Annual Veteran Advance

As promised, following the closure of the downtime’s form last night we are now ready to take in your Annual Veteran Advances. Rather than use a google form, we will process these manually via email, as it is easier to edit the character sheets in this fashion. The Annual Veteran advance will not offer you any chances to affect plot like the standard downtime (we hope to have another downtime before E2 this year hopefully. Once we’ve processed all of them) but it will offer you the chance to improve your character in a variety of ways.

Please send in your Annual Veteran Advance (all three of the listed actions, with the exception of the Break/Make Faction Ties action if you are not choosing to alter your loyalties) to

You may perform each of the following actions:

Gain Trait OR Gain Xenotech/Archaeotech

Like at character creation you may pick a single trait to add to those you already have access to, you must still fulfill the prerequisites for this trait, however, unlike at character creation, you can select a trait from the Veteran Traits table instead to represent your advancing access to equipment and training. Alternatively, a character may instead elect not to gain a trait, but instead acquire a rare piece of technology of Imperial or Xenos Origins, the details for how to submit an item request are beneath this section.

Break or Make Faction Ties

The time may come that a character will turn their back on the faction they are a part of, perhaps coming under the influence of another faction, or becoming at odds with their former loyalties. Whatever the reason there is an opportunity to use the Annual Advance to break ties with one or both your faction ties and replace them with new ties. Of course there can be consequences for these actions.

Gain a Lore Specialism

Providing you have at least one Lore, you may expand your knowledge at this point by designating a new specialism within one of the Lores you currently possess. Refer to the core rules for guidelines on how specialisms work.

Archaeotech and Xenotech

This label generally applies to ALL technology not already available to players via traits or the equipment listed in the core rules. It covers everything from plasma and grav weaponry, to power armour and suppression shields. This equipment is incredibly rare, and incredibly hard to get one’s hands on, each one is a custom piece that requires intensive care to look after.  The general mechanics of these items are defined in the core rules, however each one will have its own unique deck of quirks, and it’s own unique rules for how it operates, when a player makes a request for one of these items they will be provided with its base statistics, but no two items are alike, and the Quirks deck for each item is written for that item, representing its own signature identity.

Because these are intended to be a character’s ‘signature’ item it is important that the phys-rep for such an item is held to a higher standard than those for standardised equipment. To avoid disappointment it is highly advised to focus on making an item look as close to artwork as possible and work closely with the DuD team on ensuring it meets the standards expected of these items.
As a rule, because of the maintenance, attention and expense involved in the operation of any one of these pieces of technology, a character may only ever have one item of this type at any time. In addition because of the complex and individual nature of these pieces of technology, it is incredibly hard for them to be successfully stolen or indeed passed to other characters without months of training, tech rite and familiarisation. Their machine spirits are notoriously fickle and using an unfamiliar item almost always ends in tragedy.

Not all of these items need to be weapons or armors, some of them could be unique medical devices or the complex psi-reactive implants to enhance a psyker. In the case of melee weaponry, it is assumed that you only need the Assault Training trait to use them, in the case of ranged weaponry you require the Elite Training trait, and Aegis Training is required to use shields.  Other than this it is assumed that the training to utilise equipment, such as power armour, is included in the action of acquiring it, unless an item is requested that is heavily tied into a character’s traits.


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