Regiments of the Prosperitas Sector

Regiments of the Prosperitas Sector

Some of the more notable Guard regiments of the Prosperitas Crusade are listed here, with a brief outline of their traditions and customs.


  • 18th Amenophis Light Infantry. Raised from the desert Hive-World of Amenophis, these robust infanteers have a reputation for being fearsome in close combat, using light boarding shields and short khopesh swords to devastating effect in the claustrophobic confines of urban Hives and aboard ships.


  • Helaerus Reconnaissance Regiment. Boasting among its veterans the retired General Halina Chenau, now Governor of Macharion CDXI, the Regiment [Record Incomplete]


  • Kelper Engineer Regiments. Famed across the Sector for their proficiency with ambush tactics and improvised explosives, the Kelper Sappers often send bright instructors to teach at the Guard academies for sappers, ammunition technicians and explosive ordnance disposal specialists.


  • Korimesta. Fielded from the claustrophobic hive-world of Korimesta, the Korimestan regiments are specialists in close-quarters combat and assault tactics. The disgrace of the mutiny of the 89th Korimestan Light in 592.M41 hangs as a heavy pall over the Regiments, whose remaining Colonels are determined to regain their honour in the field.


  • Letiferan First Armoured. A well-regarded armoured cavalry unit, the First are equipped with heavily-modified Chimaera-pattern tanks which specialise in chemical and biological warfare. The boast of the Letiferan troops is that they have a “suitable vintage for every occasion and any company”. The regiment’s greatest record is a minor skirmish on the Tenebris border, where a single well-mixed shell was recorded as killing six thousand, three hundred and eight combatants, two thousand civilians, all livestock on the western continent and the grain crop for the next four decades.


  • 18th Merewald Fusiliers. Despite the backwards Merewaldian attitude to technology, the Fusiliers have a strong reputation across the Subsector. Their excellent foot drill, line discipline and courage under fire have been remarked upon by Crusade High Command as the pinnacle of everything a light infantry regiment should hope to achieve. Their distinctive bright red uniform tunics and tan topi helmets are a sight to stir Imperial pride and piety among civilians from the Rimward Marches to the Tertius border.


  • Vallum Regiments. As inhabitants of a Fortress-World under constant Enemy attack, every able adult on Vallum is a member of one of the regular or reserve Regiments. The Vallum regimental speciality is the savage defense of small, easily mobile defensive positions; a great deal of their early training was conducted by Raivan instructors borrowed from the Shadowglow regiments, and this shows in their keen grasp of insurgent tactics and ruthless exploitation of enemy weaknesses.


  • Strayvian Regiments. Raised from the once-bountiful agri-world of Strayvia, the Regiments are now homeless after the planet’s destruction by virus-bomb in 577.M41. The Strayvian regiments remain committed to Battlegroup Hesperidus, and are a notoriously difficult to command; bitter, angry and frequently insubordinate after the loss of their homeworld, they are nevertheless battle-hardened and highly competent soldiers who are often selected for the most demanding missions requiring strike forces of fast-moving and self-sufficient light role infantry.


  • Shadowglow Regiments. The Raivans of Shadowglow, armed with their feared “desert knives” – the local term for Guard issued swords – have a reputation for military might and piety. The Regiments are seen as a prestigious and honourable career for a young Raivan; in many towns, all healthy adults compete in arduous physical trials across the desert hills, with the fittest winning the right to volunteer for recruitment. Some senior Raivan officers quietly boast that given their ancestors’ history of millennia-long insurgency against the Enemy, the Shadowglow Regiments should technically be given seniority over all other Imperial Guard regiments in the Sector – but this position rarely gains any traction when spoken in the mouth of an abhuman.


  • Persephon Regiments. The planet of Persephon [Record Incomplete]


  • Caudican Regiments. Dispossessed and orphaned after the destruction of their homeworld Caudica in 582.M41, the Caudican Regiments are still awaiting permission from the Departmento Munitorum to recruit from other worlds. With no source of casualty replacements, they face disbandment or amalgamation before the decade is out if permission is not forthcoming soon.


  • Burisalis Armoured Regiments. The training ground for the Crusade, Burisalis Prime fields its own tank regiments, expert in open armoured warfare. The disgraceful mutiny of the 10th Burisalis Armoured in 592.M41 has severely weakened the Regiments’ reputation in recent months.