Battle Sisters of the Order of His Sanguine Tears and the Faith Militant

The Order of His Sanguine Tears

The Order of his Sanguine Tears
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Faction:   Imperial
Homeworld:   Nilvalis
Disposition:  400 Battle Sisters with
~500 Support Staff
Leadership:  Canoness Asenath Dinah

The power-armored Battle Sisters of the Adepta Sororitas are it’s most reknowned members, though the Adepta has a wide number of non-miliant Orders the image of a grizzled veteran Battle Sister is what most think of when the Adepta is referenced.

TThey are a unique force in the Imperium, no other force in the Galaxy other than the Adeptus Astartes has as much access to the Imperiums most rare and dangerous weapons, and the unique access to Sororitas-pattern Power Armour means that the Sister’s are one of the few forces of the Imperium capable of delivering the Emperors judgement to wayward Astartes.


A Lesser Order Militant of the Adepta Sororitas tied to the Order of our Martyred Lady, the Order of His Sanguine Tears has been a recent arrival to the Prosperitas Sector. Though the Order of our Martyred Lady has had a long standing presence in the Prosperitas Sector, riots on the Shrine World of Nivalis after religious celebrations there were interrupted by heretics forced one of the largest deployments of Battle Sisters the Sector had ever seen. What the Sisters deployed there saw in the wake of the riots, as every statue of the Emperor seemed to weep tears of blood led to the decision of their commander, Canoness Asenath Dinah, to petition her Order for permission to form a permanent Garrison-Convent on Nivalis, a petition granted in the wake of such dire omens as the Battle Sisters had witnessed there.

As young as the Order is the Battle Sisters have made themselves a formidable presence on Nivalis, the failure of the Ministorum Priests to elect a new Arch-Confessor, along with the arrival of Cardinal-Emissarius Grulge has only strengthened their position on the world. Canoness Dinah has now become the de-facto planetary ruler in the while her Sisters enforce an efficient, if brutal, ‘stabilization’ of the Shrine World – not an unusual circumstance but one that speaks of how dire the situation on Nivalis became before the Sisters restored order there.

Strong supporters of the Cardinal-Emissarius the Order of his Sanguine Tears have been a presence during recent campaigns of the Prosperitas Crusade, as Grulge seeks to assert his control over the sector’s fractured Priesthood by positioning himself at the front lines of the Crusade, the Battle Sisters serve as his mailed fist, striking down the forces of the Arch-enemy and hunting down traitors and heretics alike for the Witch-Pyres.

The Faith Miliant