The Imperial Faith

The Ecclesiarchy

The Adepta Sororitas

An all-female division of the Ecclesiarchy the Adepta Sororitas is most known for it’s power-armored Battle Sisters, these form only a fraction of the Orders of the Adepta. Tthere are many non-Militant Orders that give a much vaster depth to the organisation than the image presented by the grizzled veteran Battle Sisters of the Orders Militant.

Sisters Hospitalier are some of the best-trained Medicae in the Imperium, they tend to the sick and injured but have a role in medical research and the study of medical conditions and maladies. They are the medical staff of many Faith-run Hospitals and one of the most eagerly welcomed arms of the Imperial Faith on most planets as they represent the absolute best medical aid a citizen could desire. They have their darker side, called in to support Orders Militant as interrogators, and their obession with protecting the genetic purity of mankind is reknowned.

Sisters Famulous are responsible for the Imperial Nobility. Ostensibly they busy themselves with tracking lines of succession, brokering peace and marriage deals between Nobles, and ensuring the Faith of a household white otherwise tutoring young Nobles in the Imperial Faith. In truth they are the watchdogs of the Ecclesiarchy within the ruling caste of the Imperium, many Noble Houses are deeply suspicious of them as their word can lead to the condemnation of entire Houses or even the scruitiny of the Inquisition. Yet few Noble houses reject a Sister of the Order from entering their home, for fear of being judged as hiding something.

Sisters Dialogous are the keepers of the Imperial Language, reknowned for providing the Imperium with vast dictionaries of words they busy themselves translating all the myraid ‘Low Gothic’ dialects of the Imperiums worlds bridging language barriers by updating arcane universal translators so that all Imperials speak in the same (if accented) common tongue. They also play a role in codebreaking and translation of non-Imperial dialects to aid members of the Inquisition and the Imperial Military in operations agains foes that do not speak the same tongue as them.

Sisters Pronatus are archaeologists and curators, specialising in the retrieval, guarding, studying and repairing artefacts of value to the Ecclesiarchy. This includes the uncounted thousands of holy relics revered by the peoples of the Imperium, but it also relates to items captured by the forces of the Imperium that are considered too powerful or significant to be allowed to fall into enemy hands.

There are many other minor Orders of the Adepta, from those that provide Choirs and support of Imperial Celebrations and Triumphs, to the mortuary Orders that care for those Imperial dead prestigous enough to be maintained in state or placed in crypts rather than committed to recycling units.


Though Canoness Dinah of the Order of His Sanguine Tears is the most senior member of the Adepta Mission on Nivalis, several non-Militant Orders have detached groups of Sororitas to provide support to the Order of His Sanguine Tears’ (and by extension Cardinal-Emissarius Grulges) campaign to bring back the light of the Imperial Faith to the Prosperitas Sector.

The Sisters Hospitaler of the Order of the Sanguine Redemption mostly lend their aid to tending to the many injured and sick on Nivalis itself who are casualties of the civil unrest as well as in Ecclesiarchy-run Hospitals across the Sector. But some Sisters of the Order have a presence on the battlefronts of the Prosperitas Crusade, investigating the sicknesses and plagues that have become worryingly frequent in recent years, and tending to Military casualties.

The Sisters Famulous of the Order of the Key are perhaps one of the more unwelcome elements for the Imperial Nobles of the Prosperitas Sector other than the abrasive Canoness herself, summoned to test the loyalties of the sectors Nobility, and ensuring that their children are properly educated in the Imperial cult, these Sisters are often seen as a sign of the Adeptus Ministorum trying to increase it’s influence in the sector.

The Sisters Pronatus of the Order of the Eternal Gate, have arrived in sector to support the restoration of several major shrines on Nivalis along with the recovery of numerous artifacts stolen in the riots and from other worlds in recent centuries. Unlike many Sisters the Order has it’s headquarters on the Shrine-World of Agrial