Imperial Factions of the Prosperitas Sector

It is a cunningly spun lie that the Imperium is one united entity – a thousand spiralling arms of the Imperial Government, an infinite number of Noble bloodlines, and all manner of expressions of faith are constantly locked in subtle conflict for the right to guide and control the very soul of the Imperium. The Imperium of the 41st Millennium is only united by it’s shared fear of everything beyond its borders of the Xenos and the Traitors and the forces of the Archenemy – were it not for these threats putting combined pressure upon the Imperium, it would have likely imploded many years ago, and indeed civil war is not unknown in the span of Imperial History. Not fought over some heresy, or because of the tainted touch of some outside influence, but because the endless competition of various factions of the Imperium, inevitably leads to hostilities, eventually.

So it is truly important for any individual in this dark millennium to have some idea of their allegiance, even those who believe themselves totally independent agents, invariably play into supporting the hand of various factions through their actions – to know who you are supporting provides any individual with at least some understanding of the cost and reward of their actions and through this there are opportunities for a figure to rise from obscurity to power.

Within Death Unto Darkness, belonging to the below factions represents the strong tug of factional responsibilities against an individuals own objectives – it is possible to select a secondary faction which allows a character to represent being torn in two directions, between they loyalty to the Inquisition perhaps, or perhaps instead to their Noble House.