• They are mission briefings issued via the Conclave, and available to all PCs.
  • They provide clear guidance as to where there are tasks available which are in line with the Inquisition’s agenda and tie in to major plotlines of the game.
  • This is intended to enable people who are pushed for time to easily find an area of downtime that will suit their character and interests, and is recommended for anyone who is not sure what plot threads they would otherwise like to chase.
  • Taking part in a Flashpoint mission will be an option on the downtime forms.
  • While the Flashpoints are partially categorised under the Ordos, be aware that – in-character as well as out-of-character – ‘membership’ of an Ordos is a fluid concept amounting to a mixture of declaration of interest and declaration of allegiance, rather than a strict boundary. In addition, the Prosperitas Conclave is presently to all appearances cooperating; it is quite normal for Acolytes to be loaned or reassigned from one Inquisitor to another as their skills are needed. As such, any Ordos’ Flashpoint is open to all PCs.
  • Your character does not need to wish to be assigned to a mission; if they would not volunteer but you-the-player would like them to be sent on it, then we can easily incorporate specific orders to carry them into the thick of things.
  • If you wish to add more detail to your downtime – such as coming up with specific plans to achieve elements of the mission, or highlighting specific skills, contacts or other resources you would like to use – then you are expressly still able to do so! Such plans will be considered to be suggestions submitted to the commander of each operation; if they do not match that NPC’s intentions and preferred methods, then they may be subject to alteration.
  • Each flashpoint highlights skills which are particularly suited to the themes of the opportunity. This does not mean that you need to have those skills to take part; a suitable role will be found for every PC who volunteers.

Flashpoint Archive

These will be regularly updated each DT cycle for the purpose of reviewing old objectives;