Dramatis Personae

The Prosperitas Sector has many notable individuals, through deed, fortune, or blood when someone’s name becomes something of note, it is recorded in Administratum records, and it is trivial matter to discover the identity of the individual for someone of an educated nature. The following list includes those individuals, alive and dead, who have garnered a measure of fame within the Prosperitas Sector. 

Last Updated 593.M41

Major Nobility

House Durovera

  • Armelius Durovera [Missing – 593.M41], Head of House Durovera and Sector Governor. Never intended to inherit, he was thrust into the position in 569.M41 when his sister Hermione, the Heir, took the family’s Warrant of Trade and House Fleet but refused the Governorship. Initially dismissed as inept and unprepared for the position, Armelius’ fortunes appeared to change in 586.M41, when after surviving an assassination attempt, he successfully appealed to the High Lords of Terra for the position of Warmaster; he was confirmed in this position in 589.M41.  His rise to power was rapid and marked with a turn towards a ‘peace doctrine’ which restricted the advance of the Crusade and ensured the safety of Imperial citizens and holdings in the sector. After a second assassination attempt in 593 which claimed the lives of much of the senior staff of the Crusade, the Warmaster entered seclusion, rumored to be suffering extensive injuries. He remained absent in late 593 when Hermione seized control of his House and Duroverum, with his flagship the Word of Despite passing to a key ally, Drusilla Vox of the Adeptus Arbites.

  • Lady-Captain Autokrator Hermione Durovera, holder of the Durovera Warrant of Trade and sister of Sector Governor Armelius Durovera. Scandalised the Sector in 569 when she took the Warrant and departed to make her fortunes in the Rimward Marches. Notable in 592 for her return at the head of an Imperial Expeditionary Fleet and a pilgrimage to Holy Terra, following rumors of some great religious revelation or holy artefact discovered in the Rimward Marches.

    At the end of 593 she returned to the Sector supported by several gathered elements of out-sector Imperial forces including a cadre of Adeptus Astartes from the Void Hounds Chapter. Her forces launched a surprise attack on, and subsequent occupation of, Duroverum. This coup attempt saw her lay claim to the titles she previously abdicated in 569 and has sparked a civil war in the Sector.  Her flagship is the Mercury-class Battlecruiser Will of Iron.

House di Firro

  • Lady-Captain Octavia di Firro, holder of the Di Firro Warrant of Trade. Octavia di Firro is one of the oldest Rogue Traders currently active within the Prosperitas Sector and a savage foe to any who wrong her or her family. Highly respected and feared by the other sector nobility she is notably vicious and pragmatic as a Captain and has played a large part in securing the destiny and wealth of her House. During the House conflicts of 593, Lady-Captain Octavia has cemented her House’s control over Subsector Secundus and the Prosperitas Trade Spine, including seizing control of Kydos from House Vilas-Lobo. She has declined to ally clearly with either House Duroverum or Vilas-Lobo in their contest for control of the Sector.

    Lady-Captain di Firro has suffered a series of tragedies in recent years, losing all three of her adult children – Lucius, Servilia and Anoretta. The future of her House, given that she has not nominated an Heir, now lays in peril without an agreed line of succession for the family Warrant. Her House has been locked in a vicious House War with House Majid since early 593. Her flagship, the Exile of the Void, is an unnecessarily fast Orion-class Star Clipper.

  • Lucius di Firro [Deceased – 582.M41] was Lady-Captain Octavia’s son. He attracted some scandal by eloping with a military officer in the early 550s and neglecting his duties as house Heir. He wrote a renowned series of journals about his exploits across the Sector, collected and published as the Travel Diaries of Lucius di Firro, still popular to this day with pilgrims and tourists. He died during the Caudican Exterminatus in 582.M41, leaving the Lady-Captain in mourning for over a decade.

  • Anoretta di Firro [Deceased – 564.M41] was Lady-Captain Octavia’s youngest daughter. She distinguished herself fighting as part of the House fleet in engagements against pirates at the edge of Imperial territory and was tragically killed during a boarding action in 564.M41.

  • Servilia di Firro [Deceased – 593.M41] was Lady-Captain Octavia’s eldest daughter. She was the most recent Heir to the House, until her heroic death leading civilian volunteer forces defending Polarnus from Archenemy incursion in mid 593.M41.

House Majid

  • Lady-Captain Khadija Majid, holder of the House Majid Warrant of Trade. Younger than her primary rival Octavia di Firro and generally considered to be a warmer and easier individual to work with she is a canny and careful operator who has built her wealth on as many trade deals with Sector factions as she has from exploiting the Imperial frontier. However, recently House Majid fortunes were utterly devastated when, after a House War with House Di Firro and their wayward vassals in House Sarandeen, a renegade Scion of the House, Erydia, unleashed a techno-viral attack that devastated the entire House Majid fleet which was in orbit of their vassal-Agriworld Midsummer.  

    In the aftermath of this devastation with near-total losses the Lady-Captain managed to retrieve control of a handful of vessels. With the Majid trade empire in ruins, the Lady-Captain discarded the trappings of a life of luxury, and has become again the very image of a Rogue Trader, seeking fortune, while pursuing a vendetta of revenge against the wayward renegade of her House. The Lady-Captain’s flagship is the Cardinal-class Heavy Cruiser Torchbearer.

  • Commodore Amira Majid and her wife Septima. Neice of Khadija and lead Void-Mistress of House Majid’s combat and trade protection forces, and her former seneschal. Amira is known as being her aunt’s right hand when it comes to void engagements and is well renowned for a storied history in the Imperial Navy where she earned the rank she bears in service to her house today. She is known for being a ruthless woman, not afraid of the lash or the bolt pistol when it comes to disciplining those beneath her, but she is well respected by her crews.

    Her wife Septima is known to be a gentler soul and presents outwardly as a kinder woman than her wife, though there are numerous rumors that she is as ruthless as her wife, and her enemies often vanish before they can threaten her family. Although still a part of the senior members of House Majid, the couple bear the weight of the shame of the very scion who destroyed their Houses’ fortunes being their own issue, though it is said both women have sworn to stand by the Lady-Captain in bringing their own child to justice. Their flagship is the Dauntless Mk2-Class Light Cruiser Fort Briggs, one of the few ships able to escape the destruction of the House Majid fleet by their child.

House Volkov

  • Lord-Governor Emrys Volkov, the hereditary “Lord of Midsummer”, titular Regent of that Planet and the head of the local Ecclesiastical sect the ‘Harvest Cult’, Emrys has a reputation as a plain and just ruler, and a steady and reasonable voice when called upon. The Lord of Midssumer was catapulted to unexpected power in 593 when the near destruction of House Majid resulted in his House – formerly the vassal house Volkov-Majid – gaining the vast majority of the Majids’ abandoned assets and being declared a major House in its own right.

  • Cafall Volkov, Emrys’s only surviving son after tragic events in 593.M41 , Cafall is a renowned huntsman known previously amongst sector nobility for arranging hunting lodge stays on his homeworld for others. He has been catapulted to prominence alongside his father as the sole heir of the House alongside his youngest sister Morwen, of whom he is famously defensive. Boisterous and rugged, he cuts an unusual figure amongst sector nobility.

  • Morwen Volkov, Emry’s only daughter, Morwen was raised as a sheltered child however, after the traumatic events of 593 where she lost two of her brothers, the young scion took to the fields of her homeworld, seeking to heal the damage done by the riots in 593. A landskeeper of some talent, she is revered by the local peasantry, despite not seeking temporal power in her homeworlds’ Harvest Cult.

  • Boyar Angharad Volkov, Emrys’ youngest sister. Perhaps the most outward looking of a family known for being somewhat technophobic, Angharad has taken readily to control of the House’s new trade fleet granted by House Durovera and spends a goodly amount of time on Duroverum representing the House in political matters at the court of the Lady-Captain Autokrator.

  • Boyar Bronwen Volkov, Lady of Firstlanding, Emrys’ sister; said to have a fascination with agricultural experimentation and environmental planning – she is the Boyar of the culturally significant settlement which acts as the spiritual home of Midsummer and a popular site for pilgrims.

House Vilas Lobo

  • Dominatus Śikārī (Si-ka-ri) Vilas-Lobo, the Master of the House of Jackals, Śikārī, like most of the House, has been subject to accusations of genetic subversion since he was first decanted from a Vilas-Lobo genevat. A reclusive figure, raised by his family on the rigs surrounding Bachian IV, Śikārī ascended to the rank of Master of the House in 582 after killing his predecessor in one of the infamous blood duels of the House after deeming his predecessor to be weakening the House. Since becoming the leader of the House of Jackals Śikārī has expanded the House’s interests and fortunes beyond its mining and fleshtrading interests, building an impressive trade fleet capable of competition with House Majid and Monforte and winning lucrative access to the Forges of Naximus Prime, the first Imperial House in five hundred years to successfully do so.

    Lord Śikārī is known for being a ruthless creature, a requirement of all Vilas-Lobo Scions should they wish to survive the relentless internal purges of the House, and to date has staved off multiple assassination attempts, including three from his own daughters. With the ongoing civil war between the Houses of the Prosperitas Sector following Hermione Durovera’s coup of her House, Lord Śikārī has been ferocious in asserting power over the counter-spinward regions of Subsector Tertius and Subsector Primus, positioning his House as one of the strongest challengers to House Durovera gaining dominance and taking the title of ‘Dominatus’ in the process.

  • Governor Mindinha Vilas-Lobo, the Planetary Governor of Bachian IV. Mindinha has struggled against local agitation within the abhuman workforce of the planet. As the sixth Governor in the planet in a decade she is aware of the dangers of retaining control of the lucrative mining planet for her House. If insurgent workers do not kill her then it is more than likely that the Master of the House of Jackals will expect her to fall on her sword (quite literally) if she fails at her duties.

House Ruttyer

  • Lord Gaedren Ruttyer, Head of House Ruttyer or ‘The Rat King’ a term intended as an insult which he has thoroughly coopted. At nearly three hundred years of life Gaedren has quite literally built an Empire out of trash and salvage, ruthlessly bringing most of the Waste Collection Guilds in the Prosperitas Sector under the influence of his House and ensuring the successful installment of his son, Axelus, as the Governor of the poison-world Letifer Secundus.  It is constantly rumored that Gaedren is well aware of the suspicions of criminal activity and smuggling carried out by the ships of the family fleet and that the ‘Rat King’ sits at the center of a verminous criminal empire hidden behind a charter of Nobility, though those who openly make such accusations often fall afoul of bad luck, and no Arbites investigation into Gaedren has ever successfully led to a prosecution.

    It is said that the ‘Rat King’ has no friends amongst the nobility, and that is largely true; the deformed, pale, figure of the voidborn Master of House Ruttyer is shamelessly unkempt when seen in public and notoriously miserly towards his extensive family. His ship is the Trancier-class Hyperhauler Waste Barge Diamond of Prosperitas. Lord Gaedren has remained aloof from the House conflicts of 593, publicly declaring the Rat House unwilling to accept the authority of the Di Firro, Durovera or Vilas-Lobo “Petty Regents”.

  • Governor Axelus Ruttyer, Governor of Letifer Secundus is the son of Gaedrun Ruttyer. The most favoured of Gaedrun’s sixteen children, he was selected to be his father’s right hand on Letifer when the House won rulership of the planet via Axelus’ marriage to his wife of a lesser Noble House. Considered much like his father in temperament, Axelus is none-the-less better presented then his father and carries with him an air of nobility that the Rat King lacks, the product of several years of collegia education. To this end, Axelus is often viewed as the ‘face’ of House Ruttyer and represents his father where intimidation will not suffice in the place of more civilized nobility.

    Though he has many siblings, Axelus is the current heir to the House and possesses three daughters and three sons educated in the manner of the House and the Praefectus Imperialis. He is however the only non-fleetbound Ruttyer, as the job of retaining order on Letifer Secundus takes his full attention.

House Globex

  • Chairman Rufus Scorpius Globex is the most enigmatic members of the High Nobility of the Prosperitas Sector, those that HAVE seen him have only seen an immaculately dressed red-headed man with a Awell-trimmed beard. Styled without noble title, Chairman Scorpius controls the industrial Empire of his House from the comfort of his facilities on Asteroid-24334-1 surrounded by layered defenses and smiling, happy, workers.

    It is well documented that the Chairman has strongly tied his House’s success to that of the young forgeworld of Castellum and there are rumors that he gives worship at the Omnissian shrine on his facility as much as the Imperium one. Rumours surround the Chairman and he seems to be in no hurry to dismiss them; the House thrives on the secrecy surrounding it. The identity of the Globex heir – if any has been identified – is a matter of confidential House business not discussed outside the Chairman’s inner circle. House Globex has remained studiously detached from the House conflicts of 593, declaring for no side.

House Caerlyn and House Palamyr

  • Baron Peyton Caerlyn, Head of House Caerlyn. Husband of Ysabella Palamyr, locked in a war with her House since the unfortunate events surrounding their betrothal earlier in the century. The Baron Caerlyn commands a considerably effective House Guard, and is well renowned for his service in the 12th Merewald Foot Regiment ‘The Gladewardens’ of the Imperial Guard prior to his ascension to head of his House.

  • Baroness Ysabella Palamyr, Head of House Palamyr. Forced to commit familicide and slaughter a number of her family compromised by malign influence, Ysabella assumed control of House Palamyr at a young age – a house renowned for holding powerful secrets on the other Houses of the Prosperitas Sector, and rumoured to control an extensive spy network. Having eloped with her husband Peyton against the wishes of both their Houses she remains in a precarious position, because she still refuses to take his name and leave the ruling of her House to join his – but inexplicably, she manages to put down every single potential threat to her before they arise.

House Montforte

  • Lord Jules de Montforte, the current Head of his House, Lord de Montforte has overseen a steady decline in the wealth and popularity of his house and may yet be the most unpopular member of the House since Warmaster Montforte nearly bled the Prosperitas Crusade dry with his incompetent tactics. Jules’ rule has been marked by the encroachment of House Vilas-Lobo on labor markets once controlled by Monforte transported slave labour and an ailing and unpopular fleet of Void Liners that are quickly being deserted by once-loyal Noble customers in favor of different pleasure-pursuits and private void transport.

    Lord de Montforte has staked much of his family’s wealth on completing the centuries-long and well over budget renovation of the Void Liner HMVL St. Sanguinius, one of the few vessels granted Ecclesiastical blessing to carry the name of the Emperors’ most tragic son. The success of the St. Sanguinius is directly tied to the survival of the De Monforte Charter – should it fail as a venture, it will leave the House all but stripped of its wealth and forced to sell of its physical assets to survive. A situation that makes it possible for the Adeptus Administratum, if petitioned, to revoke its exclusive rights to the transport of live human cargo, opening it’s monopoly to its would-be competitors. The result would be a rapid fall from grace for the House. During the House conflicts of 593, House Montforte remained nervously neutral, with its own assets nominally within the territory ‘claimed’ by House Vilas-Lobo and vulnerable to heavy presence of the House of Jackals near Lubyanka.

  • Quintus (né Quinta) Clemens Montforte, a harassed and nervous young minor Scion of the House, Governor of Lubyanka has been argued to be the only Monforte more unpopular than his Lord. This is not, ironically, because of any personal failings. Since becoming the High Warden, and therefore Governor of the Penal World his scrupulous approach to fairness in adjudicating mining claim disputes does nothing to reduce the regular accusations of favoritism levelled against his office by mining interests from other Houses, while simultaneously making him immensely unpopular with his own House for not favoring them with his power.

Navis Nobilite

  • Novator Caius Solon, head of the Navigator House Solon. Well known amongst high society upon the sector capital Duroverum, Novator Solon is a rare type to mingle outside the seclusion of the Navigator’s quarter. More powerful than his House’s only rival in Sereaus de Sousa, Caius enjoys a near monopoly over the provision of Navigators to the vessels of the Imperium in the Prosperitas Sector – and a reputation as an affable, if unsettlingly shaped man, with a habit for wearing masks to hide his warped features as a result of heredity Navigator breeding.

  • Novator Sereaus de Sousa, an ageing woman well past her prime and wracked with several hereditary diseases, consequence of the inbreeding of the Navis Nobilite. The Scions of her House are nervous that she is reaching the end of her years, and few of them are prepared for the role, having lost so many senior Navigators to the violence on Nilvalis. Her youngest son Marteus fled the family several years ago, but was later found murdered on Monacus under suspicious circumstances. The family teeters on the brink of extinction simply due to its Scions fleeing or marrying into other Houses of the Navis Nobilite.

Minor & Planetary Nobility

  • Magos-Ordinary Totally-Ordered-Ring-Zero-Precedes-Element-or-its-Inverse McLelland, the leader of the Mechanicum contingent on the House Globex stronghold of Asteroid 24334-1.

  • Governor Catal Antoni, hereditary Architect-Governor of Gaudium, notoriously hostile to House Montforte, who he blames for his planet’s problems with overcrowding.

  • Aiofe mac Sachairi, planetary governor of Kirkcud. A Roshan-Fikran scholarship girl, born on Kirkcud but educated offworld, caught between recalcitrant locals who see her as an Imperial quisling and Administratum censors who see her as too sympathetic to the restless natives.

  • Governor-General Sebius Van Heth, military governor of Kydos.

  • Corrino Sarandeen, head of the Chartist House Sarandeen, a level-headed and steady young noble who recently emerged into the light after the unexpected death of their mother, Zansu, a vicious and charismatic woman who ruled the House with an iron fist for the two hundred years since its elevation. Corrino has already stated their intention to make a determined effort to secure the Sector charter for las power packs, a contract which is currently assigned at Crusade High Command’s discretion to a combined cartel of merchant Houses.

    In 592.M41 Corrino broke ties with House Majid, when he engaged in a House War with them in seeking to free their House’s fortunes from the powerful Rogue Trader House – the resulting bloody retributions nearly destroyed the house; but, in 593, the House declared for House Vilas-Lobo, who, upon the declaration of ties, swiftly ended House Majid retribution and adopted the House into their own portfolio. Weakened, Corrino no more cares for their new Masters then their last ones, but their ravaged House is in no position to resist.

  • Abichael Roshan-Fikran, the head of House Roshan-Fikran, whose kindly and maternal demeanour hides a terrifying intellect. She sponsors many academies and Scholae which take in bright children from poor backgrounds and give them an Imperial education. She has no heir and has publicly stated that the House title will pass to any Scion clever enough to defeat her at Regicide two games out of three. None have achieved this so far in forty years of trying. Publicly drawn into the fold alongside the Autokrator in the House conflicts of 593, House Roshan-Fikran have found their fortunes on the rise as Lady-Captain Hermione has favoured the House’s educators over the seminary of St Sebastian’s Redoubt.

  • Alice Dunkeld, Governor of Lerwick. Though by law Lerwick is not a feudal world, power almost always falls to a Dunkeld, not least because of their political astuteness and their intimidating power over their homeworld. Alice comes from an unbroken line of Dunkeld governors since the planet’s pacification; not physically intimidating, but many opponents would think twice before taking her on politically. Her power has grown due to a marriage of convenience to her wife, Ingrid, the Archdeacon of Lerwick, that has grown into a formidable power couple that will likely ensure the unbroken lineage of Dunkeld governors continues.

  • Count Bhaltair Stirling former General of the Kirkcud PDF, promoted to leadership of the newly raised 15th Kirkcud Foot regiment of the Imperial Guard.

  • Halina Chenau, an elderly but plasteel-tough woman originally from Helaerus, now Governor of Macharion CDXI. After a distinguished career in the Helaerus Reconnaissance Regiment, Chenau was awarded retirement with full honours and the Governorship in lieu of higher command – some mutter that this was a ploy to get her out of Crusade High Command and far away from her political rivals. She has no genetic heirs and has not yet seen fit to adopt any colonist as her successor.

  • Chancellor-Artisan Majoris Balustrade Hacknesse, an elderly and mostly deaf professor of Ecclesiastical Archaeology and de facto ruler of Mazar-63, the hollow moon that is House Roshan-Fikran’s home.

  • Alastair Rauchstadt, head of the minor but wealthy House Rauchstadt, a trading House close ties to the Ecclesiarchy and its seat on Nivalis. Alastair has held the seat since 584, when his fathers Kristoph and Xavier Rauchstadt (née Snow) retired to Merewald in the wake of the Nivalis uprisings.

  • Scion-Governor Amari Maldigri-Durovera, Planetary Governor of Monacus. Amari is rumoured to have ambitions towards an Imperial Charter and full Noble status for their House. They are viewed with a mixture of resentment and intense pride by their subjects; ever since they gained the planetary throne in a freak baccarat accident which killed both their mother and all eligible sibling rivals, they have relentlessly pursued an agenda which puts Monacus first, even at the cost of endangering centuries-old treaties.

  • Khan Damir Zoric of the Pathka, Imperial-backed planetary ruler of the savage world of Morghull.

  • Kojo zu Septimian, Governor of Olethros Secunda and the eldest child of the planet’s founder, Akwesi zu Septimian.

  • Vanessa Kwarteng [Missing – 593.M41], the head of the Blue Fin Trade Cabal and one of the three major powers on Polarnus Station. Not publicly accounted for since the station’s invasion and relief in 592-3.M41, it is rumored that her enemies amongst the criminal elements of the sector used the cover of the invasion to remove her and seize power.

  • Lord Governor Egon Gaudin, Governor of Butonia.

Imperial Functionaries

  • Master Adept Jarric Octavius [Deceased – 593.M41], the former master of the Prosperitas Adeptus Astra Telepathica enclave. He was executed by High Warden Jacinta Kreel of the Black Fleet of Prosperitas following the destruction of the Tower of the Orphan’s Wail (the primary AAT holding facility for psykers awaiting shipment to Terra).

  • High Warden Jacinta Kreel, the current mistress of the Prosperitas Adeptus Astra Telepathica enclave. A non-psyker with extremely prejudiced views towards their population, she has overseen increasing restrictions on their freedoms throughout the sector.

Crusade Forces

  • Captain-General Brianna Twine, leader of the land component of Fleet Arm Geryon, an aggressive, idealistic commander from old aristocratic stock. She earned her stars as the commander of a Leman Russ tank regiment, and has all the carefree arrogance typical of a senior cavalry officer. She firmly believes that Fleet Arm Geryon will prove the saviour of the Sector.  Currently MIA, believed killed or captured by Weeping Eye forces during the Fleet Arm’s disastrous counter-attack during the occupation of Polarnus Station.

  • Group-Captain Albinus Beaumont, commander of the ships of Fleet Arm Geryon. A pragmatic, cautious and experienced Navy fighter wing officer and ex-flying ace. Beaumont is more interested in keeping good operational communications with High Command than scrabbling for political influence, and has said himself he intends to retire as soon as the demands of the Crusade will permit. Beaumont has none of Twine’s aristocratic origins or family connections – indeed, he is that rare creature, a Navy officer commissioned from the ranks. As a result, he is often overruled in strategy and policy discussions, and lacks the rank to protest it. Since Fleet Arm Geryon’s disastrous counter-attack during the occupation of Polarnus, Beaumont is doing his best to reconstitute the Fleet Arm’s voidships by begging, borrowing or stealing the resources he needs to replace and repair his crippled fleet.

  • Admiral Ridea Holtz, commander of Battlegroup Hesperidus. Holz is a shadowy figure with a rumoured background in Navy Intelligence. She favours deception and surgical strikes on key Archenemy command nodes, and has an utterly ruthless dedication to safeguarding the secrecy of her plans and information security of her Battlegroup. In person, Admiral Holz is reportedly polite, charming and humble, but the lack of publicly available information on her previous career – coupled with a tendency for her political rivals to suffer embarrassing or lethal accidents – makes her brother and sister commanders extremely nervous in her company. Holz has not been since the upheavals of 592-593; she appears to have vanished, along with her Battlegroup. There is widespread speculation as to where the Admiral’s forces are currently based, with none reporting in to any known and monitored Naval yard in the region of the Strayvian Gateway. The Admiral informs the ad-hoc Crusade ‘council’ that she is continuing operations in the region, and is not forthcoming with further details.

  • Lord-General Militant Ruprecht Janus, the dogmatic, perfectionist commander of Battlegroup Diomedes. The relationship between Janus and his subordinate Navy Captains is strained; he refuses to give them the freedom to act independently, requiring that every minor engagement and routine transport mission is fought to his precise and exacting specifications, and delivering harsh punishments to those found wanting. General Ruprecht’s mother, Heta Janus, was a famous war hero under the previous Warmaster, who died while personally leading a suicide charge on an enemy General’s command vehicle. Since late 593 Lord-General Janus has been leading the Persephon IV offensive, while his protégé General Adora Astara commands the Battlegroup in his absence.

  • General Adora Astara, a Guard officer of Battlegroup Diomedes, made a notable departure from Lord-General Janus’ intent by seizing the initiative and pushing the Henlock front in late 593. Lord-General Janus has publicly praised her initiative but is reported to be privately fuming at her temerity. Marked by her long blonde hair and broad-shouldered muscular build, Adora is incredibly popular with both Imperial Guard and Imperial Navy personnel, she favors the use of a Capitol Imperialis-class Landcrawler, the Virtutem Gladii, as her Headquarters, maintaining a close presence to the front lines.

  • Lady-Admiral Sarina Khan, commander of Fleet Arm Mostoller. Lady-Admiral Khan is a brilliant but eccentric commander, favouring lightning-fast decisions and reversals of strategy to confuse the enemy. Her detractors say that she was promoted too early – she was a Commodore only three years ago – and that she delegates too much to her subordinates. Her loyal generals and Navy Captains revel in the freedom she gives them to carry out her missions in whatever way they see fit, and believe it makes Fleet Arm Mostoller one of the most flexible and aggressive in the Sector if contained to ‘lesser’ operations. Since the civil conflict of late 593, Khan has made a careful point of not claiming the rag-tag fleet gathered around Polarnus, focusing instead on securing victory on Persephon alongside Lord-General Militant Janus.

  • Admiral Denita Chandier, Commandant and de facto ruler of Polarnus Station; she maintains command over the various scattered Crusade elements based there – as well as remnants of Fleet Army Geryon limping home, defence ships from Kydos that refused to surrender to Di Firro rule, and many others. A considerable (if ragtag) fleet has gathered under her command.

  • Commodore Harridax Kirill, a notable raider fleet commander from Fleet Arm Mostoller with a dubious past. Fleet gossip has it that he was once a notorious pirate captain until captured by Imperial forces and giving the choice of turning his coat or execution – Kirill is a skilled commander and a dangerous political opponent, and rumoured to be favoured by Admiral Khan and her primary enforcer when dealing with opposition within her Salient.

  • Colonel Giancarlo Firenze, the Hero of Persephon IV. A native of the once-bountiful agri-world, once a veterinarian Firenze volunteered for the Guard when Waagh! Gazbag descended upon his home planet, and distinguished himself in service as a Medicae over the many years of gruelling war against the Greenskins. When Warmaster Armelius Durovera‘s reticence to engage left Persephon’s forces unsupported, the then-Major spent the wilderness years lobbying Crusade High Command for further support, culminating in being trapped aboard during the 592-593 siege of Polarnus Station. With the recovery of artifacts of St Leonidas of Persephon at the breaking of the siege, Firenze ultimately returned to the planet at the head of a rallied force of the Persephonian Diaspora and other faithful citizens. Since them, he has been hailed as a role model of the dutiful Guardsman across the sector, and his face plastered across posters and pict-films to inspire similar deeds of tenacity and virtue.


  • Primate of Prosperitas, Arch-Ecclesiarch of Nilvalis, Lord Confessor of Battlefleet Prosperitas, Grand Missionary of Him on Terra, Grand Crusader of the Fifteenth Order, First Servant Amongst Servants, Plenipotentiary Pontiff, Prince of Piety, His Holiness Cardinal-Emissarius Ignatius Grulge is the effective Cardinal of the Sector. With previous service in the Missionaria Galactica, he arrived in the Prosperitas Sector in 472.M41 at the head of reinforcements for the Crusade for the Armies of the Faith. Already in his late 90s when he arrived, the Cardinal is ancient and in poor health, which has not prevented him exercising control as de facto Governor of Nivalis and a militant leader of the Prosperitas Ecclesiarchy. He has a reputation for ruthlessly removing his foes, and his status with the Sector nobility is welcomed for the leadership and order he has otherwise provided. However, since 593 he has been embattled with Canoness Dinah, and factions of the Priesthood who oppose his ruthless power-hungry control of the sector Ecclesiarchy and hold him responsible for several deaths of potential rivals, amongst other misdeeds such as raising a unsanctioned military force in the form of his powerful Fidelis Milita.

  • Canoness Asenath Dinah is the single most powerful Soror in the Prosperitas Sector, commanding the Sector’s only Convent-Garrison on Nivalis, and having been newly-created as the Head of the Order of His Sanguine Tears. She is a grizzled, veteran Soror who has lost much in the line of duty, more heavily augmented then some lesser members of the Machine Cult. Initially an ally of the Cardinal, the Order of His Sanguine Tears was responsible for stabilizing Nivalis and enforcing the Cardinal’s iron rule until his attempted purge of his opponents in the Ecclesiarchy in 593 where she interposed her Sorors between his Fidelis Militia and his foes in the Priesthood. Since then she has largely ‘led’ the factions opposed to the Cardinal’s rule.

  • Archdeacon-Abbot Trade-Scion The Honourable Esme Rauchstadt was born on Nivalis to House Rauchstadt, a minor noble house with trading interests in religious materials and a close relationship with the Ecclesiarchy. Educated on St Sebastian’s Redoubt and leader of the Officio Negotia Internam under Cardinal-Emissarius Grulge. The ONI acts as an agency within the Church keeping its affairs in order and is sometimes regarded as one of the tools that maintains Grulge’s iron grip on the Church in Sector. After the recent civil unrest on Korimesta during the Festival of Khan-Hatillik, she was granted promotion to Archdeaconhood, and six months later took direct control of the seminary on St. Sebastian’s Redoubt, adding “Abbot” to her collection of titles.

  • Archconfessor Pietr Thrane [Deceased – 593.M41] the former Archconfessor of Duroverum (the highest Ecclesiastical station on that planet), Thrane was the leader of a moderate faction within the Ecclesiarchy opposed to Cardinal-Emissarius Grulge until his assassination in 593. Initially his death was blamed on non-Imperial elements, however subsequently Cardinal Grulge has been accused of masterminding it.

  • Archdeacon Ingrid Dunkeld, head of the Ecclesiarchy on Lerwick and wife of Alice, the Planetary Governor – known for being a friendly, bubbly personality, who sits neatly within the orthodox factions of the Ecclesiarchy, Ingrid tends to be more charming then her wife, relying on convincing others to thinking her way then using threats.


  • Archmagos Myrioi-513, the Fabricator-General of Ferraeus, is a truly immense augmented being with little flesh remaining upon their bones. The Archmagos has augmented and expanding their neural capacity to ridiculous levels, forgoing a Fabricator-Locum for operating several independent digital facets of their personality and spreading their biological matter amongst multiple host armatures. Considered highly conservative by their peers, the Archmagos enjoys a close relationship with Crusade High Command and the Sector Government as the most closely Imperial-loyal Forge in the sector, and the only forge with a full Titan Legion at its command.

  • Magos Eikosi-154 is the Master of the Explorator Fleet of Ferraeus, the second most senior Priest amongst the Ferraian hierarchy. Their position amongst the Explorator fleet exists because they presented a clear political rival to Arcmagos Myrioi; their ‘exile’ to the vast nomadic fleet represents an ousting from the political hierarchy of their Forge, and an attempt to remove them as a potential rival to the throne of Ferraeus.

  • Chief Princeps Leks Koenig is the chief Princeps of the Legio Ferraeus Titan Legion. A formidable warrior, but notably arrogant and ambitious. From the control throne of the Warlord Deus Imperatrix he rules like a petty God-King of ancient times. Often overstepping his place in the order.of battle to issue orders to allies outside his command chain, he is considered disruptive by many Crusade officers.
  • Magos-Artisan Jerubaal Honorius [Deceased – 592.M41], former leader of the Mechanicum aboard Polarnus Station. Forces investigating the Station’s cogitator core after the liberation found partial samples of the Magos-Artisan’s biological material fused with sections of core wall, prompting a full refit and repatriation of the structures back to Ferraeus.

  • Fabricator-General Every-Simply-Connected-Closed-Three-Manifold-Is-Homeomorphic-To-The-Three-Sphere Lockwood of Castellum. A pious and efficient Magos, “Three” Lockwood runs her new and vulnerable planet with a canny political eye for advantage. Despite the constant manoeuvering and political sparring with her neighbours on Ferraeus, Lockwood gives the outward appearance of being concerned with nothing more than the spiritual and moral welfare of her charges.

  • Fabricator-Locum, Continuity-For-All-Delta-There-Exists-Some-Epsilon-Such-That-If-Y-Lies-Within-Epsilon-Of-X-Then-F-Of-Y-Lies-Within-Delta-Of-F-Of-X Witherick concerns themselves with the day-to-day running of the manufactorums, orbital shipyards and Skitarii regiments of Castellum, and is known as an efficient and ruthless logistician.

  • The Archmagos Naximus is a strange figure in that he has forgone his identity. The traditions of his strange and long-isolated Forge World mean that when an individual ascends to the rank of Archmagos they are stripped of any identifying features, becoming a masked almost-neutral figure in Forge politics. This is largely since Naximus has not one but fifteen Fabricators-Locum each representing one of the fifteen administrative regions of the Naximan territory – the duty of the Archmagos is more akin to a chairman of the board on Naximus than a singular high priest.

  • Magos Secutor-Navpati Amytis-yâzdah an extensively modified Secutor (war-priest) of the Naximan Mechanicum the Magos Secutor-Navpati commands the Naximan Warfleet and holds rank equivalent to an Imperial Admiral. In 593 she was responsible of collaborating with General Adora Astara to launch the third battle of Henlock where her fleet is currently engaged. Her command extends over the forces of House Quereshi and Demi-Legio Custodii Incudem plus extensive Skitarii maniples currently deployed on Henlock. It is said she is a terror to behold, her chassis incorporating multiple armaments otherwise forbidden to the Imperium.

  • Aspbed-Princeps Setareh Korrami currently leads the Naximan-aligned Demi-Legio Custodi Incudem from the Reaver-class Titan Falx Omnissiah. A stern veteran of two hundred years of combat, she is aging, and considered to be reaching the end of her service life as she becomes increasingly blended with her God-Machine and it becomes hard to distract her from the manifold.
  • Satrap-Princeps Lalah Qureshi is alone amongst the political figures of the Prosperitas Sector Mechanicus political hierarchy in that she is not a member of the Priesthood. Rather, the services of her Knight-House and the food supplied by her world are essential components of the domain claimed by Naximus Prime, and she is afforded great individual political might within the Mechanicus owing to the attempts by other Forges and Imperial Commanders to court her loyalties and gain her support. In any other sector she might simply be dismissed as a minor ruler of an agri-world, but her independence and the Knight-class War Machines at her command make her uniquely powerful despite her traditionally servile position within the hierarchy.


  • Sammias Carrick. The current Provost Marshall of the Prosperitas Sector. A ruthless and straightforward leader who made his name as a Regulator on the wild and lawless planet of Mawson’s Wake. Nearing his second century the Provost Marshall has been speaking in wistful terms of retirement for the last decade – it remains to be seen which of the High Marshalls will gain sufficient political capital to succeed her. Rumour has it that he finds his full title tedious in the extreme and insist on being addressed as “Chief”, an irreverence that scandalizes his noble peers on Duroverum.

  • Marshal-Protector Drusilla Vox, a Merewaldian noble born to an obscure and now disbanded house with notable service on Nivalis. Promoted to Marshal of the Kuatis System in 593, and shortly afterwards injured in the line of duty during the arrest of Commodore-Governor Oceanus (deceased) for treason. For her heroism on Kuatis, Vox was promoted to the rank of Marshall-Protector and now operates from Exorcist-class Grand Cruiser HIMVS Word of Despite, an Exorcist class Grand Cruiser formerly Warmaster Armelius Durovera’s flagship, making use of the voidship as hub for mobile unrest-suppression units.

  • Kemal Jabez. High-Marshal Subsector Primus. A former Intelligencer with out-of-sector origins, High-Marshal Jabez rose to fame after they cracked the ciphers used by the Yarrow Cartel to smuggle weaponry to criminal gangs in Gaudium. Humourless, highly intellectual and utterly devoted to their work, they are popularly said not to understand the concept of a personal life.

  • Adjoah Sparksmith. Lady-Marshal Subsector Secundus. A native of Olethros Secunda from humble beginnings, Lady-Marshal Sparksmith is usually to be found aboard her Punisher class Strike Cruiser the IMJV Lex Glorificus, scouring the corners of the Subsector for wrongdoers. She is heavily augmented following serious injury while hunting down a raiding gang on Helaerus, and reportedly owes her life and mobility to timely intervention by the Cult Mechanicus. She is said to maintain a close relationship with several of the Fabricators-Locum of Naximus Prime.

  • Lask Yusuf. Lord-Marshal Subsector Tertius. Lord-Marshal Yusuf is a bluff, hearty man in his mid-fifties whose cheerful exterior belies a capacity for utter brutality when facing the enemies of the Lex. He made his name putting down a series of brushfire rebellions on Amenophis in the mid-80s. He is popular among the Sector Arbites and a natural leader, but since settling in the Subsector Precinct-Fortress on Agrial with his husband and two young children, has adopted an altogether slower pace of life and seems to show little interest in higher office.

  • Marshall Jupiter Dolman the Marshall of the Oldspire Region of Hive Primus on Korimesta.

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