Flashpoints – Cycle Five


++ Begin Data Inload ++
++ Pending…. ++
++The current date is 4-939.593.M41 ++

All Acolytes are advised of the following priority missions, classified Consignatus Obscurus Maximus.

Be Aware: These missions are to be considered highly dangerous and of significant importance to the work of the Holy Ordos of the Inquisition. Acolytes are encouraged to forward planning and cooperation.


++ Operation: THUNDEROUS ECHO – the Pursuit of ex-Inquisitor Voss ++

++ Thought for the Day: Against the Traitor, there is no fair way to fight ++

Situation: Former Inquisitor-Militant Alexandros Voss has been declared Excommunicate Traitoris; proven guilty of consorting with the Archenemy, he has betrayed the Inquisition and is now seeking to actively undermine its capacity to operate within the Sector. He has taken the resources of the office of Inquisitor-Militant and is employing them to ends unknown. He is a clear and present threat to the security of the Conclave Inquisitors and all allied agents.

Commander’s Intent: It is the Conclave’s intent to discover the full agenda of former Inquisitor Alexandros Voss; to halt his attempts to undermine the authority of the Holy Ordos in this Sector; to return Inquisition resources suborned by him to the Conclave’s control; and to trace his whereabouts; all in order to enable a decisive strike to eliminate him.

– Inq Corvinus, Ordo Hereticus


  • FIND Inquisitorial assets suborned and stolen by Voss;
  • RETRIEVE those which can be recovered, and DENY to the enemy those which cannot;
  • DISRUPT and UNDERMINE Voss’ network;
  • FIND and UNDERSTAND evidence of Voss’ motivations, alliances and future plans;
  • FIND Voss himself.

Execution: Acolytes skilled in + Investigation + Interrogation + Infiltration + Spycraft + will be convened into teams targeting known assets and locations of interest to Voss’ network, including but not limited to:

  • Carthusia: The Planetary Government have failed to adequately account for events following the loss of the last Inquisition teams to raid Voss’ holdings on-world. It is highly likely that the ex-Inquisitor’s influence there runs deep, and there is more to be found.
  • The Black Regiments: As Inquisitor Militant, Voss had command of the Conclave’s stormtroopers and other militant forces, as well as ties to many allies within the Crusade.

Further Considerations:

  • Voss has a known history of contact with malefic beings. In particular, he is believed to have been in contact with a powerful servant of the Changer of Ways, and may be touched in some fashion by that Power. Backup from Malleus-trained allies is recommended.
  • Voss is excommunicate traitoris. While it is unlikely that an opportunity to eliminate the traitor himself will arise, his execution is fully sanctioned by the Prosperitas Conclave.



++ Operation: BARBAROUS WAIL – Reinforce Persephon IV ++

++ Thought for the Day: Study the Alien, the better to kill it ++

Situation: The most successful front of the Crusade is now the fighting on Persephon IV; and despite the controversy caused by ex-Inquisitor Voss, Grant Admiral Khan has correctly identified the Conclave as the proper source of specialist support. She has formally requested assistance in undertaking scouting missions which require close contact with and specialist knowledge of the Greenskins – knowledge forbidden to ordinary Imperial forces. Colonel Firenze, the acknowledged driving force of the Persephon campaign, is an Ordo Xenos asset, and we have been involved with his efforts on the front for some years; as such, it will not be difficult to properly integrate Inquisition forces into the Imperial command structure.

The recent Ork retreat into the Scarback mountains has made them incredibly hard to flush out; the Orks control every route large enough to move troops in appreciable numbers, with heavy defensive artillery and ortillery making conventional assault highly unlikely to achieve success.

Commander’s Intent: It is the Conclave’s intent to map the disposition and capabilities of Ork forces in the Scarback mountains; and to deploy small kill-teams to eliminate key Ork defenses, in support of an Imperial ground assault into the mountains; in order to support the Crusade forces in driving the Waagh from Persephon IV.

– Inq Duplesis, Ordo Xenos


  • UNDERSTAND the deployment of the Ork forces in the Scarback Mountains
  • DESTROY key Xenos defensive positions
  • DISRUPT Ork control of ground routes for Imperial assault forces
  • FIND Gazbag, ‘Prophet’ of the Twin Sunz

Execution: Acolytes skilled in + Combat + Scouting + Xenolore + will deploy to the Inquisitorial watchpost on Persephon II; from there, covert infiltration of kill-teams across the Scarback mountains of Persephon IV will be carried out by void-to-ground stealth transport.

Further Considerations:

  • The Orks are supported by Xenocultist ‘Konscripts’. These wretched specimens venerate the greenskins, and have demonstrated willingness to carry out suicidal attacks on Imperial forces, including infiltrating among ‘rescued’ slaves. They believe they can be ‘reborn in the energies of the Waagh’, becoming greenskins.
  • The Orks of the Red Worldz display above average intelligence. Acolytes should not underestimate their capabilities.
    The Scarbacks are dormant volcanoes. For Acolytes who have not served with the Sector Geological Survey, this does not mean they will not erupt again; merely that they have not done so recently. The volcano chain is structured such that if one erupts, all are highly likely to; the resulting firestorms and ash clouds would be devastating on a planetary scale. Any use of orbital bombardment is almost certain to produce this result, preventing Imperial use of void superiority to destroy the Xenos.
  • The Ork positions are strongly emplaced, and must be assaulted nonetheless. The Greenskins are using geothermal power harnessed from the Scarbacks, which is believed to be powering their artillery and ortillery emplacements. The Orks almost certainly have major manufactorums within the range, and are expected to be well-supplied. Orks can go months without food; in the time it would take to try and starve them out of the range, they will multiply and rearm, returning to the offensive. They must be burned out before this can occur.
  • Chamber Militant support is available for this mission. Acolytes who identify opportunities or take approaches which offer a target requiring heavy combat support may, at the Inquisitor’s discretion, be assigned appropriate forces.



++ Operation: MIRROR REFLECTION – Raid the Durovera Estate ++

++ Thought for the Day: All Daemons are falsehood; lies given shape. ++

Situation: Lady-Captain Autokrator Hermione Durovera has seized control of the Sector capital, formally ousting the malefica which was impersonating her late brother Warmaster Armelius Durovera. This being, also known as the Changeling and Objective BLACKSTONE, was until recently resident at the House Durovera estate on Duroverum. Ordo Malleus seers have been unable to locate the Malefica for some months, and any scrap of evidence it has accidentally left may be key to ascertaining its whereabouts and plans. In addition, it is likely that warp energies, psychic spoor and manifestations of empyreal taint will be present, alongside malefic artefacts, forbidden lore and other Morally Hazardous material. These cannot be left to fester.

The Autokrator will soon need to reclaim her family’s fortress as she consolidates her strength. but she has held off to permit the Inquisition to complete its investigations and cleanup operation. The perimeter of the estate has been secured by loyal Inquisitorial forces, and its staff and inhabitants contained within to await debriefing.

Commander’s Intent: It is the Conclave’s intent to seize, investigate and purify the House Durovera estate on Duroverum; obtain evidence of the Changeling’s activities while impersonating Armelius Durovera; and contain, retrieve or purge any hazardous and tainted material or individuals; all in order to end the Ruinous influence of the Changeling over the Prosperitas Sector.

– Inq Nasser, Ordo Malleus


  • SECURE the Durovera Estate on Duroverum
  • FIND and UNDERSTAND evidence of the Changeling’s activities and goals
  • DESTROY any Category I Malefic Moral Hazards within the estate
  • CONTAIN and RETRIEVE any Category II+ Malefic Moral Hazards, relevant artifacts or detainees of interest found within the estate
  • DESTROY all witnesses not detained and DENY all evidence not retrieved, preventing exposure of the wider Imperial populace to its corruption

Execution: Acolytes skilled in + Investigation + Interrogation + Exorcism + Warding + Malleus Lore + will be required to report to the Inquisitorial Fortress on Duroverum to participate in this investigation. Once convened, the tark force will be granted access to the estate for a limited time to carry out their investigations.

Further Considerations:

  • The Durovera Estate is vast and ancient. House Durovera conducted the Imperial conquest which founded the Sector in the modern Imperium, building their power from Duroverum outward. The building they claimed as their fortress is a vast and sprawling hive complex several kilometers across – and it belonged to the Archenemy-cultist Regent of the Sector before them. The ancient symbols of Ruin have been hacked from its walls and replaced with the Aquila, but it has always been suspected that there are still dark and terrible secrets contained within its walls; this is an opportunity to confirm or deny these tales which shall not come again.
  • The False Warmaster’s servants are condemned. No Imperial citizen exposed to direct service to a Malefica for more than half a decade can be safely released into the population; even unwitting, they may have glimpsed blasphemies or simply become tainted by its presence. All inhabitants of the estate are to be purged on completion of the operation; if you wish to retain prisoners for further debriefing, they must be secured and registered with your chain of command on extraction. The staff have been sealed within the estate for several weeks and will be becoming desperate; this should make them pliable.
  • The taint of the Warp runs deep. A Category I Moral Hazard is anything directly corruptative simply by being in its presence or interacting with it: speaking the Names of the Archenemy, the physical presence of a manifest malefica, or powerful Ruinous artifacts are examples. A Category II Moral Hazard is anything which is indirectly corruptative, weakening a person’s resistance to the Archenemy: examples would include texts explaining the point of view of cultists or, in this case, the Changeling itself, detailed information on Malefica, or similar. All items and phenomena within the estate must be contained, assessed, and appropriately handled to prevent the escape of tainted material.

Target Analysis: For further assessment of the Changeling, including its phylacteries, further intelligence data is now available to all Acolytes, in the form of a Target Pack (designed to convey key operational information) and a more detailed Threat Brief (designed to provide in-depth scholastic detail).

TEA001v2 – Objective BLACKSTONE – Target Pack

TEA006v4 – Objective BLACKSTONE – Detailed Intelligence Dossier


++ Operation: LIGHTNING WHISPER – Drive Back the Darkness ++

++ Thought for the Day: Carry the Emperor’s Will as your torch, and with it destroy the shadows ++

Situation: A major malefic threat, hereafter referred to as Objective SCENIC, has escaped from uncountable millenia of imprisonment within the Prosperitas Sector. Obj SCENIC feeds upon fear, distrust, and the dissolution and destabilisation of civilisation; it also feeds upon souls, and is presently occupying the empyrean with sufficient power that it is capturing the souls of the dead. It is the being worshipped by the “Ashen”, a doomsday cult which has spontaneously arisen across the Sector. If it is not contained, it is assessed almost certain to manifest fully and destroy the Sector in a cataclysmic Warp Storm, on a timescale of single-digit years. It is assessed highly likely to use the power it gains in that disaster to become a fifth Ruinous Power, and a threat to the whole of humanity.

The disintegration of Sector cohesion and spike in panic Sector-wide is empowering it. Massacres and disastrous losses in battle are empowering it. The activities of the Ashen are empowering it. Methods for its ultimate destruction are known and their pursuit is in progress, but require time; if the Sector is to survive to defeat it, its growth must be slowed and its gain in influence mitigated.

Commander’s Intent: It is the Conclave’s intent to reduce internecine conflict within the Sector, minimising the effect of unrest on Imperial populations and preventing mass death wherever possible; to influence Imperial authorities to employ tactics of governance which do not engender or further encourage terror; and to act to directly control Ashen cultist presence and influence; all in order to successfully contain Obj SCENIC within the Prosperitas Sector, that the souls trapped within it may be saved and the entity itself destroyed.

– Adj-Int Nalen, p.p. Inq Reyna Haslinger, Ordo Hereticus


  • INFLUENCE Imperial leaders and powerful individuals to avoid enforcement by fear, mass killing, and other panic-inducing tactics;
  • SUPPORT Imperial bodies in resolving problems which normal, doctrinal responses would otherwise exacerbate;
  • PROTECT the population from the Ashen and other terror-inducing threats;
  • STABILISE situations where Imperial forces are failing to maintain control.

Execution: Acolytes skilled in + Negotiation + Politics + Leadership + Influence Operations + Oratory + Strategy + will be deployed as small cells to take control of situations in which civil unrest, panic, Ashen attacks, and other disasters threaten to overturn Imperial order; focusing in particular on situations in which Imperial enforcement is exacerbating SCENIC’s influence. Acolytes who are personally familiar with unstable situations or their key players, or who have observed specific points of degeneration, are strongly recommended to highlight the problems they have observed and their relevant experience to the Conclave before deployment.

Further Considerations:

  • Objective SCENIC has known symbols and associations. These include deep shadows; darkness; ash-blackened holy symbols; handprints in blood or ash; populations overcome by unreasoning panic and violence; individuals with black tendrils emerging from their mouths; the animated dead; sand; and blue flame. Warding and exorcism by standard methods are only minimally effective.
  • What feeds on fear starves on faith. Simple suppression of unrest breeds further fear and directs it toward the Imperium. It does no good to suppress an Ashen cult via mass executions when that fuels panic, corrupting more souls than the Ashen could have. Addressing the root causes of panic – instability, insecurity, poor leadership and the loss of confidence it engenders – is what will defeat this enemy. When people voluntarily place their faith in the Emperor and the Light of Their order, the shadows will not hold.
  • Objective COASTAL / Drusilla Vox. The traitor ‘Marshal-Protector’, as the former commander of an Inquisitorial task-force, was briefed and made aware of the effect which the use of terror tactics will have on the power of Obj SCENIC. That she is deliberately indulging her sadism in publicly and graphically suppressing rebellion is indicative of a deliberate choice to empower the Archenemy. Demonstrating alternative approaches and blocking her influence with Sector leadership is of great importance.
  • The sector’s population may be unusually vulnerable to mass hysteria. Due to the spread of drugs laced with neurotoxin throughout the Sector, populations with significant rates of substance use may contain large numbers of individuals who have been exposed to a potent neurotoxin, rendering them particularly vulnerable to SCENIC’s mindless panic. Areas assessed to have received significant shipments of neurotoxin include Nightshade, on Letifer Secundus; St Lucia, on Agrial III; Vecchio, on Carthusia; Thillay, on Kirkcud III; Sejanus, on Macharion; and Duroverum. Ashen activity in these locations should be considered liable to escalate more rapidly than elsewhere and influence operations on these populations should bear their volatility in mind.

Further briefings are available. Acolytes who wish to receive detail threat briefings on Obj SCENIC, Obj COASTAL or the neurotoxic drugs should file the request with the Conclave, and will be referred to the appropriate subject matter expert.



++ Operation: NIGHTMARE GREEN – Retrieve the Changeling’s Phylactery ++

++ Thought for the Day: Knowledge is Power. Hide it well.++

Situation: The Malefica which was until recently impersonating Warmaster Armelius Durovera – aka the Changeling, Objective BLACKSTONE – is dependent on items known as Phylacteries, which act as realspace anchors for its manifestation and almost certainly serve to contain and conceal its corruption. One of these Phylacteries (Item 670/JMJR) was retrieved from Polarnus Station during Op IMPELLO prior to destruction. The Conclave has identified the location of a second Phylactery, designated Item 671/LNTRN. Previous Inquisition intercept attempts have failed. Further attempts in its present location are politically non-viable, and risk alerting its current handlers to its value – of which they appear presently unaware.

The current holders of Item 671/LNTRN are criminal elements in the sector, who intend to mount an illegal auction aboard the HMVL St Sanguinius on 6-206.594.M41 while the vessel is at warp after leaving Gaudium, en route to Amenophis IV. It will be one of a significant number of heretical and forbidden items offered for sale at a high-security criminal auction, under cover of a legitimate event widely publicised as a sale of Holy works depicting the Life and Death of St Sanguinius. It is expected that there will be both notable individuals with interest in the legitimate auction and multiple prospectively hostile third parties focused on the illegitimate one aboard.

The HMVL St Sanguinius is currently traversing the Duroverum system in realspace taking on passengers, entertainers and additional service crew and is due to make its next warp translation to the Gaudium system within the next few months, where it is expected to take on further passengers and crew before embarking on the warp voyage to Amenophis IV.

OC Note: This mission is the primary mission of E6; its downtime flashpoint option is intended to allow pre-event scouting and preparation for characters which will be played at E6. If you are not playing you can still take this option, but must designate a PC who is attending to benefit from any results of your actions. If you are playing E6 you do not need to take this downtime option, but successful preparation will provide you with specific advantages in uptime if you do.

Commander’s Intent: It is the Conclave’s intent to obtain possession of and control over Obj BLACKSTONE’s phylacteries; in order to destroy the Malefica once and for all.

– Inq Corvinus, on behalf of the united Conclave


  • UNDERSTAND and DISRUPT retrieval efforts by any non-Inquisition forces
  • DECEIVE all non-Inquisition personnel as to the nature of your mission and allegiances
  • In the event Item 671/LNTRN will otherwise be lost to the enemy, DESTROY it using Sanctic methodology. The task-force, the vessel and all hands are acceptable losses in this event.

Execution: Acolytes skilled in + Infiltration + Disguise + Manipulation + Item Recovery + Close Protection + Void Operations + Warding + Malleus Lore + will be convened into a task force to embark aboard the HMVL St Sanguinius and retrieve Item 671/LNTRN. Operatives who are available in advance of deployment will be tasked with infiltration and support to prepare for this operation.

Further Considerations:

  • This Operation must not be traced to the Inquisition. Secrecy during this operation is paramount; involvement in disruption and criminal activity aboard House Monforte’s flagship will create a disastrous situation for the Inquisition as a whole.
    • All Inquisition identification will be suspended for the duration of this mission.
    • Cover identities are to be used unless an individual possesses an influential public persona not known to be association with the Inquisition.
    • Operatives discovered are expected to give false allegiances on pain of death. Self-termination devices will be provided to prevent exposure.
  • The Phylactery Itself. Item 671/LNTRN is a powerful sorcerous artifact. It is believed to match the appearance of Item 670/JMJR, being a rough lantern shape possessed of an unnatural glow. On last sighting, 671/LNTRN was contained within a stasis field storage unit which appeared to be preventing the deleterious effect on realspace seen around 670/JMJR on Polarnus.
  • Security aboard is extensive. The vessel is the crown of the Monforte fleet, designed to carry VIPs in safety and comfort. Weapons and ordinary deployment equipment will be confiscated and stored securely and inaccessibly if brought aboard normally. Any such equipment will need to be smuggled aboard, disguised to the point of defeating Auspex scans.
  • The Auction. It is not currently believed that the criminal elements handling Item 671/LNTRN know of its nature as anything other than an arcane curio. Further details of the auction are known to be as follows:
    • All bidding will be anonymous; masks are to be worn, and bidding by proxy is to be accepted. All bids will be placed in tokens pre-acquired through publicly legitimate means, as the same tokens will be used for the legitimate auction abovedecks. Tokens obtained by the Inquisition will be provided to each cell prior to deployment.
    • No chicanery or disruption will be tolerated; any winning bidder not immediately able to pay their bid and receive the item will be voidlocked, and the winning bid will default to the next highest bidder. Violence against attendees, disruption of proceedings or interference with the lots for sale will result in the same penalty.

Target Analysis: For further assessment of the Changeling, including its phylacteries, further intelligence data is now available to all Acolytes, in the form of a Target Pack (designed to convey key operational information) and a more detailed Threat Brief (designed to provide in-depth scholastic detail).

TEA001v2 – Objective BLACKSTONE – Target Pack

TEA006v4 – Objective BLACKSTONE – Detailed Intelligence Dossier

OC Note: To participate in the preparation for E6 select Operation: NIGHTMARE GREEN from the flashpoints on the downtime form. When describing what preparatory actions you wish to take, please specifically and clearly highlight which traits, resources or NPC links you wish to use in the Notes section. Using traits will produce a predetermined range of game effects. To give you some starting ideas, examples might include::

– Trade Connections to acquire a more complete list of items or sourcing additional tokens;
Whispers to identify bidders or sellers;
Pack Rat to arrange a cache weapons or equipment on the ship;
Arbites Lore to look into the likely background of other participants;
Malleus / Xenos / Hereticus Lore to discover what artefacts are whispered of;
Divination to obtain strange insights;
Old War Stories to catch up with a friend with insider knowledge;
Medicae, Chirurgeon, Chem-Trooper, Bionic Enhancement, Biomancy or Mechanicus traits, to come up with new and interesting ways to conceal capabilities or items;
Lucky Find, to see what hand fate deals you.

In addition, any PC may fully infiltrate to establish a cover identity among the ship’s hospitality staff, entertainers or crew; but note that if you choose to infiltrate in this fashion, you will be unable to use downtime communications from February 15th 2019 until after the event this option provides the benefit of having much more in depth knowledge of the situation aboard the vessel, as well as other advantages.

If you have other ideas for preparatory actions that you would like to flesh out or for ways to use specific traits, please feel free to chat to the refs to pin down your ideas and get an idea of the possible effects!