Naximus Prime

About Naximus Prime

Name:   Naximus Prime
Image:  Naximus Prime
Sub-Sector:   Tenebris
Type:   Forge World
Population:   9.3 Billion
Climate:   Polluted
Status:   Independent (Mechanicus)
Groups of Note: 

Originally a rather lush and green world, uninhabited when the Naximus system was first charted in M.23, Naximus Prime and its three moons were immediately claimed by the Adeptus Mechanicus. With a speed that could only be accomplished by the Machine Cult the entire planet was industrialised, and its moons turned into temples for the machine god. Mined hollow, and filled with ordnance, they stand as both a symbolic and functional warning to any who would approach the planet without permission of its owners. Resolutely independent from the Imperium forces in the sector Naximus Prime was occasionally approached by colonists seeking alternative sources of help and power. Ever eager to spread the word and influence of the Omnissiah these arrangements can be seen lasting to this day on the worlds of Anaximund Alpha and Olethros Secunda.


Naximus Prime was the last of the Forge Worlds of the Prosperitas Sector to be united with the Imperium in M.41. It has stood effectively blockaded for ten thousand years, unwilling to bend the knee to the Regency they viewed as anathema to their Machine God. Having withstood invasion for such a length of time thanks to a combination of perfect factors Naximus Prime remains actively unwelcome to outsider visitors, allowing entry only by the permission of the Hierophant-Technis of the Forge who governs the world with a tight fist. At the other end of the spectrum from Imperial-welcoming Ferrareus, the Mechanicus of Naximus Prime still act as if they live in the Golden Age of the Imperium, where the Mechanicum was an Empire unto its own. Their ownership of the only Knight World in the sector among the reasons why the Sector government allows such a status.


Details of the forge world’s society are hard to find, however those who have been permitted on Naximus Prime report a planet poisoned by industry and a world where the colour green is limited only to the glowing cybernetics of its population. It is these cybernetics where Naximus Prime gains its greatest renown and proves its indispensable nature to the Imperium. Thanks to the quality of locally mined metals the bionics crafted by the forges here are better made and more reliable than many others. Though the Machine Cult has always been known for its melding of flesh and machine as a religious principle it has reached a stage the majority of the population have bionic modifications, as a result of the artisan skill possessed by the Cybersmiths of Naximus Prime. It is a sign of wealth and beauty, to the people here to not be melded with the machine is an abnormality – the more subtle and delicate bionics considered ‘pretty’ and the larger, more steel and heavy duty types, considered a sign of strength.


The result of this cybernetic mastery is a Taghmata Omnissiah filled with high quality cybernetic troops that stand elevated in the hierarchy of Naximus Prime and a common aspiration of all menial workers. The entire culture of this world is alien to the Imperium, every strata of society assimilated into the Machine Cult, to outsiders, it is a strange and unwelcoming place, even towards other members of the Adeptus Mechanicus, independent, and still thinking of itself as existing in a time when the Mechanicum existed as a separate, and powerful, independent empire. The leading Magos of Naximus have made it clear they see Ferrareus as being overly reliant on the Imperium, a simple vassal world rather than a powerful Mechanicum Forgeworld working hand in hand with an allied power.