Player Lottery for E3 Now Available

Loyal Servants of the Imperium, The Dark Millennium Team are happy to announce that the 3rd of the new Death Unto Darkness games is available for general entries into its player lottery, we’ve gone through a process of assigning crew priority places already and have a total of 15 spaces remaining for this game. As […]

The Death Unto Darkness Game Team

This is the first of three announcements we’re going to be putting out tonight, first  things first: The Game Team, who we are, our role, and how we work; Firstly, Death Unto Darkness is run by Dark Millennium Live Action Roleplay – we are a non-profit group, we do not run this game because we are […]

E1 Downtimes Part 1

After a few delays that have held us up getting these out, I am proud to announce that Downtimes are now OPEN. You are eligible for this section of Downtime if you PLAYED Event 1 last year. It will remain open until Midnight on the 12th of February at which point we will begin reviewing and responding […]

Paying for DuD Events

Greetings, Servants of the Emperor, Earlier today we realized something was wrong and we were being hit with PayPal fees that were stripping our props money fast. This is because we got downgraded from a buisness account and so are now responsible for paying fees if people make payments processed as a buisness transaction. As […]