Anaximund Alpha

About Anaximund Alpha

Name:   Anaximund Alpha
Image:  anaximund
Sub-Sector:   Tenebris
Type:   Knight World
Population:   3 Billion
Climate:   Temperate
Status:   Mechanicus Vassal
Groups of Note: 

As green and fertile as Naximus is smog bound and arid, it would be easy to think that Anaximund Alpha stood free of Mechanicus presence were it not for the hulking metal clad Knights that patrol its land. A lush agricultural world of various temperate climates, the population of this world have as their sole purpose the feeding of the worker-population of nearby Forge of Naximus Prime. The exact date of founding is unknown but it is clear the symbiotic relationship between the Magos of Naximus and the Knights of this world has existed from the time of the Heresy as it is this dynamic that allowed both to survive their opposition to to the Sector Regency for ten thousand years. Tied together under a formulation of the Sidon protocols the Forge World stands as patron to Anaximund Alpha and its leaders, House Qureshi, whilst  the Knight world serves as loyal vassal, valuable resource and military might. It is this co-dependency that has formed such a strong link between the two worlds, the exchange of powerful and arcane machinery of war for trained and experienced warriors to wield it when called upon. As a result the culture of the Knight World stands as a unique hybrid society within the sector, combining the neo-feudal origins with Naximus Prime’s particular form of Orthodox Mechanicus beliefs.

A world of haves and have nots at its core Anaximund Alpha is built on a system of fiefdoms and vassals  with the Knight House absolute owner of all land and assets. With no desire to oversee the day to day administration of livestock farming, crop rotation and pest control the Qureshi leaders allow those they see favorably to “hold” pieces of land and work them. In return for this work House Qureshi grants protection and prestige as well as the promise of further tenancies and progression if the vassal proves their worth. This division in status is further enhanced by the fact the ownership of Mechanicus technology is restricted by Naximus’ representative on the world, the Archmagos Prelate. House Qureshi and their closest allies have access to the greatest machinery and augmentation present on the world whilst the presence of it diminishes as the social ladder descends. As a result of this, and in an odd mirroring of culture upon their patron world, social worth is judged according to the augmentations and technology owned by an individual. An outsider might notice that this is an unhelpful model when technology is allocated on planet according to social worth and status but the local populace would receive such news coldly. They see it as a structure that gives directed motion to life thereby becoming a macrocosm of the First Universal Law of the Mechanicus. Religious practices vary wildly from settlement to settlement but the unerring constant across them all is an unshakeable faith and confidence in the Omnissiah as the embodiment of all power and knowledge within the Universe.

The leaders of Anaximund, House Qureshi are a political family that have held a grip on the world since Mechanicus records first began here thanks to the armoured steeds their Knights ride. Concerned less with blood ties, new members of the ‘family’ are chosen and adopted in from the most promising vassals within the planet’s high society, their lives scrutinised according to the Sixteen Universal Laws by the Archmagos and the incumbent Head of House. The current leader of the Qureshi Knights is Laleh Qureshi who has recently gained the title after the far overdue passing of her infamously orthodox predecessor Gul Qureshi. As the only Knight World within the sector the House has often been called upon by other Forge Worlds within the Sector and even by the Imperial High Command when their firepower was desperately needed. No matter the riches promised or consequences threatened, Gul only ever answered the call when their patron allowed it. This has left bad blood within some Imperial Guard and Navy regiments on this frontier who have taken to sarcastically asking under their breath for “The Qureshi Cavalry” when a loss is certain and backup far from sight. In the past half a decade however Laleh has been reported holding meetings with some of the more forward thinking of Naximund’s Magos as well as reportedly sending invites to high profile individuals across the Sector. With a political divide apparently developing within their patrons Forge World some wonder whether Laleh is preparing to dramatically shake up the nature of the Protocols she is bound under and look for greater independence. Others decry this as dangerous sedition and cannot believe she would be so bold when it is as yet uncertain that any other Mechanicus in the Sector know the secrets of the Knight technology Qureshi relies so much upon.