the date 4-182.593.M41 and murder in the first degree of Deputy Marshal Curast Chronos during aforementioned crime – requested alive by the Enforcer Cadre of Kelper Prime for interrogation over suspected accomplices.


Anthy Tidus

For the crime of suspected collaboration with the recidivist Sharre Ajax, and the distribution of seditionist propaganda [cit.ref. Pamphlet “Abhumans, Our Equals”] and evading death sentence by firing squad – Anthy Tidus is wanted dead or alive.


Dura Praxis

For the crime of premeditated criminal interference with sanctioned religious worship and criminal mischief during the Festival of Saint Khan-hattlik, Dura Praxis is to be captured and rendered unto Lubyanka for penal service.


Sister Angelique of the Order of the Holy Seal

For the crime of heresy, Sister Angelique is declared to be a Excommunicate Traitoris – to be executed on sight and for her body to be brought to the Holy Ordos for destruction.

For the crimes of conspiracy and murder of Lucius di Firro, Scion of House di Firro and a noble of the Imperium, she is to be executed on sight and her body brought to the Holy Ordos for destruction.


Patin Scavius

For the crime of providing housing to Anthy Tidus who rented his property for several months, and failing to report criminal communications – Patin Scavius is requested for interrogation by the Enforcer Cadre of Kelper Prime for interrogation over the movement of suspects.


Caelemion Medecles

For the crime of criminal anarchy and for endangering the profits of the Water Guild of Amenophis IV, Caelemion Medecles is to be transferred unto the Water Guild to be executed by his body-liquids being rendered down in payment for stolen water.


Cadmium Redd

For the crime of unlawful assembly, the playing of seditionist ‘flip’ music and complicity of assault on Enforcer Officers, and religious offence to the Cult Mechanicus, the singer Cadmium Redd of the ‘Redd Planet’ Flip Band is sentenced to summary servitorisation.


Yrtalien Princeps

For the crimes of bribery, criminal dissension, corrupting the government, corruption of  Ecclesiarchy agents, corruption of Inquisitorial agents, corruption of Arbites, and general and withspread seduction of loyal citizens, this individual is wanted alive, for immediate and thorough interrogation by the Holy Ordos.


Administrator Second Class Jareth Quill

For the crime of eloping with governamental property [cit.ref. Aemme Weaver], suspected unlawful association with Xenos, illegal publication of seditious romance novels, Administrator Quill is sentenced to termination, payment only on provision of head or significant genetic material, no disintegrations.


Adept Aemme Weaver
For the crime of desertion from the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, compromising the genetic integrity of humanity and unlicenced partnering with a non-compatible partner, Adept Aemme Weaver is requested to be rendered alive to the League of Black Ships.