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About the Prosperitas Sector

Located spinward (galactic east) of the Cadia Sector, and rimwards (galactic north) towards space unclaimed by the Imperium, the Prosperitas Sector sits right upon the edge of the huge spatial anomaly known as the Eye of Terror. It is strategically important, as it represents one of the few transit points for Imperial forces from Segmentum Solar to reinforce the defences around the Eye to protect the Imperium from the Dark Forces that dwell within that twisted space, yet has only been under the rule of the Imperium for just under six hundred years.

Prior to that it was under the heel of a rebel regime installed during the Horus Heresy known as the ‘Regency’ (though many local populations predated the installment of this totalitarian regime). Resistance was rife during the Regency’s rule of the Sector. The general resistance of the local populace was one of the primary reasons that the Imperium did not unleash genocidal cleansing upon the Sector when it arrived to reconquer it at the start of the military operation known as the Prosperitas Crusade in early M.41. In many cases it framed its invasion of this region as a ‘liberation’ of that population.

However many populations found they had replaced one totalitarian government with another, and despite promises, most natives were reduced to being an underclass unless they capitulated and collaborated with the Imperium. Combined with the arrival of Imperial colony ships loaded with excess populations from Segmentum Solar, this has bred a huge level of unrest amongst the natives of the sector, who feel that they are slowly losing control of what was once their own.

It is easy to tell an Imperial Settler from a native; the majority of settlers speak Low Gothic and High if they are educated, and no other tongues, and most have names that originate in pre-Imperial Germanic and Latin-speaking Cultures. On the other hand the majority of Natives found around the major worlds of the sector and the rimward of it tend to have names that originate in pre-Imperial Celtic cultures, and the spoken and written word is natively similar to those pre-Imperial Celtic tongues. The spoken and written forms of Gair, as the local language is called, are both outlawed by the Imperium, and learning of the common Low Gothic trade tongue of the Imperium is mandated, a strong source of contention with locals who often refuse to let their language die, despite the Imperium’s demands.

Towards Cadia and the edge of the Eye of Terror in Subsector Tenebris, the local populations tend to represent those from the North-African and Indo-Aryan cultures of Earth-that-Was, with the Mechanicus population of Naximus Prime having strong influences from old India and the ancient Persian Empire.

The poor treatment of local populations, combined with the presence of heretic cults that survived the initial invasion, and the looming threat of the Archenemy – along with the ongoing military operations of the Prosperitas Crusade – ensure that the Sector is one of the Imperium’s most volatile and difficult to control regions, and to make matters worse, the slaughter of much of the systems Inquisitors several years ago has spread that organisation thin, leaving critical gaps in vigilance against the enemies of mankind. 


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