The Inquisition

Men and women with wildly differing ideologies, tactics and goals, invested with ultimate authority, but not the collective that outsiders believe them to be. Inquisitors will often ally together, but rarely permanently. The Holy Ordos of the Inquistion, are lines of alignment, philosophies of specialization and intent, not armies of organized allegiance, disguising something that few people realize;

The Inquisition does not exist.

It does not exist in the sense that many Imperial citizens believe – as a cohesive, interlinked cobweb of organised power. Individual men and women are granted immunity from all persecution and autonomy from the law. They are granted that most nebulous of virtues; authority. Everything else comes down to what they achieve, and what personal power they amass. When an Inquisitor calls upon Imperial resources, he or she relies on the threat of authority, rather than any real organisation lending support to their needs. Their power is both utterly real and a cunning illusion, all at once.


The Prosperitas Sector has always been plagued by strife, and so long as there have been Imperial forces attempting to pacify it, there have been Inquisitors fighting in the shadows against the myriad foes that lurk there. The majority of Inquisitors present in the sector are drawn from the Ordo Hereticus, the Witch Hunters find themselves faced with a myriad of cults and human renegades to police. A few Daemonhunters from the Ordo Malleus are present on the Tenebris Front of the Prosperitas Crusade, they study the Tenebris Storm and ward the forces there against the sporadic warp-incursions that occur so close to that maelstrom. Of the Ordo Xenos there are relatively few Inquisitors, the majority of them are interested in study, there are a few ancient Xenos structures dotted around the sector, but Xenos incursions are rare in the Prosperitas sector, the majority of militant Alien-hunters are focused on the Orks of Waagh Gazbag, currently occupied on Persephon IV. Of the minor Ordo’s there are some signs of the passing of the stargazing Ordo Astra through the sector, but they are not telling what the stars are showing them, and scrawled paperwork makes reference to the Ordo Chronos studying the same ruins that interest the Ordo Xenos so.

The majority of Inquisitors operate from private residences, there are few sanctums that welcome Inquisitors in the Prosperitas Sector thanks to how young the sector is and those it did have were devastated by actions of the Archenemy in recent strikes. With this in mind it is easy to see why the ‘authority’ Inquisition is weaker in the Prosperitas sector than other regions, many powers that would instantly bow to the fluid authority of an Inquisitor are more willing to stand up to it, knowing its resources are stretched thin and it relies more heavily on the cooperation of others.

The Decapitation

Although not a unified force by any means, the Prosperitas Inquisition at one point in its lifetime had a sense of unity, and agreement between Inquisitors, for once it was not betrayal from within that destroy this unity, but rather the Archenemy. During the greatest Conclave ever held in the Prosperitas Sector, many brought all the information they had with them to share fully, to create a better picture of the Archenemies plans. Such a gathering is always fraught with danger, but few expected that a powerful Warp Entity would be able to enter the Conclave and kill many Inquisitors before it was stopped.

Reeling from the loss of most of those with the power and influence to unite them, those Inquisitors who were not, by fortune, present at the Conclave tried to preserve the crumbling stability of the Imperium in the Prosperitas Sector but internal disagreements have sparked conflicts between these increasingly factionalized survivors. To date, there has been little success in re-uniting the Inquisitors present in the sector, seeing Brother and Sister Inquisitors turn on each other in violent confrontations over philosophy, and accusations that their lack of presence in the Conclave was a result not of fortune, but of carefully planned betrayal.

Worse still, with few safe havens, and fewer allies, there have been open and brazen assassinations of Inquisitors made by unknown forces, making them more than aware that they are under threat. Yet in an atmosphere where they find it hard to trust anyone, few Inquisitors are banding together for mutual protection, and rather surrounding themselves with more controllable agents as they become increasingly paranoid.

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