Astronavigational Information

About the Prosperitas Sector

Spinward of the warp-wracked Eye of Terror in Segementum Obscurus, the twisted maelstrom of transdimensional energies that the forces of Chaos use to mount their great offensives from their hell dimensions to material space, lies the troubled Prosperitas Sector. Named once because of the bounty of raw materials that it provided the Imperium, the Sector’s history is one of war and misfortune – once thought lost to anarchy and uprisings, it is only through the great military war machine of the Prosperitas Crusade that many of the worlds within the sector were retaken – and it seemed that the bounties of the sector would once again become a jewel in the Imperium’s crown.

In the last five years however, the Imperial’s grip on the Sector has slowly begun to slip, what began with the murder of the Sector’s Inquisitorial Enclave by a foul Daemon has spiralled towards chaos and anarchy as uprisings have erupted within worlds previously considered to be ‘safe’ by the Imperium. On the Counter-Spinward Front the Talons of Tzeentch, an army of depraved followers of the Archenemy, have succeeded in punching through the front lines of the crusade, wreaking havoc with raids and invasions of several Imperial-held worlds – but this was simply the beginning of their ploy laying a trap that caused the death of the Imperial’s Warmaster and nearly two thirds of the sector fleet in an ambush.

Worse still are the recent reports of sightings of traitor Astartes among the Archenemy numbers, these rare and deadly Champions of the Chaos only ever emerge when the Archenemy launches a great undertaking – with rumours of troops being diverted to near-by Cadia, the flames of war are starting to burn harder now it would take only the most blinkered fools to not notice the shift in the tides of fortune.

Planets of the Prosperitas Sector