About Caracas

Name:   Caracas
Image:  Caracas
Sub-Sector:   Secundus
Type:   Primordial
Population:   ~500,000
Climate:   Temperate
Status:   Imperial Control
Groups of Note: 

“Strikingly beautiful from orbit. Strikingly untidy on the surface. No vestiges of civilisation whatsoever. A. wanted to stay, chasing rumours of buried treasure, but I was nearly savaged by something horrible with wings and teeth at the landing site. We did not tarry.” – Travel Diary of Lucius di Firro, 580.M41

Caracas is covered mostly in thick marshland in the equatorial and tropical regions, and tundra towards the poles. A lonely planet towards the rimwards boundary of Subsector Secundus, Caracas has remained largely uncontacted by Imperial forces throughout its long and quiet history. The presence of humans – albeit in a primitive and degenerate state – implies colonisation in the distant past, but the occasional explorator team has so far totally failed to uncover any trace of landing craft or any structure more complex than a mud hut.

While fertile, the planet would require substantial terraforming and a heavy injection of colonists before it could make a good Agri World. No valuable mineral deposits or other natural resources of note have yet been discovered. The planetary fauna is diverse, with several species of large, aggressive saurians roaming the tundra zones freely. There are also several varieties of simian creature, between three and seven feet in height, who hunt in packs and aggressively defend their territory from all comers. There is a human population, estimated to number in the low hundreds of thousands. They are primarily nomadic and tribal in nature, mostly pre-literate hunter-gatherers who follow the migrations of local wildlife in bands of tens or hundreds. The population is notable for being hardy, strong and almost completely free from harmful mutation; the planet’s youth are often taken by Imperial tithe, the Imperial Guard valuing their strength and robust genetics.

The planet’s central continental band is bordered by a sharp mountain range, young in geological terms, which is home to a number of isolated valleys so deep that most orbital augurs are unable to penetrate into them. Alongside the fruitful and extreme biodiversity this causes, there are persistent rumours that there is something hidden on Caracas – remnants of a lost colony, Xenos artefacts, a deceased Rogue Trader’s hidden smuggling cache, or something stranger still. So far, no expedition has uncovered the truth.