Sector Report III

+From the Ministerius Indicium of the Adeptus Administratum+

+ Thought for the Day +

«I am the warden of knowledge,  and that allows me to know what is forbidden and what is not.»


++ Begin Data Inload

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++The current date is 4-113.593.M41 ++

++ Report Begins ++


++ Major Events ++

4-007.592.M41 – Archenemy Forces Assault Polarnus Station

Catching the Imperium completely off guard, forces of the Weeping Eye emerged from the borders of the Eye of Terror near the Polarnus Nebula. Although initially safe behind their defences,  the Imperial battleline is devastated when the outer defences failed to function, and the automated weapons systems on the station open fired on loyal vessels. The total number of casualties are currently unknown, but are believed to number in the high millions, causing a serious blow to the morale of the Navy and the Sector population. Many Imperial forces survive still, but remained trapped and besieged in the station itself, as the surviving Naval vessels – including the Iron Lady – immediately retreat from the Polarnus Nebula to fallback points.

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4-007.592.M41 – Archenemy Forces Besiege Nivalis

Creeping Death forces assault the Imperial cordon in the Strayvian Gateway. Although their attack is initially sustained, the arrival of unknown black-hulled vessels in support of the Archenemy forces, allowed for a number of ships to break out of the Gateway and enter Warp. These ships later appeared over Nivalis, and deployed landing forces – the Nivalis Astropathic Choir is silenced, and reports from the planet are spotty accounts describing hordes of archenemy troops, supported by heavily armoured warriors.

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4-009.592.M41 – Strife on Korimesta

Having only recently begun to settle down after the loss of Hive Secundus, the Korimestan economy goes into freefall, following the eruption of riots in the Oldspire region of Hive Primus. The Rising Flame claim public responsibility for a series of acts that resulted in the destruction of three noble houses in the sector. As fortune has it, unknown agents of the Faith rally the loyal forces of the sector, including Redemptionist elements, preventing further damage to the sector. House Vilas-Lobo, having recently taken rulership of the Planet, publicly declare that the economy will be secured by their personal wealth, and that a programme of relocating refugees to ‘new places of employment’ will ensure nobody suffers from the recent rioting.

Newly-appointed Marshal Jupiter Dolman of the Adeptus Arbites is given specific responsibilities to ensure the pacification of the Spire – they are aided by the unexpected arrival of Skitarii and Tech Priests from Forge Naximus Prime, who, though subsequent agreement with House Vilas-Lobo, occupy and begin to transform the upper reaches of Oldspire into a Martian embassy.


4-015.592.M41 – The Warmaster Addresses the Sector

From the bridge of the Grand Cruiser Word of Despite, Warmaster Durovera II addresses the collected survivors of High Command who have retreated from Polarnus Station, as well as the entire sector.

Announcing significant rearrangement of forces currently presented to the Imperium, he lays down orders to Admiral Sarina Khan’s forces in the Nemean Gulf to abandon that salient of the Crusade and its exploratory mission into the Rimward Marches, and reorientate towards opening a new offensive against the forces of the Weeping Eye streaming through the Polarnus Nebula. Khan is tasked with the not inconsiderable operation of recovering control of Polarnus Station and the surrounding nebula, and beating back the Weeping Eye forces that have already broken though.

There is speculation that this dramatic order was issued because High Command have already tried – and failed – to launch a counter-attack into the Nebula.


4-034.592.M41 – Servilia Di Fierro is Declared Missing

House Di Fierro confirms that the Heir to the House, Servilia, is missing, believed to be trapped within the ongoing siege on Polarnus Station. Rumours abound that the House is cursed, having lost so many heirs in recent memory. Quite unexpectedly, it is House Majid that rallies to support its erstwhile rival House, with its own Lady-Captain promising Lady-Captain Di Fierro her full support in retrieving Servilia. Such a powerful alliance prompts considerable debate amongst the nobility. While there is no hard evidence that the Scion-Heir is still alive, she is not listed among the known casualties.

When asked about their position, House Durovera retainers defer to Warmaster Durovera II, who, unexpectedly, remains publically silent about this surprising show of alliance between his House’s primary rivals. This brought a surprising surge on his popularity – especially among the middle classes, appreciative of this historical refusal to embroil himself in Noble affairs as Warmaster, and especially when other greater issues have arisen.


4-048.592.M41 – Death of a Hero of the Inquisition and the appointment of a new Inquisitor Militant

With the information from Polarnus and Nivalis being slowly collated, the Inquisitorial Conclave makes a public announcement about the death of Inquisitor-Militant Janus – Janus is believed to have been killed along with his immediate staff, in an attempt to protect holy relics on Nivalis. The Inquisitor-Militant, who was previously celebrated for his successes against the Rising Flame, was mourned publicly, with black banners displayed outside the newly reopened Inquisitorial Fortress on Duroverum.

To take the place of Janus, the Conclave announced the newly annointed Inquisitor-Militant Voss to take his place as the liaison between the Conclave and Crusade High-Command. The Warmaster personally welcomes Voss in what is seen as an attempt by him to thaw relations with the Inquisition.


4-084.592.M41 – Cardinal Grulge makes his annual Candlemas Speech

With the arrival of the end of the Sol Calendar marking the beginning of a new year (date relative) the planets of the Prosperitas Sector celebrate the annual festival of Candlemas with the giving of presents and the awarding of benevolences to children who have been vigilant in reporting sedition and heresy, in the annual gifting of St Malcador.

As is tradition, the Cardinal-Emissarius made his Candlemas Speech – although this time from the bridge of the Ecclesiarchy Vessel Sacrifice of Angels, rather than the traditional podium in the Grand Temple of the Emperor on Nivalis. The Cardinal takes a stronger Militant tone in this speech, declaring the retaking of Nivalis to be a Holy Endeavour, calling for the faithful to rally to the banner of the Ecclesiarchy, and join him in mounting a counterattack against the foul forces assaulting the Shrine World.

Although Admiral Khan is tasked with reconquest as part of her new duties, the Warmaster took a conciliatory tone with his rival, granting leadership of the operation to the Cardinal, and the support of a portion of Imperial Forces to the now-titled ‘Nivalis Crusade’ to retake the system from the Archenemy.


4-043.593.M41 – Inquisition Executes Traitors

Continuing their investigations into the betrayal at Polarnus Station, the Inquisition declares to have captured three traitors, considerable responsible for the loss of Polarnus Station – but issues the warning that it believes there are many more identified traitors lurking in the midst of the Imperium also responsible for this heinous act. Their identities remain unknown as they went hooded and declared anonymous to their executions. Their hooded bodies are now being displayed outside the Inquisitorial Fortress on Duroverum as a warning to other traitors.


4-111.593.M41 – Riots on Olethros Secunda

Responding to claims of a holy healer appearing on Olethros Secunda, many faithful of the Ecclesiarchy rose up against the Mechanicus overseers of the Imperial colony. The resulting riots and strikes spreaded quickly; the Mechanicus took quick action to halt the riots through various displays of martial power and technological superiority, but it caused the conflict to escalate, spreading it into a planetary-wide crisis.

The Colonial Government lost control, and Naximus Prime moved to assert its power over the colony. The Imperial reaction was immediate and indignant, with the standoff over the control of planet resulting in a significant political crisis between Forge Naximus Prime and the Subsector Administratum – with Cardinal Grulge and the Missionarius Galactica rushing in to publicly and openly defend the faithful colonists on the planet.


++ Current Affairs ++

++Be aware this information is provided only to your clearance level and should not be discussed with Citizens++

++Rumours from the Senatorum Imperialis on Terra suggest that whatever Lady-Captain Durovera sought there, she did not receive the full support of the High Lords, as the House Durovera fleet departed Terra for destinations unknown, accompanied by a single warship in the liveries of the Imperial Fists++

++There are rumours that the healer that appeared upon Letifer Secundus was a manifestation of the Emperor, a recognized Saint. The Ecclesiarchy has cautioned about spreading these rumours, as there has been no conclave called to confirm the nature of such ‘miracles’ yet++

++There are rumours that the renegade Inquisitor Mordecai Nalen, who is believed to be dead and was posthumously declared Excommunicate Traitoris is alive and operating within the Prosperitas Sector. Agents of the Holy Ordos and [REDACTED ABOVE CLEARANCE] have been deployed to eliminate the renegade++

++Cardinal Grulge finds himself in a difficult position, as much of his temporal military power is trapped on Nivalis. The Warmaster’s gifting of several Crusade units to the Nivalis Crusade compounds the Cardinal’s problems, as he is unable to refuse the forces, but it means he is now in debt to an individual he has often criticised.++

++There are reports of pale-armoured warriors arriving unexpected to battlezones in the Prosperitas Sector, striking out of nowhere and leaving before Imperial forces can make more than distant visual confirmation of their presence. Popular rumour is that they are Angels of the God-Emperor sent to bring judgement to the Archenemy.++

++There are rumours that an unknown figure has been using the identity of the deceased Inquisitor Janus to impersonate the former Inquisitor-Militant. Orders have been issued to hunt down this individual.++

++Naximus Prime has deployed several forces to retake the surface of Strayvia, in the Strayvian Gateway. The forbidding toxic world no issue for its enhanced skitarii units to overcome. With the standoff ongoing over Olethros Secunda, some Imperial commanders are worried that this will lead to Naximus Prime claiming colonial rights over the former Imperial system.++