About Everholt

Name:   Everholt
Sub-Sector:   Secundus
Type:   Agri-World
Population:   3 Billion
Climate:   Temperate
Status:   Interdicted
Groups of Note: 

Everholt was a Agri-World Covered in Forests, conquered in 506.M41. A young addition to the Imperium it was considered to be locally turbulent, but not valuable enough to warrant mass deployment of Guard or Arbites, instead it was stripped of its forests for their wood and access to mining resources. Those forests that survived were reduced to the private hunting grounds of the Noble Houses of the Prosperitas Sector.

The majority of locals were employed in the logging industry slowly stripping the planet’s once-lush forest bare. Because of the uncaring quotas set by the Administratum this threatened both the hunting industry (which, as a luxury, is not protected by Imperial law), as well as the local’s pre-Imperial traditions to which the trees and hunting were important. The latter already being an issue of contention given laws imposed by the Imperium granting the Nobility exclusive hunting rights and redefining local hunters as ‘poachers’ unless employed by the Hunting Lodges as Gillies.

The majority of the older generation who capitulated to the Imperium were dying off and many young locals had not experienced the wrath of the Imperium – a complacent Imperium led to a whole generation have growing up on a diet of quiet anger at the Imperium’s ‘defilement’ of their world, and this led to open rebellion in 586.M41

Before and after the Imperium’s arrival, the people of Everholt lived the life of a frontier colony, the only thing of note was the game offered by local xenofauna. Before the Imperium they say they lived in sustainable symbiosis with the flora and fauna of Everholt’s forest – since the Imperium conquered Everholt, that relationship had been utterly destroyed.

A big cause of this were the local ‘Gillies’ who descend from the ‘Hunting Lodges’ that used to be a part of the planetary culture before the Imperium arrived. The House Durovera that holds right of conquest over Everholt claimed exclusive hunting rights to its fauna, once a right shared by ALL the people of the world. Rather than join any resistance against this, most of the hunting lodges complied and became gamekeepers for the Imperials to forge an arrangement where they could preserve the traditions of their lodges.

Due to their close relationship with the Imperial Nobility, Gillies made up a majority of the Imperial-appointed local leaders, and the majority of the populace were forced to labour at the logging camps and saw-mills of the Imperium.

Most importantly, the Imperium turned a blind eye when local fauna ends up on a Gillie’s plate, whereas the Gillies came down harshly should meat find it’s way to the plate of a local who lacks membership of one of their hunting lodges. This is only made worse by the Gillies breeding of ‘new’ game for their Lords that have, when released, been known to prey on humans, and disturb local ecosystems.

Uprising and Censure – 586.M41

In 586.M41 Everholt openly rebelled against the Imperium during a visit by Sector-Governor Armelius Durovera (who would later state the events of the rebellion inspired his transformation into a strong leader), years of Imperial misrule and abuse of local customs and the planetary environment led to open uprisings when a series of executions of the local population, including members of the Ecclesiarchy, sparked open revolt. Assassination attempts were made upon the Sector-Governors life, by rebel elements believed to be linked to the Archenemy, and the entire planet erupted into anarchy and chaos.

In the aftermath of the uprising, the Gothic-class Cruiser Righteous Indignation was deployed to Everholt, nobly rescuing Sector-Governor Durovera, and destroying a number of craft in orbit of the world under the control of rebel elements. Since this year the now-Warmaster Durovera has placed the planet under Imperial Censure, effectively blockading all supplies from reaching the surface. Under the terms of Censure, the Righteous Indignation has enforced a brutal quarantine, refusing to allow vessels within reach of the world, despite objections from various factions the Warmaster has been stern on the issue, insisting that the world must suffer for its disobedience, and assuring others that once the world is determined to have paid its penance the interdiction will be lifted.

It is unknown what life is like ont he surface of the world now, many rumours suggest that the planet has been subject to exterminatus bombardment, however this would not explain the reason for its continued interdiction.