Sector Report II

+From the Ministerius Indicium of the Adeptus Administratum+

+ Thought for the Day +
It is a curse, to see and know all, for you are blind to no sin.
+ Thought for the Day +

++ Begin Data Inload
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++The current date is 2-748-592.M41 ++
++ Report Begins ++


++ Major Events ++

542-592.M41 – Archenemy Forces begin major offensive on Kelper Prime

Despite initial Crusade reports downplaying it merely a raid, Crusade High Command openly admits that forces from the Weeping Eye warband have landed more troops and assets than previously believed. The Warband’s Elite have used considerable numbers of mutants and Imperial prisoners for minefield clearance around their landing sites and have begun to move previously unseen heretek-pattern armoured assets in to support their assaults.

The Archenemy successfully takes the settlement of Janus’ Fall and begins to consolidate it as a major base for their ground forces. Though the Archenemy is present in force a lack of any Aerial cover for their forces, and the dominance of the Aeronautica Imperialis based at Stanportley and on the orbital platforms, stems their ability to advance.

Battlefleet Prosperitas ships in orbit are dogged by raiding craft as they keep a constant vigilant eye for Archenemy fleet assets arriving to exploit the beachhead established.

616-592.M41 – Imperial Expeditionary Forces retreat from Finisterra

An Imperial Expeditionary force under the command of Lady-Captain Hermione Durovera retreats from a previously unknown world in the Rimward Marches called Finisterra. The events surrounding the retreat are immediately classified by the Crusade and all forces present are warned to avoid spreading malicious rumours.

Officially the retreat is blamed upon previously unforeseen navigational difficulties for Munitorum resupply ships to the Crusade forces deployed on world. Unofficially, there are rumours that the Crusade forces trespassed on a previously undiscovered Astartes recruitment world.

It is hailed as a victory by the Crusade which informs the Imperium that, despite the supply difficulties, they have dealt a death-blow to the Rebel Group known as the Rising Flame, beheading it with the capture of its most well-know figurehead, Sharre Ajax.

679-592.M41 – Lady Captain Hermione Durovera departs to Terra

One of the first elements of the Imperial expeditionary forces to return to Imperial Space, Lady-Captain Hermione Durovera, First of her Line, Head of House Durovera and bearer of the Warrant of Trade of that House – returns to the Properitas Sector for the first time in many many years. initially many Houses brace for a serious power-struggle at the heart of the Sector, but the Lady-Captain makes no attempt to contact her Brother.

Her fleet plunders several House Durovera holdings for supplies, crew and soldiers, and then immediately bypasses Duroverum and makes for the Terran passage, heading out-sector at full speed, and making its way towards Holy Terra itself.

Rumours swell as to why now she has chosen to make pilgrimage to Holy Terra, and everything from seeking the political support of the High Lords, to a religious revelation or holy artefact discovered in the Marches is rumoured to be her reasons. The Warmaster remains silent on this course of action and continues to rule as if the event never occurred.

707-592.M41 –  Rising Flame uprisings.

Sharre Ajax is publicly paraded by Crusade High Command on pict-cast across the Sector in a mass Triumph organised by the Officio Prefectus designed to parade the major successes made under the new Warmaster and put an end to worried rumblings about the potential of a major Archenemy offensive with a grandiose show of force.

Ajax is publically sentenced for heresy and condemned to face Arco-Flagellation a sentence confirmed in writing by Cardinal-Emissarius Grulge himself, and the Inquisitor taking responsibility for his capture, Inquisitor Janus. As the sentence is broadcast across numerous worlds, the Rising Flame hijack pict-casts to announce a mass uprising against Imperial forces – on multiple worlds dormant cells of Rising Flame carry out simultaneous acts of sabotage and terrorism against the Imperium and its appendages.

Though the damage is blunted by a series of raids on Rising Flame bases located through interrogation, it is enough to spark renewed conflict across many worlds where compliance remains a fragile thing.

The uprising takes devastating effect when the 89th Korimestan Light and the 10th Burisalis Armoured, both participating in the Triumph, reveal themselves as recidivist traitors and openly turn on the Imperium. Although they fail to rescue Ajax, and their treachery is edited out of the pict-casts, footage of their attempt is retrieved by the Rising Flame and distributed, sending ripples through the Sector. Several military units not based on Polarnus Station, and believed to have been compromised by the Rising Flame, go out of contact with Crusade Forces

Files of the Broadcast and a Captured Script are available below.

RF Script – Ajax Capture


726-592.M41 – Explorator Fleets arrive at the Nemean Gulf

Explorator Fleets from Naximus Prime and Ferraeus are sighted in in the Nemean Gulf it represents a considerable build-up of forces, reports from within the fleets suggest that there is some additional information supplied to the Forges regarding the abandoned Imperial offensive on Finisterra, though neither Force has made its departure towards the world yet. In reaction to this buildup, Castellum is rumoured to have sent several new-pattern scout vessels into the region in order to investigate.

742-592.M41 – Warmaster makes speech from bridge of the Word of Despite

Revealing his Flagship, the Exorcist-class Grand Cruiser Word of Despite , the Warmaster makes a public address. He uses the speech to address and calm down the Citizens of the Prosperitas Sector while condemning ‘armchair warriors’ in Crusade High Command who are pushing for more military offensives when there is conflict on already compliant worlds of the Sector.

This speech also includes the first public acknowledgement of Commodore-Governor Oceanus of the Kuatis System who has led the industrial fleet yard into a state of quasi-mutiny against his leadership of the Crusade and his support of ‘New Guard’ thinking in the Sector Battlefleet. His naked condemnation increases speculation that he may make a full offensive.

A recording of the speech is available below.

++ Current Affairs ++

++Be aware this information is provided only to your clearance level and should not be discussed with Citizens as it may present a moral threat to their innocence++

++Despite years of bickering and arguments, the sectors Inquisition have begun to organise, the formation of the Prosperitas Conclave has been kept largely within the circle of the Inquisition and its allies and its current headquarters is unknown, likely a security measure since the Massacre of Blackstation 13.

++ The rising star of the sector Inquisition seems to be the newly-arrived Inquisitor Janus, whose claim of capture for Sharre Ajax, subsequent interrogation and raids against Rising Flame bases in cooperation with Crusade Intelligence has significantly improved the Inquisitions damaged standing with those forces. The Inquisitor has positioned himself very firmly as the Inquisitor-militant of the Prosperitas Conclave, and forged strong ties with the Crusade.

++ The Warmaster’s legal position and standing in the Nobility has somewhat been weakened by rumours swirling around the return of his sister, and the reasons behind her transit to Terra. There are rumours that the older scion seeks to assert her claims as head of House Durovera and unseat him.

++ Despite this situation, the Warmaster’s political position has become stronger; he has successfully rallied the citizens of the Sector to his side, as well as finding popularity amongst younger and less hidebound members of the Crusade forces who do see the argument for consolidating control of the Sector over launching more offensives.

++The Xenos species known as the Kroot has been confirmed as encountered by Ordo Xenos – it is unknown what hase caused the species (normally encountered in Segmentum Ultima) to migrate so far from their normal hunting grounds.

++ Warp disturbances are becoming increasingly more common on the subsector borders with the Great Eye, the Ordo Malleus has issued a warning to all servants of the Emperor to be vigilant.

++ On worlds facing raids by the Archenemy, Rising Flame forces have made every effort to combat invading Archenemy rather than Crusade forces. This has disturbed the Commissariat who are increasingly concerned the positive perception of recidivist forces may lead to mutiny by war-weary Crusade Forces on those worlds.

++ Cardinal-Emissarius Grulge continues to court considerable controversy with the build-up of forces on Nivalis; the so-called Fidelis Militia that has been raised alongside the fighting forces of the Order of His Sanguine Tears encroaches upon strict restrictions on the possession of standing forces by a member of the EcclesiarchyThe Cardinal currently has the legal defence that, as the currently appointed Governor of Nivalis he has both the right to a household guard, and to organise planetary defence forces. That Fidelis Militia forces have been sighted of Nivalis is, in his own words ‘a demonstration of the faithful of Nivalis’ commitment to protect all His servants’. Currently there has been no attempt to arrest this development.

++ Many pilgrims of the sector are beginning to make passage to Korimesta to witness the famous Masked Festival of St Khan-hatlik, celebrations this year are likely to be intense in the newly erected Primary Spire of Hive Primus. Additional Arbites have been re-routed to the planet to ensure acts of recidivist terrorists and criminal elements are kept from interfering with the festival.

++ Inquisition escorts have been assigned to Lady Captain Durovera’s fleet in order to ensure her passage to Terra is kept well protected from any forces that might attempt to arrest her passage to the Holy World.

++ In the absence of the House Durovera fleet, the House Majid and House Di Firro fleets have made several plays for the House’s surviving trade routes within the sector. The Warmaster has issued a stern warning that, while he will not favour his own house in adjudicating any claims, both Rogue Trader Houses should be ‘very cautious’ about playing politics in a difficult time for the Sector. House Di Firro appears to be positioning itself for a potential claim for the Sector throne, though with uprisings and other threats, there are still a considerable number of houses that choose to align with House Durovera and the Warmaster.

++ Octavia Di Firro has apparently come out of mourning, and has been sighted in House colours for the first time in a considerable number of years. Several independent contractors with known connections to the House have been actively on the move. Servilia Di Fierro has reportedly been recalled to the House Flagship; questions are being raised about whether her courtship with the Lady-Captain of House Majid will be officialized by this change in her Mother’s mood.

++ House Villas-Lobo has bought extensive holdings in Hive Primus on Korimesta; with their sanctioned production of gene-engineered beasts, they have contributed a considerable number of impressive spectacles to the fighting pits on the planet.

++ Agents within the Imperial Embassy on Naximus Prime are suggesting that the long-standing conflict of interest between Knight-House Qureshi and their Masters on Naximus Prime may be heating up again with the Knight-House deliberately ignoring Mechanicus protocol by accepting a request to support Crusade forces on Kelper Prime without consulting Naximus.

++ The Forge Master of Ferraeus has paid several visits to the Warmaster on Duroverum in recent months, suggesting the long-loyal Forge is willingly placing its strength behind the Warmaster’s power.

++ The Adeptus Mechanicus are mobilising considerable extra forces with the threat of the Archenemy growing ever more intense, it is suspected that the Titans of the Legio Ferraeus and those of the Naximus Demi-Legio Custodi Incudem are being warmed up and preparing to Walk.

++ The Iron Lady has been pulled from salient duty and re-tasked to the defence of Polarnus Station along with a considerable fleet build-up, as Archenemy forces and fleets are increasingly encroaching on the Polarnus Nebula.