About Ferraeus

Name:   Ferraeus
Image:  Ferrareus
Sub-Sector:   Primus
Type:   Forge World
Population:   10.3 Billion
Climate:   Polluted
Status:   Mechanicus
Groups of Note: 

After the conquest of what would become Duroverum in 050.M41 Ferrareus was the, the second primary objective of the Prosperitas Crusade, and a huge undertaking. In the conclusion of that campaign it was taken from it’s original rulers and granted to the Mechanicum allies of Warmaster Durovera.

The rulers owe their domain to the Imperium, and they know this well, the Legio Ferrareus, the sole Titan Legion stationed in the Sector, has almost constantly been at war since it’s formation from Engines captured from the former rulers of Ferrareus. The Arch-Magos of Ferrareus is often a regular visitor at the Sector Senatorum, and considered to be a strong ally of the Sector Governor.

As one of the main manufacturing worlds of Prosperitas Sector, the surface of Ferraeus (and quite a lot of its sea bed too) is almost completely covered with industrial complexes of varying purpose. Everything from ships to saucepans is made here. Due to thousands of years of heavy industry on the planet, Ferraeus‘s air is toxic and its billions of inhabitants, almost all employed as workers in factories, live inside in climate controlled towers. To go outside without a protective suit spells certain death.

The factory planet’s success owes much to the vast amount of natural resources found in its rings and also the nearby asteroid belts which are mined now most of the resources have been stripped from the world’s surface. Its importance to the sector means it is very heavily defended, the Imperial Navy have an ancient space station orbiting the planet and the asteroid belt is heavily patrolled.

Ferraeus has an active criminal underworld, as it is relatively easy to smuggle goods alongside the vast amounts of legitimate trade coming of and off world. Great labyrinthine sewers are a dark place for those who might try to uphold anything resembling law. Not only are there smugglers, there are tales of mutants who were exposed to the noxious pollution stalking the shadows…