Planetary Directory

Planets of the Prosperitas Sector

World Subsector Classification
Agrial III Tertius Shrine
Amenophis IV  Tertius Hive
Anaximund Alpha Tenebris Knight / AdMech
Asteroid 24334-1 Primus Star Fortress
Bachian IV Tertius Mining
Burisalis Prime Tertius Imperial
Butonia Tertius Feudal
Caracas Secundus Primordial
Castellum Primus Forge
Caudica Secundus Secundus Dead
Duroverum Primus Hive
Everholt  Secundus  Agri
Ferraeus Primus Forge
Gaudium Primus Hive
Helaerus III Secundus Hive
Henlock Secundus War
Kelper Prime Tenebris Fortress
Kirkcud III Secundus Imperial
Korimesta Primus Hive
Kydos Primus Agri
Lerwick Secundus Imperial
Letifer Secundus Primus Hive
Lubyanka Tertius Penal
Macharion CDXI Secundus Frontier
Mawson’s Wake Secundus Frontier
Mazar-63 Primus Star Fortress
Merewald Primus Feudal
Monacus Primus Hive
Morghull Tertius Feral
Naximus Prime Tenebris Forge
Nivalis Primus Shrine
Olethros Secunda Secundus Imperial / PseudoAdMech
Persephon IV Primus War
Polarnus Station Tenebris Space Station
Shadowglow Secundus Death
Strayvia Primus War
St Sebastian’s Redoubt Primus Space Station
Vallum Tenebris Fortress