About Morghull

Name:   Morghull
Image:  Morghull
Sub-Sector:   Tertius
Type:   Feral
Population:   0.5 Billion (est)
Climate:   Cold
Status:   Imperial
Groups of Note: 

Morghull is a heavily-forested feral world at the edge of the Subsector Tertius. The natives consist of scattered bands of iron-age nomads who roam the endless forests, following herds of local herbivores. Known for their hardy physiques and physical prowess, Morghullites are dour, aggressive and brave, but also highly superstitious and mistrustful of outsiders. The musket and sabre are the weapons of choice of the nomad tribes, and frequently used against one another in the constant inter-clan skirmishes that occur in the depths of the Morghull forests.

Due to the fractious nature of the tribes, there is no unified planetary government; the nearest Morghull has to a planetary ruler is the chieftain of the largest tribe; Khan Damir Zoric of the Pathka. Khan Zoric, backed by Imperial support, has pacified a large area of the northern continent, and established one of the only permanent settlements on the planet; Pathka-rath.

Missionaries have been preaching the Cult Imperialis on Morghull for centuries but, due to the dense forests and the locals’ natural distrust of outsiders they have often found the work difficult.