Sector Report I

+From the Ministerius Indicium of the Adeptus Administratum+

+ Thought for the Day +

An ever-watching eye is the greatest shield against the darkness.
+ Thought for the Day +

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++ Abridging reports for 586-591.M41 ++

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++The current date is 591.M41 ++
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++ Major Events ++

586.M41 – Uprising on Everholt – An attempt was made on the Sector Governor’s life, causing the planet of Everholt to rise against the Imperium. While the small backwater was subjected to Imperial Censure, Armelius Durovera came out of the experience a changed man. Throwing aside his previous image of noble incompetence, he claimed to consider his role a lot more seriously. In earnest, he entered the field of politics competently, slowly bringing the control of the Prosperitas Crusade back into the House Durovera.

587.M41 – Censure of the Inquisition – A cascade of events began with investigations by the Order of his Sanguine Tears. Among other issues, the Inquisition’s handling of events was shown to have agitated the situation, and it was particularly highlighted reports of the execution of loyal members of the Imperial Priesthood by Inquisitorial agents. This lead to a joint proclamation delivered by Canoness Dinah and Cardinal-Emissarius Gruldge condemning the actions of the Inquisition, a rare open sign of defiance between an Imperial institution and the considered all-powerful Inquisition. The reaction from the Inquisition was, predictably, silence, but there was no retribution against either of the two signatories.

588.M41 – The Waagh! Re-Awakens – After nearly thirty years of stalemate, a cunning Ork raid on Persephon caused the Imperial lines to collapse temporarily. Before the Imperial Guard and their allies could react, the Orks led a raid on an Adeptus Mechanicus refuelling station and captured a number of Tech-Adepts. The Mechanicus is outraged, and the Imperium is increasingly concerned by signs of construction occurring within Ork-held Factories deep behind Greenskin lines.

589.M41 – House Durovera Triumphant, a new Warmaster – After several years of political maneuvering, Sector Governor Armelius Durovera is granted, by both decree of the High Lords of Terra, and right of Blood, the title of Warmaster. There are many within the Prosperitas Crusade who are dissatisfied with this appointment, but enough Imperial Commanders backed him to ensure conflict goes no further than discontent grumblings. The new Warmaster announces his intent to survive the Crusade, and puts into motion plans to stabilize the borders of the Sector. As of the current year, the possibility of halting of the Crusade is still being reviewed by the High Lords, the Warmaster’s political opponents are lobbying to keep it going.

590.M41 – The coming of the Weeping Eye and the Creeping Death – Emerging as a new threat, the Weeping Eye, and the Creeping Death are largely formed of mortal fodder whipped up from the twisted worlds within the boundaries of Warp Storm Tenebris. Although poorly equipped, these forces are the product of survival within the warp storm, and are not to be underestimate for their raw physical strength and innate skill. Led by sibling warleaders Herforingi Greppur Tain and Herforingi Arnkatla Tain, these forces have counter-attackred the Imperium at the Strayvian Gateway and Polarnus Nebula salients.

++ Current Affairs ++

++ The Inquisition remains covert about it’s current affairs. However, Inquisition vessels have been observed visiting the Caudica Secondus quarantine zone. It is believed that the current rift between Inquisition and the Ecclesiarchy has aggravated previous tensions. This, in turn, has diminished the political power of several Inquisitors.

++ Mechanicus Explorator vessels mapping the rimward marches have met with trouble after their instruments have been disrupted by signal interference from unknown origins. The Machine Cult have objected to nearby Salient Commanders and Rogue Traders operating in the Marches, accusing them of signal interference, but have, as yet, not found a culprit.

++ Crusade Forces are concerned about the dormant threat presented by the Archenemy forces at Henlock after several Psykers report dreams of a great talon reaching out to clasp Duroverum. Patrols are doubled along the borders of Archenemy space in the region.

++ Lady-Captain Octavia Di Fierro has been seen in the company of Genitors of the Collegia Biologis, but remains in grieving for her youngest son. Source close to her believe this is a shield for further life-extending treatments, darker rumours suggest she has gone so far as to even consider cloning a new body for herself.

++ Cardinal-Emissarius Grulge continues to consolidate political power, and has positioned himself as an opponent to Warmaster Durovera’s plans to cease the Crusade. To this end, he has invoked the position of ‘Arch Confessor of the Prosperitas Navy’ (a title afforded to the senior ecclesiarch of Nilvalis), giving him further influence in the Crusade.

++ Servilia Di Fierro has been seen walking out with Lady-Captain Khadija Majid sparking curiosity that a union between their powerful dynasties is imminent. Understandable given the resurgence of House Durovera’s fortunes.

++ Several Inquisitors have confronted the Warmaster after being turned away by the Righteous Indignation in orbit of Everholt. Sources indicate an interest in Xenos ruins upon the world, however the Warmaster has refused access to the planet, citing right of censure.

++ Imperial Navy vessels in the Rimward Marches have reported encounters with a Xenos vessel of ‘immense size’ that flees before it can be engaged by their weaponry.

++ The Novator of House De Sousa has received emissaries from the Inquisition in recent months, it is believed that his House has struck a deal with at least one Inquisitor.

++ Conflicts between members of the Imperial Navy have increased as many traditionalist Captains see newly-arrived ships to the Crusade as spreading ‘new’ ideas contrary to accepted Naval doctrines.

++ Morghull has been subject to a series of raids by what are believed to be Xenos pirates. Investigations as to the reasons for these raids are still ongoing .

++ Imperial Guard deployments from Battlegroup Diomedes have reported engagements with unknown Xenos forces. Reports accuse these xenos as leaving few survivors and apparently being able to vanish into thin air, the Inquisition is investigating.

++ Newer, safer, drugs appear to be spreading throughout the sector, on many worlds this has led to increased gang warfare as criminals compete over shrinking markets and unknown competition.

++ House Rutyer have been accused of mismanagement of their contract for the removal of waste from Durovera after an unknown infection has spread amongst the planetary underhive in proximity to one of the Houses depots.

++ Canoness Dinah of the Order of His Sanguine Tears remains strongly allied to the Cardinal-Emissarius. Units of Battle Sisters and other supporting Sororitas have begun deploying from Nilvalis in support of the Crusade Forces, leaving behind one garrison to maintain discipline on Nilvalis.  

++ Rumours ++

++Warning data is supplied raw++

++Accuracy of information: Unverified++

“I’ve heard someone say that the Warmaster quarantined that backwater because it had precious resources, wanted to plunder them all for his House. Saying it’s been destroyed is just a convenience.” +Heard on Duroverum+

“They’re saying that Magda Voleris is one of the Eldar, there’s picts from five hundred years ago where she looks completely the same.” +Heard on Kydos+

“The Arbites investigated, executed a whole Clan of Hillfolk for that slaughter at that village – imagine a whole clan killing, butchering and eating those folks…” +Heard on the Rimward Frontier+

“I hear there’s a new fad amongst the spire kids, drug called Plan Nine, makes them pretty damned aggressive, good thing they take it out on the underhive.”  +Heard on Korimesta+

“I heard a Mechanicus vessel transporting some important piece of ordinance has gone missing in the void…strangest thing, not that the Red Robes are saying anything about it.” +Heard on Polarnus Station+

Meow.” +Heard shortly before the destruction of Monitor Drone 61332+

“They’re saying the Ork Raiders were destroyed by an unknown ship broadcasting some bloody weirdly worded propo-casts, all in slurred low gothic…strangest thing…” +Heard on Trade Post Jerris+

PDF scouts just reported in from the quarantine zone around the ruins of Hive Secondus, apparently they picked up some kind of transmission inside the zone…probably a sensor blip.” +Heard on Korimesta+

I keep hearing rumours that there’s some kind of hidden archive on Agrial III guarded by Black-armoured Warriors, trust those dusty old historians and the Sorors of the Eternal Gate to try and spice up their tepid little world.” +Heard on Nilvalis+

I hear that Line-Captain Balur has taken his ship and escorts and broken from the Crusade, says he’s loyal to the Imperium but won’t serve under the Warmaster.”  +Heard on Polarnus Station+