DuD Event 2: Ticket Prices & Catering

In our last post, we opened up player slots for general booking, however, we forgot to mention to mention ticket prices. Player tickets will be £70 per player. We are also offering catering during the event, this is £20 extra (£90 in total). We have updated the booking form to include the choice for Catering […]

DuD Event 2 player slots open!

General bookings are now open for DuD Event 2. You can enter your name into the lottery for player spaces on the Bookings Page. We are going to try out a new method for allocation of player spaces for the coming event rather than First Come First Served. Interested persons will have a week to […]

Core Rules v1.2

After a very successful Event 1, the DuD Admin team have been making updates to the Core Rules for DuD. The new rule book contains all of the details that is needed to create a character, take part in an event and be a loyal servant to the Emperor of Mankind. The Core Rulebook v1.2 […]

Event Advertising

We’d like to comment in respond to some issues that arose during the bookings for Event 1, to be open and transparent about matters and to show how we are looking to improve in th future. It came to our attention (after the event had filled up) that there were people who did not realaise […]


The DUD Admin team are working to help improve communication between the players and the admins. As part of this, we’d like to clarify about where you can find what information, and what is the best methods of contacting the Admin Team. At the moment, the DUD Admin team consists of three members: Troy Healy: Head […]

Event 1 announced

Agents of the Imperium: Event 1 Death Unto Darkness is pleased to announce the first event of the new Agents of the Imperium system. This event will be held on October 7th – 9th 2016 at Consall Scout Camp, Staffordshire. More details can be found on the event page. There are 35 player spaces in […]

New Site

DuD now has a new website! This new website features an integrated Wiki, Forums and Event management system along with a few other features. Parts of the site are still under development, but for the most part, the site is now live and ready to go. Some information and details were lost in the transfer from […]